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  1. Anyone looking to sell used NYCE motion sensors for c4?
  2. nerddude

    Help with upgrading embernet devices

    I returned these to seller..
  3. Looking for help with upgrading few embenet devices to zigbee pro..I acquired few devices and only have ea3 controller. I can ship them to you..
  4. nerddude

    WTB:Used Fan Controller

    I am looking to buy couple of used fan controllers.
  5. nerddude

    WTB:Door locks in Bronze Used or New

    Deadbolt. Kwickset or yale. Open to options button or tochscreen
  6. I am looking to buy two door locks in bronze color. Used is fine as well.
  7. nerddude

    Remote Integration services offered

    I am looking to build my first C4 system..sent you PM