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  1. Mitchell, Your response peaked my interest and I learned about potential pitfalls of using WiFi Channel 11: https://www.metageek.com/training/resources/zigbee-wifi-coexistence.html When I setup up ZigBee, did my EA3 do a channel scan before picking ZigBee Channel 24 in my environment? Understanding many ZigBee devices don't support Channel 26, I wonder why it wouldn't default to Channel 25.
  2. Vercingetorix

    Request to Purchase Chowmain Belkin WeMo Driver

    License purchased. Thanks to everyone who responded with a quote.
  3. Vercingetorix

    Request to Purchase Chowmain Belkin WeMo Driver

    I have the DriverCentral Could driver installed. My project has already been removed from my dealer's account after the free 7 day trial.
  4. Hello, I have completed a successful trial of the Chowmain Belkin WeMo driver, which I would now like to purchase for a single project. Please PM me if interested in selling a license and providing me with a Project Token from driverCentral.
  5. Are there any dealers here willing to share the command line syntax? There doesn't appear to be any built-in command line help support: C:\Users\Vercingetorix\Desktop\Control4\C4_Device_Image_Updater_V2.0.4.4>C4_Device_Image_Updater_V2.exe /?
  6. Hello, Is there a command line interface for the C4 Device Image Updater V2 Program? I would like to figure out how to re-flash my EA-1 so that my: "Running OS Version" is different from: "Factory Restore Image Installed" I am guessing it is something similar to: "C4_Device_Image_Updater_V2.exe OS1 OS2" I didn't want to take a risk experimenting, however. Right now it is showing the same version for both. I would like my "Factory Restore Image Installed" to be in the 2.8.2 generation. Cheers
  7. Vercingetorix

    OpenVPN Configuration - Default Ports Inquiry

    I am using a NetGear R7000 router configured as shown in the first post as my OpenVPN server. On the client side, I am using iPhone running OpenVPN client. Is there anything that needs to be configured in Composer Pro?
  8. Hello, I am running an EA-3 with 2.10.5. Can anyone help provide the default ports for an OpenVPN configuration as shown in the attached graphic? I have searched the forum, and have not found anything concrete. Thanks in advance!
  9. Vercingetorix

    2.10.5 Release

    Just admit that you are part of the 0.1% There is no shame about it. 😀
  10. Vercingetorix

    2.10.5 Release

    I just upgraded to 2.10.5. What are the significant changes per the release notes?
  11. I just wanted to have a clean look for my SR-260.
  12. When "Digital Media" driver is deleted from the project, "Settings" is still showing on the "Listen" of the SR-260, even after refreshing navigator.
  13. When "Hide" is selected for "Digital Media", it momentarily goes away, but shows right back up when "Ok" is pressed in Composer. Refreshing Navigators doesn't help. It seems the only way to get rid of "Digital Media" is to delete the driver.
  14. Hello, In 2.10.4, how does one remove the "Settings" selection from the SR-260 display so it does not show up when the "Listen" button is pressed on the SR-260? Currently, it does not show up with the "Watch" button is pressed. I do not see any configuration option in "Device Visibility and Display Order" or the System Design of the SR-260. Thanks!
  15. Vercingetorix


    Just successfully upgraded to Will Composer Pro be updated to 2.10.4 as well?