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  1. BakerBalay

    Timer Loop Programming

    In the timer agent, select "repeating" for the timer.
  2. BakerBalay

    Lutron Grafik Eye ...

    There are 3 C4 drivers for the Graphik Eye. Make sure to pick the one that is not Homeworks (HW) or RadioRA2. I believe there is an aftermarket driver for these via serial, but can't remember where.
  3. BakerBalay

    LED bulbs

    It should work fine. It's just a capacitor- 6mA@120v. Designed to run in parallel with the first fixture, or jump from the dimmed hot off the dimmer to the neutral in the switch box. Really depends on why the LEDs are flickering. Usually I see them used when the first fixture is "ghosting" or staying slightly on when the switch/dimmer is OFF. I have seen the shunt cap quell flickering as well. They're cheap, give it a try. Should be no more than about $5. Amazon pricing is about $11-20. Maybe Lutron raised the cost after I left distribution. Check with your local Lutron wholesale house, may find better pricing. SnapAV did not show them on their website. I know several houses that stock them here in San Diego. Send me a message if you need help.
  4. BakerBalay

    Lutron Grafik Eye ...

    16E should be a commercial model. You'll need to go IR, the main repeater won't be able to connect. That wireless is limited to the sensors, Picos, and wireless shades. You could also go with the NWK, but I was strictly resi on the spec side, so am unaware of he exact parts and pieces required. Lutron Tech can tell you what you need and/or give you a link for the IR codes.
  5. BakerBalay

    Lutron Grafik Eye ...

    You can only bring in a RadioRA2 main repeater if the Graphik Eye is a QS wireless, and then communicate via Clear Connect. If the GE is not wireless comm, then you can run an IR to the front or back and control it that way. Codes are available from Lutron directly, and you can make your own driver if you can't find one. Ex-Lutron rep, saw this more than once.
  6. BakerBalay

    LED bulbs

    New to Control4, but did a lot of Lutron and LEDs. Are you running the neutral wire on the dimmers? There is always better performance with a neutral wire. Lutron and C4 dimmers never truly "turn off". They need to be powered on for the radios (Zigbee, ClearConnect, Embernet) to have power and the LEDs on the side to provide feedback. Consequently, there is a small micro current that "bleeds" onto your lighting circuit. You could try to source a Lutron LUT-MLC shunt capacitor (6mA @ 120V). This would remove the bleed and hopefully calm the LED lights down. It you want a quick test, throw an old school incandescent bulb in on the first fixture in line. If everything behaves, then try the shunt capacitor. You may need to move the incandescent bulb around if you don't know which is first on the switch leg. Also, what LED lights are you using? Verify that they are dimmable. Dimming a non-dimmable source is VERY bad in some instances. Like, burn your house down bad.
  7. BakerBalay

    Wanted: Older Lutron Infrared Remote

    Lutron could probably supply the codes that can be used to make a driver. Have your dealer install a Z2IO and run the IR from Control4.
  8. BakerBalay

    C4 Switch Energy Monitoring

    You could use this in a push notification as well. But makes no sense, really. Lighting loads are a relatively small percentage of he energy used in a home. We need something like the old Eragy that can import the data from multiple sources/circuits. Solar, generators, batteries, EV chargers, pool pumps, etc.
  9. BakerBalay

    Roku TV IR

    I followed this, but copied the Home code to HDMI4. Checked Menu code and it works the same.
  10. I was a Lutron rep, and we added them to our line-card for really odd windows and designs. If they can't, then no one can.
  11. BakerBalay

    Infratech Heaters

    Super trick is the Home Integration panel from Infratech. Allows for 0-10v control of the heat, and you would need a switch for turning the relays on and off. I've used with Lutron RadioRA2 Inclusive many times. Downside is the heater turns up on the navigators as a light. You would probably have to create a room specific to the heaters, ie. "Back Patio" and then "Back Patio Heaters".
  12. Try these guys, I've talked to them before. They retrofit Lutron drives into other shades. Not cheap, but they can do amazing things. http://www.krohnscoverings.com/krohns-powered-by-lutron.html
  13. BakerBalay

    Tesla Driver

    I would be interested in this.