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    Kohler DTV Plus

    I thought I would share my recent addition to my system. I have a Kohler DTV+ shower that has a network interface as well as a web portal for minor changes and has some control over the device. I decided to peek around and inspect some of the web elements to discover a repeatable URL that I can use to trigger shower start and stop. You can discover these by simply using 'Inspect' in chrome for example and log the devices activty as you activate/deactivate the shower for example. Below are the two commands I am currently using in my system, you can modify the valve outputs and temperature. Mine right now is set only to turn on valve 1 at 38C. Right now I use these links as an image in announcements (to trigger the weblink as an image on my T3), I then have it linked to custom buttons on my bathroom screen as well as IFTTT/google assistant (OK Google, turn on the shower) . I do not have the Chowmain driver to push weblinks but I think I will update to use that to trigger the URL in the future. ON: http://IPADDRESS/quick_shower.cgi?valve_num=1&valve1_outlet=1&valve1_massage=0&valve1_temp=38&valve2_outlet=0&valve2_massage=0&valve2_temp=38&_=1529517501631 OFF: http://IPADDRESS/stop_shower.cgi?_=1529517501635 It is not flawless, and I would caution when trying to discover the correct links if you enter one incorrectly the Kohler web portal will become non-responsive and you need to power cycle it (this took many power cycles for me to figure out correctly). Nonetheless, I can now tell my shower to turn on an off which I was quite excited about.
  2. I have a Hikvision NVR system that I am trying to utilize the alarm out contacts into a controllers contacts. The NVR has one pair of outputs which I have confirmed are ground and normally open (NO). I have tried connecting to the controller on the contacts 12+ & SIG but it is unable to trip the sensor. Any thoughts on how I can acomplish this? My goal here is to be able to when line crossed or motion on security cameras is triggered I want an output from NVR into C4 so that I can have an announcement (already configured) and have any TV that is on display NVR (also configured but need the trigger). Currently I am using an IFTTT trigger to accomplish everything but it has about an 8-10+ sec delay which I would like to reduce if possible. Any help would be greatly appreciated
  3. The NVR I have has 4 inputs and 1 output. I can set triggers on the NVR to activate alarm out under certain conditions. I can confirm when the alarm out is triggered it goes from normally open to closed.
  4. Thanks Sonic, I have the contact setup and I wasn't sure if a 12v source would be needed. Ill have to give that a go.