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  1. Destroyer of Worlds

    Intercom to speaker

    Pre-recorded is the only option (e.g., make a .wav or .mp3 recording then load and use in announcements targeted to certain rooms). Seems painfully obvious that in the app on our phones we should be able to pick any room and speak thru it, but alas, painfully obvious is not in C4's skill set.
  2. Destroyer of Worlds

    Chowmain - Plex Full Driver for Control4

    I'm using Plex on my Sony TV with the Plex server on FreeNAS. I used DLNA from Plex but it lacks search (Plex's DLNA client doesn't allow searching) so when in C4 I want to use DLNA I can select songs to play in a room, but cannot search. I was told to get Plex Full but for $200 and the thought that Plex 'could' add search in DLNA it doesn't seem justified.
  3. Destroyer of Worlds

    sip guide

    Can you elaborate on where in Composer (I'm looking at Control4 DS2 Door Station properties under monitoring) I find the SIP2 settings and numbers 1-3? Also where we setup a group. About to try this with LinPhone (free).
  4. Destroyer of Worlds

    Keypad Button Engraving Ideas

    In Composer I can go to Monitoring, look at a keypad properties and change the wording or put in a picture. "Copy name to engraving" means it's temporarily set and let the dealer know which keypad is ready for actual engraving. I suggest not engraving until you get 30-90 days of use and are certain you're ready for engraving.
  5. Destroyer of Worlds

    Intercom "Station Offline"

    Cannot ping it when offline. 100% packet failure. Went to my firewall and made it a static IP. Unplugged and replugged in the ethernet and then rang it 4 times. Now shows online and works. If it keeps dropping though, it's going to the trash.
  6. Destroyer of Worlds

    Intercom "Station Offline"

    Doorbell was replaced and worked briefly. Now stuck in offline and completely useless. Ordering ring doorbell 2 as whatever love my dealer has for PoE devices is overshadowing the functionality those devices provide.
  7. Destroyer of Worlds

    Intercom "Station Offline"

    Several months later... DS2 Mini door station running on PoE seems to revert to offline status and 4 presses of its button briefly make it show then goes offline again. My dealer is complaining to me that my firewall is doing it, but EA5 to DS2 is LAN traffic unless C4 is not telling us something.
  8. Destroyer of Worlds

    Anyone else had Intercom Anywhere stop working?

    I just went into the settings in Composer HE for my system. Specifically the Control4 DS2 Door Station and the DS2 Camera. Dealer never asked me about missed calls so I put my gmail account including SMTP and did a test and got a snapshot. Fantastic. But for the video never working here's what the tests say from Properties view, Camera Test tab: Get Snapshot URL: Testing Snapshot ... Verifying address ... Address verified. Verifying address:port ... Address:port verified. Verifying URL ... URL verified. Test passed. Get Mjpeg URL: Testing Mjpeg ... Verifying address ... Address verified. Verifying address:port ... Address:port verified. Verifying URL ... URL not verified: Failed to open video stream: Unable to load DLL 'C4ImageStreamer.dll': The specified module could not be found. (Exception from HRESULT: 0x8007007E) Test failed. Get H.264 URL: [same as Mjpeg result] So that likely explains the lack of video. Now one correction to my earlier post: I had Cat6 enhanced wired throughout which is capable of 10G.
  9. Destroyer of Worlds

    Anyone else had Intercom Anywhere stop working?

    Araknis AN-210; cables are all Cat6 as I wanted future proof out to 10 years, so capable of 10G.
  10. Destroyer of Worlds

    Anyone else had Intercom Anywhere stop working?

    My DS2 runs on PoE (my dealer is in love with PoE), but it's hit or miss whether it plays the announcement in my rooms and the video feed to my 7" touchscreen looks blurry like it's 120 degrees outside and humid. My my touchscreen, hitting the security icon goes to a black screen which never shows video from the doorbell. All in all everything PoE in my house has been a failure. Even the non-dealer installed video camera tha'ts PoE is iffy. For the record I do have a PoE router in my rack but I'm suspect it's really working well. I love wired, but I'd rather have power from an outlet or batteries.
  11. Just trying to get a DLNA server on my FreeNAS that works with C4's search requirement (for programming only). Plex - easily found, no search - documentation mentions this. Emby - very similar to Plex and now verified all ports needed are open on firewall, no other DLNA server is present on FreeNAS, and on a Win10 PC on my network, Windows Media finds Emby and can play out music perfectly. Sony TV can do the same. Control4? in Actions of My Music (DLNA) I press "Rediscover Servers" then move back to the Properties tab, DLNA server selector has no entries. Now previously the rediscover servers / server selector would find plex media server when I had that as DLNA server, and also miniDLNA when I tried that. Both of those are shut down for DLNA so Emby should be found just fine. Figured I'd try a reboot of my FreeNAS. While down, looked at Lua and of course it got: [string "Lua Code"]:142: attempt to index global 'Devices' (a nil value) Now FreeNAS is back up, Emby server is rocking... Windows Media Player sees it again, can play music, etc. Control4 registers zero DLNA server.
  12. Destroyer of Worlds

    Samba 2 is required!

    FreeNAS does have aux parameters but with 11U6 deprecating SMB1 you cannot force that any longer. SMB2 is the lowest forced version now. A quick look at wiki.samba.org shows: Current stable: 4.8.5 Maintenance mode: 4.7.10 Security fixes only: 4.6.16 Hence there's a chasm-wide difference between C4 and Samba and I also hope that C is busy writing kernel updates as 2.10.13 isn't even sniffing at a supported Samba version. The good news is they hired Charlie Kindel who seems to be a proponent of 3rd party integrations, so let's see. My dealer is curiously non-responsive unless it's about major work at my house like an extension which needs wiring, speakers, switches, and incurs low voltage costs from them. I get it: there's no money in it for them to do remote anything but that's the world C4 built.
  13. Destroyer of Worlds

    Samba 2 is required!

    Thanks msgreenf.. Tried 2 ways: 1. MiniDLNA in it's own jail had middling results as testing with a Windows 10 Media Player, the DLNA agent would frequently stop and required restarting the service on FreeNAS. There's a lot of issues on FreeNAS forums about miniDLNA so it's not right for current release 11u6 right now. 2. Plex DLNA seems robust enough and is turned on and available. Now my dealers seem to flake off so much in support as they are always looking for new business which I know pays the most. This is one reason why I don't like the dealer model for C4. I cannot get the DLNA service on my own and need a dealer to enable it.
  14. Destroyer of Worlds

    Samba 2 is required!

    Argh... as of last release of FreeNAS where my music library is, they deprecated Samba1 for obvious reasons of it being old, buggy, and a total security nightmare. Since then C4 cannot access my library as I was told C4 uses Samba1. Any word on why C4 would stick with that and not be on 2 or 3?
  15. I have a fairly specific question as it pertains to demanding music through scripting in Composer HE (2.10.2, thankfully now working). Below is a snippet of programming from my work day scheduler item: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Master -> CURRENT_VOLUME = 20 Bathroom->CURRENT_VOLUME=30 Select the song "Sweet Disposition" in Master delay 238 seconds Play Pandora station: Bon Iver Radio in room(s): 3rd Floor->Master, 3rd Floor->Bathroom Set the blind target level on NAME to Open</Description><XmlData><devicecommand owneridtype="" owneriditem="-1"><command>SET_LEVEL_TARGET</command><params><param> Bathroom -> CURRENT_VOLUME = 35 Turn on the Bathroom->Shower --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The issue I'm having is that when the song "Sweet Disposition" comes on, I lose about 5 seconds off the front of it as the command to play the song includes the signalling, switching, and powering on of the passive amps connected to the audio matrix. I was hoping there was a way to first turn that on, so the demand to play the song happens near immediately.