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  1. Has anyone got prime music working outside of the US (without a US account?) I have a Canadian Prime membership and 2.10.4 installed but the app lets me login with my Amazon credentials and then he Control4 app says that it is not available in my region but keeps me logged in? Any thoughts?
  2. coredyn

    Kohler DTV Plus

    I thought I would share my recent addition to my system. I have a Kohler DTV+ shower that has a network interface as well as a web portal for minor changes and has some control over the device. I decided to peek around and inspect some of the web elements to discover a repeatable URL that I can use to trigger shower start and stop. You can discover these by simply using 'Inspect' in chrome for example and log the devices activty as you activate/deactivate the shower for example. Below are the two commands I am currently using in my system, you can modify the valve outputs and temperature. Mine right now is set only to turn on valve 1 at 38C. Right now I use these links as an image in announcements (to trigger the weblink as an image on my T3), I then have it linked to custom buttons on my bathroom screen as well as IFTTT/google assistant (OK Google, turn on the shower) . I do not have the Chowmain driver to push weblinks but I think I will update to use that to trigger the URL in the future. ON: http://IPADDRESS/quick_shower.cgi?valve_num=1&valve1_outlet=1&valve1_massage=0&valve1_temp=38&valve2_outlet=0&valve2_massage=0&valve2_temp=38&_=1529517501631 OFF: http://IPADDRESS/stop_shower.cgi?_=1529517501635 It is not flawless, and I would caution when trying to discover the correct links if you enter one incorrectly the Kohler web portal will become non-responsive and you need to power cycle it (this took many power cycles for me to figure out correctly). Nonetheless, I can now tell my shower to turn on an off which I was quite excited about.
  3. The NVR I have has 4 inputs and 1 output. I can set triggers on the NVR to activate alarm out under certain conditions. I can confirm when the alarm out is triggered it goes from normally open to closed.
  4. Thanks Sonic, I have the contact setup and I wasn't sure if a 12v source would be needed. Ill have to give that a go.
  5. I have a Hikvision NVR system that I am trying to utilize the alarm out contacts into a controllers contacts. The NVR has one pair of outputs which I have confirmed are ground and normally open (NO). I have tried connecting to the controller on the contacts 12+ & SIG but it is unable to trip the sensor. Any thoughts on how I can acomplish this? My goal here is to be able to when line crossed or motion on security cameras is triggered I want an output from NVR into C4 so that I can have an announcement (already configured) and have any TV that is on display NVR (also configured but need the trigger). Currently I am using an IFTTT trigger to accomplish everything but it has about an 8-10+ sec delay which I would like to reduce if possible. Any help would be greatly appreciated