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  1. dw886

    DS2 Height

    I'm in the same boat. Have a DS2 that I'd like to put where the old doorbell is, since there's already a hole in the siding there...but wondering if it's too low... @jamesc4 - If you've tackled this already, I'd be interested in your feedback.
  2. Well, as soon as I go to a second main repeater, the install requires the inclusive software. With that, I then lose the ability to manage the system, since I only have essentials. I already have multiple auxiliary repeaters (by default 5 spots are reserved in the 100 device limit for Aux Repeaters), so it's not a coverage issue, it's the limitation of 100 / devices per main repeater that I'm maxing out. In the 100 devices that I'm allowed with Inclusive, I have all of my light switches covered, 10 shades, and 10 occupancy sensors. I have a handful of shades that I'd like to add, but that's it. So unless there's a compelling reason to move to having 2 main repeaters, I'm trying to avoid it. Am I missing something?
  3. So I'm maxed out in my RadioRA2 system with 100 devices, and I want to add more automated shades. My options are to either physically attend the Lutron Level 2 Blast training (getting the ability to unlock adding another main repeater and allowing the system to control 200 devices) or to find a different shading solution. We have 10 Lutron shades already, and have been happy with them. I'm leery of going to something else (like somfy, etc) as the benchmark is going to be Lutron, and I've heard they are the quietest shade out there. I'm thinking about going with Serena Shades, which are basically the same Lutron shades that I have in my RadioRA2 system. Q: Has anyone used both Serena Shades (with the Pro Hub) and Lutron RadioRA2 in the same project, and have there been any issues with the two systems operating in tandem? I can use Control4 to bridge the gap (when a Lutron button is pressed, operate the Serena shade through the Smart Bridge Pro, etc), so the fact that they don't "directly" integrate with the Lutron system I wouldn't think would be a problem...
  4. Mounting a DS2 mini to replace an existing doorbell on seamless steel siding with a double 4" profile in a covered entryway, and have a few questions: - When ordering a DS2 mini (C4-DS2MINI-BN), does it come setup for Flush Mounting or Surface Mounting? - Assuming I need to cut the siding, and get the box for the DS2 mini flush with the side of the house vs mounting it on top of the siding, as the siding profile likely isn't even big enough for the latter option while keeping the entire DS2 mini against the siding. That being said, am I better off using the flush mounting or surface mounting option? The siding protrudes about 0.5" from the house. OPTION A - If I do a surface mount box and cut the siding, I'm going to have to J-channel the siding to trim it out nicely. OPTION B - If I flush-mount (to the true sense of the word, cutting a hole in the wood OSB, recessing the DS2 box into the wall), then the DS2 is going to sit too low relative to the siding. OPTION C - If I flush-mount against the wood OSB, the flush-mount trim will likely cover the siding cuts, but the DS2 is going to protrude a little beyond the siding...
  5. dw886

    Lights problem on Wakeup?

    I'm running into the same problem. Seems like there should really be an easier way to do this. The beauty of the old WakeUp agent is that you create a generic scene, and then it applies to whatever room it's executed in. However in my situation, I have the same scenario as Aiden. Our master bedroom has ceiling lights, a main ceiling light, bedside lights, etc. If I just let it turn on the lights for that room, it turns on the fireplace and everything in the room that has a switch. On the flip side, whenever a wake-up is run, I don't want it to automatically turn on lights in my room, for example, if a guest sets an alarm, I really don't want it turning on my lights. Is there a programmatic way to have the wake-up agent detect the context of it's execution, so if executing in the master bedroom, use these lights, if executing in the guest bedroom, use different lights, etc, (like the agent does out of the box), but allowing more control over the individual lights within that room? I don't have T3's everywhere (I have 3 centrally located), so the new Wakup/Goodnight agent is somewhat limited in how I can use them without installing a bunch of T3s inside of each room...
  6. Thanks for posting - That looks identical to mine from what I can tell. I did a bunch of searching around the internet trying to find these modules, and it looks like some of them (the z-wave ones from kwikset at least) have a sticker on the top part of the black plastic that says Model, FCC ID, and ID. My Control4 ones don't have that though. I guess I'll call them back and see if I can get any further without it unless someone else happens to have it.
  7. Can someone with one of these Kwikset locks do me a favor and check if yours lists a Model on the top of chip? I have a Control4 Zigbee module for a Kwikset lock that recently stopped working - it disappeared from the Mesh, and we can't get it to re-ID. We started working with Kwikset on it. At the top of the chip is the black piece of plastic that's exposed without removing the chip from the kwikset motor, and visible when simply removing the battery cover as shown in the pic. My black piece says nothing on the top. The Kwikset folks are telling me that there should be something that says "Model: " followed by a number, along with "FCC ID" and "ID" on it. I need to know the model number so they can send me a replacement.
  8. dw886

    SR260 and Favorite Channels

    Watch is currently going to the most recently watched (that setting is turned on for the SR260 rather than showing the list, because 99% of the time the rooms are showing live tv via DirecTV). I was hoping that I could just change what shows up at the top, so if they have a certain source on (DirecTV), then the list of channels for that source could be defaulted to the screen. It sounds like the only way to do this is for the initial navigation?
  9. What's the best approach to handle easily bringing up the "Channels" list on an SR260? I had feedback the other day that it would be nice to get a list of channels to select from like a Harmony does after you choose an activity (like "watch tv")... I know that you can get there on the SR260 by going to List --> Watch --> Channels --> All Channels, but this is a little buried. It's far more straight forward in the tablet experience because you can choose "Watch" --> "Channels", and directly select the channel that you want without the room even being on, but putting tablets in every room isn't practical, nor is it really desirable - tactile feedback of a standard remote often wins in bedrooms and dark settings. Anyone have a standard way of dealing with this?
  10. dw886

    Convert DS2 to Mini?

    I was looking through the 2n IP Solo manual, and I can see that the wires route into the box on the right side vs where they come into my DS2 on the bottom. It looks like the IP solo is in fact a different circuit board, so it likely won't fit to try to swap them out (if I could even find the parts to do so). So now, it looks like I sell my DS2 and either buy a DS2 mini or the 2n IP solo. Will the IP solo work with the native C4 Intercom Anywhere app, or do you have to have the C4 branded version of the IP Solo (DS2 Mini) to get the full C4 integrations? I've been impressed with the Intercom Anywhere app, and don't really want to lose the native integration.
  11. dw886

    Convert DS2 to Mini?

    This makes sense. I'd want the Intercom Anywhere functionality. I was thinking that somehow eggzlot got the DS2 internals into the Holovision, but in reading further, it looks like it's a completely different solution with a custom driver. As for swapping the DS2 with a DS2 mini, on the 2N website it looks like the IP Verso (DS2) and the IP Solo (DS2 Mini) are basically the same internals on the top half, and the only difference is the casing and the trim piece. I asked 2N, but as most would guess, they were non-committal with an answer - basically they said it wasn't standard to try to do something like this and they couldn't say if it would work.
  12. dw886

    Convert DS2 to Mini?

    How does this function with the Intercom Anywhere app? Does it work just like it was a native DS2?
  13. We have a DS2 with a keypad, and we're in the middle of a remodel. My wife asks if we can get rid of the thing that "looks like it's from an apartment building"...which is my DS2. That got me thinking. Is the DS2 Mini just the upper half of a DS2, and if so, can I just get the back box and a different trim piece, and convert my DS2 to a DS2 mini?
  14. Looking for some experiences around the best way to refactor a wall opening to fit the non-standard backbox for a T3. I have a few locations that already have either single-gang or dual-gang LV rings with Cat6 run to them already - located at thermostat height off of the floor formerly for audio keypads. I'm wondering if there's a recommended method for retro-fitting the T3 backboxes into these locations. In looking at the backbox, it looks like the C4 box isn't high enough to cover a hole from a dual-gang ring, so I'd need to rip out the old ring, and somehow patch like 1-2" of sheetrock firm enough where it'll hold the top / bottom while still exposing enough sheetrock lip for the wings to catch on. It almost looks like if the backbox tabs were on the narrow end instead of the long ends of the box, that they'd work better instead of contacting patched sheetrock either above or below the opening. Anyone have any advice, or a better idea on how to do this?
  15. dw886

    Russound C Series EV Driver

    Thank you! Wish I had realized that there was full documentation on how to do this - would have saved me some time. :-)