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  1. Pounce

    Network Video Recorder

    What brand of cameras are you running?
  2. Also, the VS system is economical enough that you can combine it with other systems to support the tiling features. This is especially true if your tiling needs don't require encoding (web, local, security cams etc).
  3. Pounce

    SnapAV media over IP

    VS doesn't do Dolby Vision. It's not in the spec for MoIP. I actually haven't seen one of these types of systems support Dolby Vision. I'd be interested in locating even one that does. Maybe my google fu is broken.
  4. I don't think their shipping fee moves a lot when you add quantity so you could buy more for yourself and friends or soon to be friends if you want some economies of scale.
  5. Pounce

    SnapAV MIOP system

    What's the ballpark cost in this product line?
  6. Pounce

    Cable label machine?

    Yes, but I don't have anything to compare and contrast. Works.
  7. Pounce

    Cable label machine?

    Brady BMP21-PLUS
  8. Pounce

    Pics before I break the racks down and move

    If you have a permit for the construction I'd check with your city building inspector on what they want for walls. In my city (in GA also) they do not permit plywood. They would make me use some form of drywall or other fire rated wall product. They would also want me to fire block at the top plates where there are any penetrations. Your city may permit the plywood, but its worth a call if your city is involved at all with your build out. Where it matters is safety and insurance coverage (hoping you never need to use it). I like those split plates. I have looked for something like that and never found anything. Thanks.
  9. Serial is going to be faster, but not sure just how much faster. At least there is a choice.
  10. Is it using IP or serial control?
  11. Pounce

    SnapAV media over IP

    Clever how they use a layer 2 switch, but it requires IGMP Snooping so I'd imagine that eliminates a good number of inexpensive switches.
  12. Pounce

    Switched outlets for lamps?

    It's a thing partly due to electrical code in the US. Not sure about elsewhere. Code requires one switched light source and receptacles every so many feet in inhabitable rooms. If you have a room with no wall or ceiling light fixtures it is more than likely there is one switched receptacle. There is no rule, but in many places in the US the electrician will have the receptacle turned 180 to indicate it is switched. Less likely to be flipped if they wired several receptacles on the leg to have the top plug switched. Again, no rule here, but it's common. Rarely are both top and bottom switched.
  13. Pounce

    SnapAV media over IP

    Looks like they are copying @videostorm . Maybe they OEM it?
  14. Pounce


    I don't think it makes sense for C4 to do anything with bulbs. Partner, fine. That said I want bulbs that are white with color temp and dimming control. I want these to have a memory of last state and I want them to operate from a switch and API's. I love Hue bulbs for color temp, but I hate hate hate how they just don't want to play nice with typical use cases and that they have such a limited selection of physical controls. I could go on an on. Color is fun if you get it as a bonus, but I would kick it to the curb if I got performing white color temp variable bulbs with memory. I can't wait for Phillips Hue to grow up and shed its toy like approach.
  15. Depends. There are several switches and PoE injector options that can be automated to cycle a port.