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  1. Vercingetorix


    Just successfully upgraded to Will Composer Pro be updated to 2.10.4 as well?
  2. http://www.bbc.com/future/story/20180830-the-history-of-the-television-remote-contro
  3. On the EA1 I had to add the EA3 and identify it. Then from the EA1 I was able to run the Migration Wizard.
  4. You were right. With your tip, I was able to complete the migration and the new EA-3 works great.
  5. Hello, I am attempting to use the Migration Wizard, for the first time, to migrate an EA-1 running 2.10.3 to an EA-3 running 2.10.3, using a Mac with a Windows VM physically connected via ethernet to my router as well as the two EA devices. When I launch Composer 2.10.3 using the EA-1 as the Local System, the Migration Wizard only identifies the Source Controller (EA-1), but not the Target (EA-3). When I launch Composer 2.10.3 using the EA-3 as the Local System, the Migration Wizard does not identify either the Source (EA-1) or Target (EA-3) . I added the EA-3 to the project on my Source (EA-1) and the Migration Wizard still doesn't identify the Target (EA-3). Any troubleshooting suggestions? I suspect I have a configuration issue, lack of knowledge, or both. Thank you in advance.
  6. Vercingetorix

    Wanted: SR-260

    Please PM me if you have a new or VERY lightly used SR-260 for sale.
  7. Vercingetorix

    ShairBridge Configuration

    I'm missing something. It doesn't appear the EA-1 has a digital coax out like the EA-3 and EA-5. I see physical digital coax audio port on the EA-3 and EA-5, but not the EA-1. https://www.cepro.com/article/control4_launches_three_ea_series_controllers_with_hi-res_audio_starting_at I haven't figured out how to get ShairBridge to use the HDMI connection. I have the HDMI out on the EA-1 connected to the HDMI 5 input of my McIntosh Preamp.
  8. I switched to the serial driver and hooked up one of these cables: https://www.amazon.com/LIANSHU-DB9Pin-Female-DC3-5mm-Cable-6/dp/B07C5Z22Z7/ref=sr_1_fkmr0_1?s=electronics&ie=UTF8&qid=1529531172&sr=1-1-fkmr0&keywords=3.5+mm+rs232+lianshu I have not been able to get it to work. How is null modem mode enabled on a serial connection with the EA-1 without a physical null modem adapter?
  9. Vercingetorix

    ShairBridge Configuration

    Okay I will give this a shot. Having HDMI inputs and outputs with the AVR seem pretty straightforward to configure with the EA-1. The XLR connections from my MCD1100 going to the Balanced1 inputs of my AVR seems to be what is tripping me up, because the only way I can get sound output using the SR-260 is to use the Control4 button which switches my AVR to the HDMI interface my EA-1 is connected to
  10. I am having trouble with my ShairBridge configuration due to lack of knowledge and access to documentation. My EA-1 appears to see the stream from my iPhone, but I don't know how to redirect it. Here is how I am configured on ShairBridge, my AVR, Room, and EA-1: When I press the Control4 button on my SR-260, my AVR switches to the HDMI port my AVR is attached to and plays outputs the sound on the Balanced1 connections from my McIntosh MCD1100, instead of the AirPlay stream. Does anyone have a suggestion properly configure?
  11. I upgraded DriveEditor to, but had to use DriverWizard in Composer 2.10.2 to modify this particular driver. I changed the repeat count to 1, reloaded the driver in the project to no avail. I may go back and try repeat count of 2. I have ordered a RS232 control cable and will try again using the serial driver. Thanks for the info and the suggestions! I have only been working with Control4 for a couple of weeks. I have a lot to learn.
  12. What is the latest version of DriveEditor? I am using, but it may be too old for my EA-1.
  13. The extender is probably overkill, but I got one just in case I had signal problems.
  14. I have attached the IR bud directly to the lower right corner of the display and other positions in close proximity without success.
  15. I am using: Controller: EA-1 Control4 Software: Operating System: 2.10.2 Build Number: 549842-res Director Version: DriveEditor Version: 2.0.1 I am having trouble getting IR to respond on a Pioneer Elite Kuro Pro-141FD. I have configured the colored buttons on the SR-260 and the IR bud lights up when any of the buttons are pressed, but I cannot change the power state of the Pioneer display. I have tried different ports on the EA-1, different IR buds, and verified what I believe to be good line of sight with the Pioneer IR port. The codes in the Control4 Driver Wizard for the driver appear to match the codes I downloaded from Pioneer. Does anyone have any suggestions to troubleshoot? I am also having trouble getting DriveEditor to work, as it shows I’m connected to the controller but still asks me to specify it. If I want to capture new IR codes from my Pioneer Remote, do I use the SR-260 or the IR bud on the EA-1? Attached are screen configurations.