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  1. dolcephil

    Zigbee Module for New Line of Yale Locks

    is this available to dealers direct through Control4?
  2. dolcephil

    Samsung Frame TV - IP Driver

    The remote/GUI shows the mini driver as the source currently. And yes, I have tried removing both TV and mini drivers, rebooting the processor and then re-adding them to no avail.
  3. dolcephil

    Samsung Frame TV - IP Driver

    That is correct - the mini drivers are bound under connections to the Samsung App Switcher. When I look at the documentation for the mini drivers it refers to a passthrough mode which passes control over to the connected device - i.e. in my case the TV. However, there is no action/drop down in the mini driver currently to configure this.
  4. dolcephil

    Samsung Frame TV - IP Driver

    Just following up on my last post - it appears that the universal mini drivers do not support control - i.e. they do not map/connect to the TV drivers commands for navigation (i.e. left, right, up, down, transport commands, etc).
  5. dolcephil

    Samsung Frame TV - IP Driver

    I am currently integrating a Samsung Q9FN and a LS003 Frame TV. I am using the current up to date 2018 drivers for each and am using the universal mini drivers for art mode, Netflix, amazon, youtube etc. I noticed that the Samsung branded drivers do not work any more - they won't connect to the Samsung app switcher in the connections section of Composer. The video streaming services are launched as sources under the watch navigator without issue. However, Art Mode is not working, whether you select it as a source on the watch navigator or whether you set the TV driver setting "On Power Off" to go to Art Mode. What is the status of this Ryan? Any help would be greatly appreciated.