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  1. Hello, I have a scheduled event to lower shades 1 hour before sunset and another to open at sunset. The shades are lutron and I have 1 universal drapery controller (not sure of brand). I have a macro for each room to open and close the shades. I also have a macro that calls each room macro to open/close them all at the same time. Close All Shades Macro -> Close Family Room Shades Macro -> Close shade 1 Close shade 2 Close shade 3 Close shade 4 Close Kitchen Shades Macro -> Close shade 1 Close Nook Shades Macro -> Close shade 1 Close Dining Room shades Macro -> Close shade 1 Close Living Room Drapes Macro -> Close drape 1 When I execute the close all shades macro manually, everything works fine. However at the scheduled event, some of the rooms don't respond but others do. Has anyone seen this type of behavior before? Is the Lutron controller suffering from some sort of flow control? Do I have too many actions? Do I need to add delays in? What is puzzling me is that it work manually every time.
  2. Thank you, I will discuss with the dealer.
  3. Thanks, this is what I thought would be needed. As best I can tell the contacts are not explicitly defined. There are no details on the monitoring page, but on the programming page this is all I can see. If the contacts were defined, I assume I would seem them as events. Correct?
  4. I am an end user with Composer HE 2.10.5 I have a DSC832 with the IT-100 interface. I would like the alarm system to send a door open command to C4 and set a variable (door_open=true) With that variable set, I can then add in additional functionality such as turn off AC, disable door shade timers, turn LEDs red, etc. The driver that was installed by my dealer doesn't seem to allow API programming as far as I can tell. But the IT-100 does allow serial commands to be sent and received. Has anyone done this, and where do I start to use the API on both sides (DSC and Composer)? Thanks, Ted