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  1. Trey

    Cambridge CXUHD

    Happy to report that the Annex4 driver linked above works great with the Cambridge CXUHD (tested using IP control)!
  2. Trey

    OPPO UDP-203 Driver Released

    I am happy to confirm this Control4 driver also supports the Cambridge CXUHD 🙂 Thanks!
  3. Trey

    Cambridge CXUHD

    It is the exact same hardware as the Oppo UDP-203, except it is a transport only (no DAC) so the UDP-203 driver should work: https://annex4.link/drivers/udp-203 I have one on the way I will test with in a few days...
  4. Finally got the Weather Underground driver working, man was it tough tracking down an API key...
  5. I just upgraded from 2.9.1 to 2.10.4 and the Cumulus app on the flash touchscreens no longer works :-( I have been using Cumulus & a Davis Pro2 with my Control4 system since 2012...