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  1. I have a unused EA1's and my primary controller is EA3. I have not been using control4 music.I am now thinking about using control4 music now. EA1's will be used as music endpoints in additional rooms.The music will be provided by jriver dlna server. Would this work?
  2. nerddude

    FS:Controller EA1 V2

    I have a EA1 for in good condition that I am looking to sell.Looking to get $240 including shipping
  3. nerddude


    Does anyone what ports and services control4 needs? I am working on my pfsense firewall rules..right i have pretty wide open for control4 controller IP
  4. nerddude


    I have a SR260 for sale in good condition.
  5. nerddude

    Advice on Unifi Network Gear

    I have 4 access point,3 switches...Running rock solid .I use pfsense for firewall.
  6. I am looking to buy rackmount ears for EA3..
  7. nerddude


    the model number is C4-HC250-BL-1A
  8. nerddude

    WTB: C4 Gear

    PM sent
  9. Does NYCE HA profile sensor work with control4 ?I see the drivers for HA profile in control4 database. HA Profile Occupancy Sensor
  10. nerddude

    Looking to integrate fireplace

    Anyway you can point me to it?
  11. I am looking to integrate my fireplace using z2io. The black unit in picture is controlling fireplace and listening to a rf remote. Any ideas how i could integrate the fireplace?
  12. I just installed ecobee4 and my dealer has added driver already.I am trying to get a pin from composer HE but all i see is waiting for user validate application.Any ideas how to get the pin?