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  1. RC11

    Smoke Detectors

    Thanks for the help Mitch - excellent work
  2. RC11

    C4 Remote Planning Docs

    C4 Remote Planning Docs View File For remote programming of panelized system Submitter RC11 Submitted 09/13/2018 Category Documents  
  3. RC11

    C4 Remote Planning Docs

    Version 1.0.0


    For remote programming of panelized system
  4. RC11

    Smoke Detectors

    Thanks for the input & quick responses. My house is pretty small, so there will only be four detectors. I'm going to take the Nest route. If my dealer was as responsive as this forum, I would probably have these programmed by now...
  5. Are there any smoke detectors everyone recommends to integrate with the Control4 system? My dealer's response was "no i haven't seen any, but a security company might have a recommendation" I understand that C4 might not sell one directly, but has anyone integrated the Nest detector or BRK Electronics?
  6. Has anyone integrated Baldwin's Evolved line of locks in to their C4 system? https://www.baldwinhardware.com/evolved It looks like they are using Kwikset's Kevo technology, but I am not 100 percent sure. If it is the case, I haven't seen any Kevo drivers out there.
  7. Requesting input regarding my potential C4 system - specifically your opinion on whether or not to go with a panelized lighting system. Building with a panelized system seems great in theory, but my primary concerns are reliability & inability to restructure down the road (specifically in the event i want to move away from a C4 system 4 or 5 years from now). I have met with two dealers multiple times - they have walked through the project & I have done my best to keep them involved throughout the process. However, they seem to fall off the map for weeks at a time. Using a remote dealer for support on AV, scenes, locks, cameras, garage doors etc from the forum in case the dealer is unresponsive is something i can live with. However, in the event I start having issues with the panelized system, I feel like it would put me in a bad place. The job size is relatively small - I attached a few prints to give everyone an idea on the lighting layout. Thanks for any insight you can provide E2.pdf E3.pdf Site.pdf