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  1. No worries, I always just figure it means more if it's in the official wording than in mine. Manuals aren't always easy to interpret. :-) Sent from my SM-N960U using Tapatalk
  2. I vote Ubiquiti as well, but most importantly go with something that the installer is comfortable with unless you're taking responsibility for it. I have 5 different sites where we used Ubiquiti gear (all have Cloud Keys, USG, UAPs, and POE switches). Very solid, rarely need reboots or changes. That being said, over the years I have had issues with Cloud Keys. The databases can get corrupted from sudden power loss (don't pull the plug), and I've seen firmware upgrade failures on the Cloud Keys that have left them in a bad state. When that happens it can be a pain to recover, but as long as you have backups like you should of the controller, it can be fixed. Then newest version of the cloud key is better because it has a built in battery to prevent database corruption on sudden power loss. Sent from my SM-N960U using Tapatalk
  3. According to the manual, your sensors would connect to Sig and 12v assuming it's not a self-powered sensor. As for the relay, you'd use the Normally Open and Common (assuming that the voltage going through your garage door sensors is within the acceptable range for the Hc800 - you should test this at the garage door with a multimeter to make sure it's low voltage and within the specs of what the Hc800 can handle so you don't fry anything). Sent from my SM-N960U using Tapatalk
  4. dw886

    Wii driver

    I do something similar for a Nintendo Switch. It's hooked up to a TP-Link Kasa smart plug with energy monitoring. Then when the switch is dropped into the dock, the TP-Link smart plug senses increased power draw flowing through it. Then Control4 sees the increase in power draw from the TP-Link device, and takes action turning on the TV, and setting the input in that room to the input of the Nintendo Switch. So the action of manipulating the Nintendo Switch (the increase in power draw) tells C4 to do something (power on or power off the TV, plus set the appropriate input). C4 is not controlling the Nintendo.
  5. The "relay" simply closes the connection, or simulates the pushing of the garage door button. You need a relay to automate the pushing of the button. The relay would get connected to the terminals on your garage door opener the same as a garage door opener button would be connected. The contact closure sensors tell you if the door is open or closed. There's a driver for Garage Doors that says "sensor" on it. That driver allows you to connect the sensor and the relay to the garage door, and then within the Control4 UI, it tells you if the door is open / closed, plus allows you to momentarily close the relay to operate the door...
  6. Remote start is possible with the native Wolf / Sub Zero app as long as your oven has WiFi from what I can understand - you need to do a button sequence before you leave home to put it into a state where it will take a remote command, and any opening of the oven door cancels it. My oven does not have wifi, but has the custom C4 control panel where I can hook up the CardAccess appliance module via a network cable - I'm assuming it's some sort of serial communication, although my appliance dealer has no idea or experience with it... I was hoping that C4 integration would get me close to the native app experience without shelling out $5k for a new oven. 🙂
  7. Perfect. I really would like the ability to remote start the oven, but the driver doesn't make it look like that's possible. Very interested to hear your feedback. Thanks!
  8. Is there any documentation of the functionality gained with the appliance module in terms of connecting an oven?
  9. dw886

    Weather integration

    Really wish these would allow programming based on forecast high / low temperatures. Just looked at this new version, and it doesn't look like it does that. This would enable a number of proactive things, like "if the forecast high is going to be over 80F, then start the sprinklers at 4am", or to eliminate or take advantage of solar heat gain, "if the forecast is sunny, and forecast high is >= 20F, then open the shades to use solar heat gain to heat the house", or the opposite in the summer "If the forecast high is >= 70, then close the blinds in the morning before the house heats up to lower the load on the AC" It also looks like it doesn't allow you to look at an individual (personal) weather station, so now it looks at a generic station based on geography. I'd rather look at the rainfall in my back yard than a mile away when making a decision on watering patterns. Things like rainfall can vary from block to block...
  10. dw886

    SR-260 Update

    Thanks! So is there a way to force it to update? I have the setting for automatically apply critical updates turned on, but it doesn't look like I got .117.
  11. I personally like Dahua cameras with Starlight sensors. The Starlight sensor works better than pretty much everything in low-light conditions, and they're reasonably priced - do a web search for starlight and you'll find quite a few positive impressions. Dahua doesn't sell directly into the US, so if you buy anything with the Dahua name, it's being imported. In the US, they license their products through OEMs (Qsee, Lorex, Amcrest, Bosch, Honeywell, Legrand, Panasonic, etc). Many of these are really made by Dahua, and have someone else's name on it. I like buying the ones that have the real Dahua name on them, because I know exactly what I'm getting. OEMs tend to mask what it is that you're really getting, and the kit versions are usually the lowest end cameras... There's a few sites out there that state which OEMs are actually just re-selling Dahua - a quick search landed me here: https://ipvm.com/reports/dahua-oem There's a Dahua and Amcrest driver for C4 written by Greenfield Solutions.
  12. I've had this same issue on some outdoor cameras for quite some time. In my situation, there's really two things that can cause it (things falling from the sky, like snow or rain) or things blowing around (snow or leaves). All of my non-C4 cameras no longer rely on motion detection - instead, I use the camera built-in intelligent functions, like "trip wire", which allow you to set the minimum and maximum size of the object as well as the direction of travel. This seems to false far less than using purely motion-based events. On the DS2, I know that's not an option but it may be for your other cameras. I actually turned off the motion sensing on my DS2 for the reasons that you're calling out and use another camera that has a better view of the same area to detect...
  13. dw886

    SR-260 Update

    Not to bring this topic back up again because it's so far off track - I read through 5 pages of this topic but not much deals with the remotes. Back to the meat of the conversation here, what's the firmware version that has the update? My remotes are either on 2.1.109 or 2.1.104. I have one remote that does the high-pitched squeal, so I want to make sure that I have that remote on the latest firmware.
  14. There's multiple locations in the menu where the SHEF commands don't seem to work - I ran into another one this weekend - I think it may have been in the audio settings but can't remember for sure. I run into the resolution issue quite regularly, and that's why I have a directv remote in the drawer next to the TVs where this happens...definitely not ideal...
  15. I only created one for Shield with the correct QLaunch. I don't have FireTV. Sorry. Attaching the Shield version just in case it helps someone else - I realize it doesn't have what you need. my_moviesanywhere.c4z