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  1. This is interesting. It's an IoT button that is cellular or not wifi that can fire an AWS lambda (which can then do anything). https://marketplace.att.com/products/att-lte-m-button Lots of potential to integrate. Not sure excited about the look of the thing, but the functionality is awesome and I'm guessing it's just a sample of what's possible with the technology.
  2. Well, because I started reading the forum while I was buying the house and before making any changes I was sort of prepared for the bitter/sweet lifestyle of gotchas and work arounds. I'll put myself in that pool of people that are annoyed with silly licensing for things like this and the lack of clarity when looking at the app instructions and getting error messages. I've wasted my time, your time and the time of a dealer trying to solve something that could have been make quite obvious to the end user. Thanks for the suggestions on possible work arounds with a licensed 250. I know I will most likely need to upgrade at some point, but was hoping to skip the current new stuff and opt for the next wave. the 800 does enough for me hardware wise. Not being able to use Android is pants.
  3. Thanks. I understand that to mean I have to purchase something specific to get local access from Android? What sort of license do I ask for that would cover me for a few devices?
  4. BL I do not know if it was unregistered. I registered it using the customer portal because the portal showed it as not being registered after the upgrade. We had to swap controllers during the upgrades to get some older wall units to update.
  5. I had my system upgraded today to 2.10.1 (I bought the house recently and inherited this system). I'm now trying to install the Andorid app on some tablets and phones for use on the local network and I'm getting a license error. Searching around and reading the app description doesn't say anything about needing a license to use the app on the local network. I assume using remotely would require 4sight. What's the story? Do I need a license or is something misconfigured somewhere and I'm being blocked from using the Android app for a technical reason? Any suggestions?
  6. Glad you got it working. If the iPhone app works you know that API control is possible.
  7. I just bought 6 Ecobee 3's from Costco. They are selling the units with 3 sensors for a good price. So I went looking for driver options and found: Nice! Thank you Control4.
  8. Another command line tool. https://forum.samygo.tv/viewtopic.php?f=104&t=12300
  9. Also, for reference this is a command line tool for sending remote keys to many Samsung sets: https://github.com/Ape/samsungctl
  10. If you have android try this: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=wifi.control.samsung If you have iphone try this: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/mytifi-remote-for-samsung-tv/id441912305?mt=8 That can at least confirm you can control the set.
  11. Pounce

    iPad vs anything else

    Wow. I've never seen anything like that. Scary.
  12. Pounce

    iPad vs anything else

    I've seen some also. I don't like the printed ones. CNC cut ones look nice. Those Fire tablets are cheap. Good value. Wish they could do ethernet. They don't have the drivers needed. Vidabox does an on-wall. https://www.vidabox.com/kiosks/vidamount-on-wall-apple-ipad-samsung-galaxy-android-microsoft-windows-amazon-tablet-mount-enclosure-encasement-chassis.html
  13. Found this Viewsonic one as well. Nice. https://www.viewsonic.com/us/vsd242.html
  14. I ventured out of consumer products and into industrial and signage and found some stuff. I have a call into these guys to see if the device runs google play services etc to ensure one could use it like a typical android device. I like that it has ethernet and vesa mounts. Wish it could POE. Rockchip isn't always the best SoC, but since they are in Atlanta I might be able to try before I buy. https://www.geekland.co/32-Android-Tablet-for-Advertising-Kiosks-Digital-Signage-GK-RK-32.htm