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    Remote and IOS App Cannot Connect

    So I called the dealer and they resolved it. Turned out the Araknis switch wasn’t passing packets. I thought that was odd since it was pingable. Anyways, it’s back online now. Thanks for the recommendations, I’ll remember those the next time I run into an issue!
  2. rollin2nyte

    Remote and IOS App Cannot Connect

    I tried that but the same thing happens on both physical remotes. Is it possible a config on the director that manages remote connectivity became corrupt?
  3. rollin2nyte

    Remote and IOS App Cannot Connect

    It’s the HC250. There’s a power light which is blue. WiFi, Data & Link lights which aren’t lit up. Which is odd because it’s pingable.
  4. I had a power outage tonight and I cannot get the IOS App or stand alone remote to connect to the Control4 system. I've shut down the media stack, turned off the router & modem, rebooted the router & modem and then turned the media stack back on. No luck. The Control4 system is hard wired into the switch and I can ping the IP. The TV's are stuck on the Fire TV that was on prior to the power outage. Remote control of the Fire TV works over the IOS app and the TV display properly and audio is working at it should. Just the IOS Control4 App & remote control won't work. The remote just shows the wireless signal in the top left and the battery level in the top right. IOS App asks for a Foresight subscription. Any help would be appreciated.