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  1. tcwalker5

    Insurance discount for C4

    Yah, I have those, so I'm curious about the c4 part.
  2. tcwalker5

    Insurance discount for C4

    This is interesting. Why would the insurance company do this? Is it the security monitoring or something else? I'd like to ask mine as well.
  3. I have a wireless outlet dimmer that doesn't seem to be cutting power all the way off. In the monitoring tab, C4 thinks the load is at 0%, but there is a faint light coming from the lamps (both outlets behave the same) Any suggestions of what this could be? I'm assuming it is hardware malfunction, but I don't have another to replace it. So I'd rather troubleshoot first.
  4. tcwalker5

    How to change the DS chime

    I can see how to change the sound, but not the repeat. Is that possible?
  5. Ahh, right. My dealer linked the scene I created and that is why I see it as follow connection in HE.
  6. Why wouldn't you just set the LED behavior to follow connection? No additional programming needed.
  7. tcwalker5

    sceptre tv C4 Driver

    If not... http://www.sceptre.com/store/Accessories/Remote-Control-category19category69.html
  8. Having used Sonos prior to C4, I agree with the OP especially adding/removing rooms to a single stream. But the other trade offs when looking at the overall system have been worth it.
  9. Yah, that's what I thought. For my purposes, that isn't an option. I wish our installer would have suggested something like this during construction when it would have been trivial.
  10. I don't use spotify, but would like to understand your proposal. Is this essentially a bunch of rooms in a preset group? What if I want to have a different configuration such as main floor and lower level (following your example), but not kitchen? Do I join those groups together in Spotify? Or do I go to C4 and join the rooms? Or do I need to pre-define each possible group configuration? If I do it in spotify, does this imply that the streams are tied together?
  11. are you suggesting that the z2io be placed behind the drywall, or exposed somewhere? My design goal is to have zero visibility or wires.
  12. Yes, easier from a tech perspective, but does not work with our aesthetics. Does anyone know the range of the DSC wireless transceiver? If no native zigbee option exists I may consider adding the wireless to my DSC alarm.
  13. That is too big for the deadbolt cavity. I was hoping for something like this, but in zigbee or zwave https://www.homesecuritystore.com/ion-security-plunger-d?___store=hss_en&refSrc=505&nosto=nosto-page-product3
  14. Has anyone come across a zigbee plunger sensor recently? I found an ION plunger for DSC alarms (and others), but I do not have the wireless version of the alarm. If not zigbee, is there a zwave one or something else that would work with C4? I want to install this inside of the cavity of a deadbolt to sense whether or not it is locked.
  15. Hi, I would like to purchase a HC200 or HC300 so that I can upgrade a few legacy devices from embernet. I'd prefer to purchase from someone on this forum so I don't end up with something that doesn't meet my expectations. Does anyone want to sell either of these with 2.5.3 loaded and verified as stable? PM if interested. Thanks, Ted