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  1. @pbir, just confirm. The Enhanced Keypad driver supports all of the following commands at the same time on the same keypad, correct: Single Tap Single Tap & Hold Double Tap Double Tap & Hold Triple Tap Tripled Tap & Hold 8th Virtual Button Tap
  2. Thanks for everyone who has chimed in. I've taken the feedback to heart and decided to simplify my design a lot, but not missing multi-taps with hold actions. You all saved me many hours of headaches! Thank you!
  3. Thanks for the answers. To clarify, I'm talking about the 7-button keypad and not the dimmer switch. My motivation is to pack as much functionality into as few buttons as possible. For example, Button 1 - LIGHTS ON 1 tap - if lights are off, select lighting scene 1; otherwise cycle through lighting scene 1, 2, and 3 2 taps - turn on all lights in room 3 taps - turn on all lights in house (panic mode) hold - increase brightness of lights in room Button 2 - LIGHTS OFF 1 tap - turn off lights in room hold - decrease brightness of lights in room Button 3 - OPEN DRAPES 1 tap - open drapery, close sheers 2 taps - open balcony sheers and drapery hold - open all sheers and drapery Button 4 - CLOSE DRAPES 1 tap - close drapery and sheers Button 5 - MUSIC 1 tap - toggle music on/off 2 taps - cycle sources Button 6/7 - VOLUME UP/DOWN That's obviously a lot of functionality in few keys, but I don't know if it's achievable. It may appear like a usability issue initially, but consistency across the house will make it intuitive after a short while. Has anyone attempted something like this? Is it possible? If my approach is just plain wrong, what are my alternatives? Thanks!
  4. I understand that the C4 keypads support single, double, and triple press events. Can the controller understand HOLD events? For example, click to turn on the lights, then hold to dim them progressively? Thanks!