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  1. BostonWala

    Temp Displayed on 'Comfort' Navigator Button

    Thanks for the response. Much apprecaited. 🙂
  2. Is it possible to change which room is displayed on the comfort navigator button through Composer HE? I have multiple thermostats (Heated Floor and HVAC) displayed in each room and I wanted to pick the temp displayed as the heated floor thermostats are displaying floor temperature. Thanks in advance.
  3. BostonWala

    Jandy pool pumps, RGB LEDs, heater, Aqualink

    Rolldog, sorry for such a delayed question on your iAqualink integration. Could you share the driver you used and is it cloud based or rs232? Thank you in advance.
  4. BostonWala

    Control4 Intercom App is out! Go get it!!!

    South Africa C4 user, I wasn't able to work it with the original DS. Have to upgrade the hardware. The app is damn fast though. 🙂
  5. BostonWala

    Remote Installer

    Thanks for responding so quickly. I will give it a shot. The documentation suggested it was an RS232 that need the SAM. My SAM hasn't worked so I was hoping to hear it was cloud based. Thanks again.
  6. BostonWala

    Remote Installer

    msgreenf...were you able to use this driver and get the Infinity system integrated in. Is it RS 232 or cloud based? Thank you in advance. Cheers.
  7. BostonWala

    Control4 Intercom App is out! Go get it!!!

    I tried just a one to one connection and it didn't work. My dealer with update drivers on Monday and I'll try it again before changing the hardware to see if it works and post here. Hardware is a week out so I'll get to play with just the new driver for a bit. Thanks for the ideas.
  8. BostonWala

    Control4 Intercom App is out! Go get it!!!

    Thanks, South Africa C4 user. My dealer told me that I could probably work it with the original DS. Guess I'll have to upgrade to DS2 or is ti just the driver that needs upgrading?
  9. BostonWala

    Control4 Intercom App is out! Go get it!!!

    What needs to be done with the communications agent before this will work. Right now I can use the app to view my door station camera but it doesn't ring on my phone if someone hits the bell. And can it be done in Composer HE or just by the dealer? I've read the chain a few times but didn't find an answer. My apologies if I missed it. Thanks.