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  1. timelinex

    C4 Door Station DS2 video quality

    OK, so I have an update on this. I checked the entire web gui and I noticed in the RTSP settings it looks like all the options are x480 unless you choose the MJPEG Video stream as the default and use rtsp://IP_ADDRESS/mjpeg_stream . Then there is a x960 option. The problem here is that my NVR just gets a blank feed when this is done. I have inputted the right parameters, but I'm guessing the NVR only accepts H264 or the like. Can you confirm what stream you are using to get x960?
  2. timelinex

    IFTTT geofencing with Alan's driver

    Just now I got home and it didnt run at all. Still shows as last ran yesterday , even though everything is setup correctly. Any insight?
  3. I have geofencing setup for my gate to open when I cross a particular threshold a mile or so away and hold it open for 3 min. I set it up per Alan's instructions but it seems there is one glitch i cant figure out. There were a few times in the last week or two where it didnt work till right as I pulled up and stopped. At first I thought I wasnt firing it far enough from the house, but expanding the circle didnt help. Eventually I figured out it was likely when my android phone is in sleep mode it doesnt update ifttt with the location cross. This makes sense and it's why everytime I stopped the gate would open. I would always reach for me phone to open the gate, and as soon as I woke my phone, I am guessing it initiated everything. Anyone else have this issue and was able to fix it?
  4. timelinex

    C4 Door Station DS2 video quality

    We have the NVR setup exactly as you specified (rtsp). I don't know about the Autoconfig thing. I will have to check. All I know is that even before changing any settings, it was on x480. I will check again.
  5. timelinex

    C4 Door Station DS2 video quality

    Yea, my NVR software definitely isn't able to change any settings on the camera. When I go into any kind of camera settings, it just errors out and says this camera doesn't support changes. So it uses a straight feed from the DS2 exactly how it is.
  6. timelinex

    C4 Door Station DS2 video quality

    This quote is from an old thread and I see you have got it working on x960. Any insight on where you found the setting?
  7. timelinex

    DS2 With User codes in Navigator.

    ----Ignore----Posted in error.
  8. timelinex

    C4 Door Station DS2 video quality

    I have already looked at all these settings and there is nothing there that I found that can change this and override the quality settings. That's what I meant by the "web gui". Have you seen where it can be changed there?
  9. I had everything installed last week and boy is it a pretty hodge podged together system (since it's them basically rebranding the Helios). At least it looks nice. Anyways, one of the things I haven't been able to figure out is how to set the quality to the 1280x960 it's advertised as. Everywhere in the options it only goes up to x480. This includes in Composer, on the web gui, and when I connected it to my NVR. Any help in this regard?
  10. timelinex

    Smart Plug Switch suggestions

    I'm trying to decide whether I should get WEMO's and Alan's driver or add something like a VeraPlus to my EA5 so that I can have any z-wave device. The benefit of the VeraPlus would be that I can use it for other things like locks. Anyone have an comments or suggestions to help with my selection?
  11. timelinex

    How do i get my door station to work with Intercom app?

    Have you seen any bugs,issues, or breaking drivers with clients that upgraded from 2.10.3 to 2.10.5 (why not just upgrade to newest?)
  12. timelinex

    Do all Zigbee products work?

    Seconds is what I was hoping for (which is fine for things like turning off lights). I hope not minutes! Thanks for the info
  13. timelinex

    Do all Zigbee products work?

    I suspected as much, but what kind of delay are we talking about realistically? An educated guess would do, just so I know the ballpark. I believe something like Pushover allows for 2 way integration with IFTTT. As far as I know, Pushover is included with the IFTTT driver?
  14. timelinex

    Do all Zigbee products work?

    OK thanks for the info. I think I found another way. SmartThings controls Z-Wave/Zigbee items. I have an Nvidia Shield and I can buy a $30 usb addon that will make it into a SmartThings hub. I'm already getting a IFTTT driver for my C4 and it seems like with IFTTT I can control SmartThings integrations. So in that way I should be able to do this. If anyone has done this already or thinks it won't work, let me know!
  15. timelinex

    Do all Zigbee products work?

    Is the vera plus a native driver or paid? How well does integration work, smooth or buggy? What else does adding a vera plus hub give me? (Just zwave integration or other procotols) Lastly, is there an option other than vera plus, its $100+ which isnt too crazy but I am sick of paying more and more just to overcome c4's crappy compatibility with literally everything but their own overpriced things. Thanks