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  1. BakerBalay

    Roku TV IR

    I followed this, but copied the Home code to HDMI4. Checked Menu code and it works the same.
  2. I was a Lutron rep, and we added them to our line-card for really odd windows and designs. If they can't, then no one can.
  3. BakerBalay

    Infratech Heaters

    Super trick is the Home Integration panel from Infratech. Allows for 0-10v control of the heat, and you would need a switch for turning the relays on and off. I've used with Lutron RadioRA2 Inclusive many times. Downside is the heater turns up on the navigators as a light. You would probably have to create a room specific to the heaters, ie. "Back Patio" and then "Back Patio Heaters".
  4. Try these guys, I've talked to them before. They retrofit Lutron drives into other shades. Not cheap, but they can do amazing things. http://www.krohnscoverings.com/krohns-powered-by-lutron.html
  5. BakerBalay

    Tesla Driver

    I would be interested in this.