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  1. Pounce

    Buoy Home water meter and water shutoff

    I'd agree. Not seeing the value at that price.
  2. Pounce

    Buoy Home water meter and water shutoff

    Thanks. I hadn't seen that one. I did some google-fu and found an amusing PPT deck on the backend platform with the following statement: I like cool features just like the other guy, but because I am in the data business I'm actually more inclined to use stupid products or products that don't leak data off-prem. Not to say I wouldn't give up some privacy or embrace being the product where it's a fair trade. But turning off my water when there is a leak is not really in that ballpark. With a device like this you can infer quite a bit of behavior and occupancy.
  3. One benefit of the NAB (if it will serve your desired content) is that you can have more streams than possible with C4 controllers. I have one. If you want to keep what you have without too much expense you can get small converters to go from HDMI to component. Maybe get a little more time out of your gear. It's just another option.
  4. Pounce

    Would you do it all over again?

    Yes, but, there are smart ways to do it and stupid ways to do it. Since this forum is heavily weighted on the implementer side I doubt you will get many that would say no. That doesn't mean they are lying. It means they are making a profession out of it because they believe it is a good solution... and people buy it. Define your requirements before deciding on what to implement. Come up with use cases or stories about what things you want your house to do for you. e.g. I want the lights to come on and my favorite music to play when I come home. I want to be able to speak a command and have my alarm system arm. Etc. Doing this simple exercise can help a pro right size your implementation. Also, if you are new to this let professionals make suggestions for things you hadn't considered. What's mentioned above about more being better can be true. Central lighting control would be an example of something many people don't consider. Partially because its something you do when you are building, but if you are building this is something that can really make your house feel "smart".
  5. The dealer answered in that way for 2 reasons 1) Officially, Ubiquiti is on the C4 do not use list. 2) There is a chance that in certain circumstances C4 would not work correctly on a network that contains Ubiquiti equipment. These points do not mean you will have issues, but you could. If you search the forums for Ubiquiti there are many posts, but I think I have distilled it down. I don't think anyone can answer 100% your last sentence. It's my understanding that the issues may come up with the network is more complex. You may not have a complex system based on the choice of Amplifi. I like Ubiquiti and run it. I would probably try to sell you on jumping up to Unifi if you wanted to give it a go. There were recent exploits that impacted Amplifi and not Unifi. That tells me there are different code bases. I would be less comfortable with a product line that has fewer customers. More customers means more focus and Unifi is used in commercial implementations and had a fairly large install base.
  6. I expect their consumer puck device that are stand alone Roku devices to be mostly gone at some point in the next 5 years.
  7. Google a bit and read stories from the last year. Nothing at all special about their hardware. If they can get TV's and cable to build it in like sling etc then there is no need for them to sell hardware. I'm not really saying they are going away, just that there is no money in their hardware business. If I owned their stock I'd want them to get away from hardware if they could make money and sustain the brand without it. Look at the TCL relationship. They are selling a ton of those low end TV's with Roku interface.
  8. I agree. They Keyone's key's sucked. Love the 3 finger privacy screen.
  9. They way the wind blows and the scent of the internet. Ok, they make no money from hardware and now that they are public and are licensing their software/name etc it's only a matter of time before they have to ditch hardware to please the street.
  10. Roku's doesn't have all that much life in it. Not that it really matters, but I doubt they will continue with their own hardware much longer.
  11. I see it mentioned. I don't think its on fire, but it clearly states that IR is controlled and local IR can be sent to network or HID. I probably agree with you that at least 1 more device would be sold if there was an in your face page that advertised bi directional IR communication for C4 programming. The world is to ADD these days. People hardly get past the first...
  12. Same shipping price for 5 units though.
  13. Pounce

    hc800 intercom license

    Looks like any licenses on the project work.