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  1. Has anyone integrated Baldwin's Evolved line of locks in to their C4 system? https://www.baldwinhardware.com/evolved It looks like they are using Kwikset's Kevo technology, but I am not 100 percent sure. If it is the case, I haven't seen any Kevo drivers out there.
  2. Requesting input regarding my potential C4 system - specifically your opinion on whether or not to go with a panelized lighting system. Building with a panelized system seems great in theory, but my primary concerns are reliability & inability to restructure down the road (specifically in the event i want to move away from a C4 system 4 or 5 years from now). I have met with two dealers multiple times - they have walked through the project & I have done my best to keep them involved throughout the process. However, they seem to fall off the map for weeks at a time. Using a remote dealer for support on AV, scenes, locks, cameras, garage doors etc from the forum in case the dealer is unresponsive is something i can live with. However, in the event I start having issues with the panelized system, I feel like it would put me in a bad place. The job size is relatively small - I attached a few prints to give everyone an idea on the lighting layout. Thanks for any insight you can provide E2.pdf E3.pdf Site.pdf