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  1. Good grief you guys really think this is so out of this world? And who from C4 told you they weren't working on something like this already? I wouldn't get rich by the way since almost every other major home automation company does it already. It's not a novel idea.
  2. Also the remote doesn't have to wakeup every time the song changes, or some other status changes. The way it works with RTI is when you pick it up (i.e., when it wakes up) it quickly checks for updates to metadata or feedback and updates the screen accordingly. There are ways to do this while conserving battery life.
  3. OK so C4 should make a handheld with a bit more battery capacity so it can provide metadata. This isn't anything new, and with RTI (I had various RTI hardware installed in my home for over 15 years) I did not have to dock every day. The RTI handhelds with ZigBee "and" WiFi (in order to show album art) definitely drain more quickly, but the ones with ZigBee only could run for several days between charges. Having feedback for volume level and song metadata is really useful and takes the remote to a new level. Just my opinion.
  4. RTI uses Zigbee remotes and easily handles metadata including song titles, volume level feedback, etc.
  5. dinom


    Green here too.
  6. Neil just updated my system to latest OS and I’m also buying another SR260 remote from him. He really is the best!
  7. It seems that since the most recent iOS app update, I can no longer adjust the volume of what I’m watching or listening to using the hard buttons on the side of my iPhone. Am I the only one with a bug, or did they remove this capability on the last update? Thanks, Dino
  8. dinom

    Sony Smart TV

    I’m thinking Geek Squad put the tv into Pro mode which removes all smart features.
  9. I’ve had a wall mounted iPad mini powered constantly for about 3 years and still looks and works perfectly. So I guess it depends.
  10. Yes, thanks to both Synnetic for creating the driver, and to Neil for setting this up in my system. Works perfectly! This was the only mini driver I was missing and now the Watch selection is seamless. Thanks again!!
  11. Looks great, can't wait to get it set up. Thanks again!
  12. Synnetic, is this something you did recently on your own system? How well does it work?
  13. Wow, this is great, thanks. I’m not a dealer, so I’ll need to reach out to my remote dealer to install this. Is this something he’ll be able to do pretty easily? Thanks again.