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  1. dinom

    Triad Amp Unit TS-PAMP8-100 is noisy

    Ground loop perhaps? If two units exhibit same behavior I’m thinking external issue.
  2. When I run the patch on my HE 2.10.1 it just flashes a quick command line window, but can't read anything. Then it simply closes. Does this sound right? How do I know if the patch took? Finally, I'm fairly new to C4. Do I need my dealer to update my system to 2.10.2? How often do updates come out? Is this update worth the time and expense, or should I just wait for more updates and get the accumulation of updates at one time in the future? Thanks, Dino
  3. Anyone know if it's possible to add a Plex mini driver to C4 to allow direct channel selection of Bravia Sony TV Plex app? I already have the default ones setup and working - i.e., Vudu, Neflix, Amazon. Thanks, Dino
  4. Only other thoughts are a toggle On/Off and a sense of one of the back USB ports to sense power-on state. This is more involved, but unfortunately is needed for reliable control if only IR toggle is available. I've also attached an Excel file with many Samsung LCD discrete codes, perhaps something will work. Samsung LED.xlsx
  5. Also, there is a firmware update available on Samsung's web site for this TV model. Might be worth updating the firmware to see if it helps with any of the control issues (either IP or IR).
  6. I find it hard to believe that a recent model Samsung TV (even if it is a lower grade model) can't be reliably controlled by IR. There should easily be discrete on/off codes available, but I'm not that familiar with Samsung. With a C4 system and a newer Samsung TV you should NOT have to use two remote controls, that is just silly.
  7. dinom

    iPad vs anything else

    I have an iPad mini that’s been wall mounted and on constant charge for over two years. No issues at all - no bulging.
  8. dinom

    H300 12V Relay

    The relay doesn't provide voltage by itself, it is just acting as a switch. What is the source of the 12V power? Is it a separate power supply (i.e. wall wart)? Or is it the 12V port of the HC300 Contact connector?
  9. I’m partial to Sony XBR. IP works great too.
  10. dinom

    IP controlled blu ray

    Yup, Sony works fine.
  11. I just got this Oppo driver installed by my dealer (thanks Neil!). I have an older BDP-93 and the driver works fine, but anyone know if the mini drivers for Vudu or Netflix work with this model? I can’t seem to launch these apps directly from the UI. Also, when using the iPhone C4 app, which button do I press to bring up the Oppo Home menu? Thanks, Dino
  12. dinom


    Thanks, good to know.
  13. dinom


    What about Z2IR? https://www.control4.com/docs/product/zigbee-to-ir-module/data-sheet/english/latest/zigbee-to-ir-module-data-sheet-rev-a.pdf