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  1. Good lord, 40 keypads and 100 circuits - 12-13 panels!! - how big is your house (and are you renting out the beach house anytime)?? Your dealer must LOVE you.
  2. I am not a dealer, but I was faced with the exact same dilemma in a new construction home just completed. I have a full Control4 system with lighting and shades integrated. I too was weighing the difference between panelized lighting and wireless lighting and based on discussions with my dealer and price points (and flexibility) I went with the wireless solution (Zigbee Control4 dimmers and keypads). My main design criteria were as follows: 1) Did not want wall warts (switches) everywhere 2) Did not want piano style keyboards of 4,5,6 gang switches which I would fumble with all of the time (what does what?) 3) Wanted flexibility in terms of starting with a smaller number of lights controlled and then growing the system 4) Wanted to minimize electrical cost of running 3-way switch legs Thus, we decided on logical places for dimmer switches throughout the home to control loads that were local in that area (kitchen, dining, living room, etc.) - but we minimized the number of switches to 1 or maximum 2 in each location - it looks very slick. The rest of the lighting loads we put in the media closet. We ended up with 16 loads for the 1st floor and outdoor areas in the media closet. Each of those is now either a Control4 dimmer, or Control4 switch (on/off only). There were other light intensive areas like a playroom / theater where we put 4 lighting loads in the closet in that room so we again would only have 1 keypad visible that could control the hidden switches. In the rest of the areas of the home we either put a dimmer or a dimmer keypad (6 buttons). The dimmer keypads allow us to control the local load as well as trigger lighting scenes and other loads that are in the media closet. So far in the real world it works wonderfully. I had heard that putting lots of Control4 dimmers/switches in one area (the media closet) was a recipe for problems, but my dealer assured us we would be fine and we've had zero issues. It takes a while to work out all of the kinks and get your scenes setup and decide on what buttons do what, but once it is done it works perfectly.
  3. Looks like can only be done with Composer Pro... https://www.control4.com/documentation/Composer_HE_User_Guide/Programming_with_the_Access_Agent.htm And to add insult to injury is a global setting. I am looking for something to limit access / functionality on a per-user basis which I do not think exists per my research thus far... Big time bummer when you have iPad capable kids in the house and want to give them "some" access... Any other ideas?
  4. Q: Can you limit what functions are available in the Control4 app (iPhone / iPad) such that certain users would only have access to certain rooms and/or controls? Example: I'd like my kids to have access to the app (for their lights, shades, music in their rooms), but perhaps only have the ability to control their own rooms such that funny tricks like opening mom and dad's shades at sunrise, or playing Rick Astley's "Never Gonna Give You Up" in each other's rooms are not able to be accomplished... Don't see a way for this to happen as I don't remember having to login to the Control4 app or any individual user settings. Is there anything available in Composer HE (Home Edition)? If not, is there any way to note this as a feature request with Control4???
  5. anon2828

    LED Tape Compatible with Control4

    Can someone explain the topology of the Dresden Elektronik´╗┐ setup in terms of the physical topology? From what I am understanding it is: 120V --> Power Supply (made by who?) --> Dresden Elektronik´╗┐ Zigbee LED Tape Ballast --> Connector (4 or 2 channel) --> LED Tape (any specific brand or any brand?) Q: If you are doing 4 channel how do you control for Color Temperature of white light - or is it dependent on the tape? Q: What is the driver setup using the Dresden Elektronik´╗┐? What controls are available through Control4? Q: Anyone have any experience with American Lighting's TruLux LED tape and controllers? Note: I was doing the 2 channel tunable white for under counters (so you can get daylight 4000k color temp), but looking to use the RGB for the ceiling details, and would appreciate getting 3000k color temp when white to match the rest of the house recess lighting... This option looks like it may do 5 channels? Zigbee Strip Controller RGBCCT Compatible with Amazon Alexa,Hue,Lightify Voice Control led Strip Light ZLL APP Control Dimmer by S NMTLearn more: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B075SZZS49/ref=cm_sw_em_r_mt_dp_U_tAupCbAMR7QD7
  6. anon2828

    LED Tape Compatible with Control4

    The Dresden Elektronik requires a power supply - correct?
  7. anon2828

    LED Tape Compatible with Control4

    I have some pretty long runs to do. Under kids' vanities (as a night light) is short, but the ceiling details and under cabinet is much longer runs. Was somewhat aware of Lifx. Looks like WiFi connected and several integrations built-in including Alexa. I imagine there is a Control4 driver? It is expensive with the number of runs I need to do, and at the location of the tape I have low voltage wiring - no where to plug in the adapter. Are we talking this one for the Dresden piece: https://www.dresden-elektronik.de/funktechnik/solutions/wireless-light-control/wireless-ballasts/?L=1 Here I imagine there is a driver available to control through Control4 or are we taking about just using the Hue driver? I think I want to avoid DMX as I have heard it is much more complex to setup. Anyone ever use American Lighting products? http://americanlighting.com/rgbrgbww.html
  8. I've read other threads, but I have a somewhat different set of questions: Q: What is your best recommendation for RGB+WW LED Tape? (the +WW is the ability to control color temperature of white light so you can tune it say from 2800k to 4000k, plus the ability to pick your color if you aren't doing white light)? Some considerations: Best case would like to control on/off and picking color / brightness from Control4 and be able to use Alexa If above not easily done through Control4, would like to be able to turn on/off using a Control4 Switch and also be able to turn on/off using Alexa. Would then control color / brightness through the LED tape's native app Worst case I am willing to consider would be on/off and color / brightness using just the LED tape's native app. My setup is for under counter lighting, above ceiling details, and various cabinetry toe kicks. It is wired with 120V and a switch for each location where I can attach the low voltage transformer (near the switch - hidden) and I already have low voltage wiring from this location out to the location of the LED tape. Any help appreciated.
  9. anon2828

    Apple Watch

    What exactly is is "supposed" to do? All I've ever seen is "No Currently Active Media Zones" message when I click the Media button...
  10. GOT IT! Many thanks thegreatheed! Most appreciated. That was some work. Makes me appreciate the dealer method...
  11. Clarification: You mean use "Set LED On" and then pick a color under Programming Correct? What do you do with the Toggle Scenes - or do you ignore those and only worry about the actual Scenes condition as either "Becomes Active" or "Becomes Inactive"? Also, how does the Monitoring tab interact or conflict with the settings made in Programming? In Monitoring the Keypad has a setting for each button that is set to "LED Behavior -> Programmed" as you suggest, but beneath that you can select "On Color" and "Off Color" color - what do you do with that? Also - under Agents -> Advanced Lighting, when you select a Scene, there is a "Colors" section where you can pick from the drop down, "Top" "Bottom" or "Toggle" and then select an "Active" or "Inactive" color - how should this be set or is it conflicting with what I am trying to do? 3 different places where it seems you can select LED color - all confusing as to how they interact... Thanks in advance for any help. Hope this is helping others...
  12. Ah Ha. I figured it out. Thanks to thegreatheed for some guidance that led me to the solution. With the Lighting Scene selected, in the Toggle Scene box at the top of Composer HE, you have to make certain that for each Scene that you have picked its counterpart (the Toggle Scene) in the drop-down dialog box. I thought that those "bindings" were created automatically when you clicked "Create Default" but they were not. Q: Can anyone tell me how to get the Keypad button light to come on when the Scene is active?
  13. Makes sense (and I feel potentially stupid), but it didn't work. Now I just have: -> Toggle Lighting Scene -> "Watch TV" It turns on the Scene, but hitting the Keypad button again or pressing the button in the phone app (Navigator) still doesn't turn it off...
  14. Q: I am trying to get Lighting Scenes to work on a Dimmer Keypad using Composer HE. I have RTFM best I can. [2.10.5 for Director and Composer HE] ISSUE: While the Scene will work off of my phone using the Control4 app (Navigator), and the Dimmer Keypad (inconsistently), I cannot get it to turn off in either place (not at all on the phone app, and inconsistently using the Dimmer Keypad). What I've done in Composer HE: Created a Lighting Scene in Composer HE using the Advanced Lighting Agent (multiple loads, all LED, dimmed to levels, Tracking set to "At Scene Final Level") Created a Toggle Scene using the "Default" button under the Toggle Scene section (makes essentially a copy of the above Scene with all levels at 0% or OFF) [Thus, I end up with 2 Scenes called "Watch TV" and "Watch TV (Toggle)" ] In Composer HE Programming created a Keypad Event for Button -> Pressed, then In Advanced Lighting Actions picked the Scene, thus the programming I end up with for the Dimmer Keypad button press is: When Living Room -> Keypad Button 4 button is pushed -> Toggle Lighting Scene -> "Watch TV" -> Toggle Lighting Scene -> "Watch TV (Toggle)" The result is that the Scene will turn on (sometimes needs the Dimmer Keypad button pressed 2 times to take effect??), but when I press the button again (thinking this is a "toggle") it will not turn off the scene (or really activate the Toggle Scene as I would expect). Also cannot figure out how to turn the Scene off in the phone app (Navigator) since only the Scene and not the Toggle version show up there. Also curious how I get the Keypad button to light up when a Scene is activated. I know that the "proper" way to do this is to have someone with Composer Pro "bind" the Scene to the Keypad button, but I want to play around with some Scenes before I do that, and frankly, this should work without this much effort... Thanks in advance for any help. I'm getting the wife asking "why did we purchase this" and not in a good way...
  15. anon2828

    Dimmer Question - Need help pls

    chopedogg88 - thanks for the response. I found what you said about fitting to be true. Since on LED loads they really aren't derated even with the tabs removed, I guess it doesn't matter (and even though the switch is "smart" I don't see any way that it would know whether or not a tab has been broken off anyhow - I guess the derating is on the honor system for those with incandescent loads)... Hijacking my own topic here: Q: Are there any tips or tricks to getting the dimmers to fit in the electrical box when you have 2 or more - not related to the tabs, but instead the amount of wires in the damn box. I am having a son of a gun time trying to get these suckers to fit where I have 2-3 or more wires coming into the box. Help, guesses and experience appreciated.