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  1. As far as I understand, I believe it is not fairly close in price at all and the C4 is over twice the price....... At the current time, integration with c4 is a secondary concern as I don't know what I will actually use the integration for. I won't be taking out my phone to open my gate. What a hassle. It will be opened with my cars convenient rearview mirror button like it always has been. I can't think of anything that I would want 'automated' based on a generic "gate opens". Maybe you guys can point out some cool integrations that I missing though. So that is why I'm not so concerned with the c4 driver. Ultimately as long as their app is functional, my gate control will always work. Other than driver integration concerns, I still have not heard one advantage of the C4 doorstation. The clear advantage of doorbird is they have been doing it longer, I can attach it easily to any NVR, price, and I am not nailed to not only c4 systems but even a monthly subscription to 4sight. Whats the C4 station advantages?
  2. My local dealer (that I am overall happy with) recommended doorbird. Said the C4 solution is a good alternative but they have been installing doorbird for years and they do it better for a gate solution. Which is in complete contrast to what you guys are saying.
  3. The doorbird I am looking at is about ~$800 (keypad, call button, and video). Whats the price of the equivalent C4 doorstation? I appreciate your guys inputs, but I'm having a hard time deciding considering the vague answers and lack of information online. Hows the functionality of the C4 intercom app vs the doorbird one? Any functions/features one has that the other doesn't? etc.. I can't find much about the C4 doorstations other than short clips of people using it or their own promo. What happens If I decide I don't need to control my home from outside (a.k.a 4sight)? Intercom becomes a glorified keypad?
  4. Are you required to auto update? Can you just stay at a working driver version?
  5. So that people like my pool guy and landscapers can access my property. I understand they can get a custom RFID tag, but I wouldn't want to hassle him with carrying mine (and by extension, everyone elses) tag.
  6. Wow, I wasn't expecting this one side of a response. Can you guys explain to me what is better about the C4 intercom than the doorbird? Remember, I said integration into the C4 system isn't absolutely paramount, as they use their own apps anyways. Thank you guys for taking the time to respond
  7. I want to replace my standard Linear keypad to my front gate to something that has a keypad, camera, and can be controlled through my phone. I have a cat5 running out there so ethernet shouldn't be an issue. I know Doorbird has been the gold standard and can integrate with my EA5, but now that C4 has come out with their own I don't know which is better. C4 integration is nice but not absolutely paramount (although I think doorbird integrates well into c4 anyways?). Opinions?