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  1. Amazon Music (and Amazon Music Unlimited) is great on the new Control4 system software. While now native as a music source, unfortunately you can't control it via Alexa. I've tried to see if there was a work-around using the Alexa app or the Amazon Music app, but alas it appears there is not. The Alexa app and Amazon Music app are totally unaware that you are playing Amazon Music through the Control4 controller. Too bad. Perhaps Control4 will release an upgrade where you can control all of your music via Alexa through the native music source on the Control4 controller - would only make sense. Plugging an Echo Dot into your audio matrix as a music source works, but is far from optimal - I constantly have volume issues (for example my phone app or watch wants to limit the output volume and I'm always having to manually turn it up)...
  2. anon2828

    SnapAV MIOP system

    Only negative I can find on Binary MoIP is that HDR is limited to 30hz. Source content right now is thin, but I'd think that HDR @ 60Hz would be important in the future. Price is very good on Binary MoIP vs. competitors and agree that OvrC is nice to have as well. Although Binary touts the ability to break out audio for multi-room audio (for example for using through through a whole home audio matrix) it only apparently works when there is 2-channel audio coming from the source - in other words, it is not able to strip out 2-channel audio when the source is something like Dolby Digital 5.1 - bummer. I'm still trying to figure out the best way to switch video throughout my house. Everything has trade-offs. I think that traditional HDBaseT matrix options are going to become dinosaurs, but there are still a lot of unknowns with Video over IP. Atlona's Omnistream seems to be the most full featured (software upgrade available to Dolby Vision @ 60hz, HDR10 @ 60Hz out of the box, HLG out of the box) - also like that they have 2 source input per transmitter for a less components in the rack. Right now I am just using Atlona HDR extenders and using 2 AVRs for switching in the rack to two main TVs. That leaves my other TVs with just local sources (behind the TV AppleTV and TiVo minis). That won't fly once I add security cameras and if I want Control4 interfaces in other rooms - which I do - for example the Master and Study. Stupid question - be kind (6 months in to Control4): How is the actual Control4 interface distributed in a multi-TV system? Right now I have an EA-5 in the rack going to one of the main TVs, and an EA1 behind the other main TV - so you can be controlling Control4 interface from two locations. If you are in a situation with multiple TVs I would imagine that the Control4 interface has to go through the Matrix or as a source in a Video over IP system. Does that mean you are limited to controlling the Control4 interface to one TV at a time? For example - If I was messing with the Control4 interface to adjust the thermostat in the Living Room, what would happen if someone went to call up the Control4 interface in another room that didn't have a dedicated Control4 (like an EA1)??
  3. anon2828

    Tivo Bolt

    msgreenf - thanks for the quick reply. That seems to work. Appreciate the assistance. - The driver I said I was using = TiVo (2.8.1) Roamio/Model 3+ with a modified date of 5/18/16 - that is latest and greatest - correct? Also - is it OK to take the delay down to 15 secs from the default of 30 - hate waiting around for the remote to respond... Thanks.
  4. anon2828

    Tivo Bolt

    Bump. Please. TiVo Bolt + using the TiVo (2.8.1) Roamio/Model 3+ driver with a modified date of 5/18/16. Cannot map the BACK function to any button on the Control4 remote no matter what I do. Maddening. Too bad TiVo never followed up with the vaporware SDDP driver for Control4. Dealer previously had Tivo Series 3/4/5 driver with a modified date of 5/12/14 installed but it had issues of its own including a generic "cable" icon on the Control4 Home Screen instead of the instantly recognizable TiVo icon. Can't remember if I was ever able to get BACK to work on that driver using Composer HE or not. Any advice appreciated. Better yet, someone fix the driver. PLEASE !!!
  5. anon2828

    SnapAV media over IP

    Atlona's OmniStream R-Type does HDR10 and HLG (types of HDR reproduction) out of the box. They have a "to be released" software paid upgrade to the system to accept Dolby Vision. I am looking for some more practical comparisons of the Atlona OmniStream R-Type (residential) vs. SnapAV's Binary MoIP. One of the main differences I can see is that Atlona will do 4k HDR @ 60Hz while the Binary will only do 4k HDR @ 30hz. I don't care about gaming, but sports may be a consideration. I am aware that even the best sports broadcasts (DirectTV for example) are 4k SDR currently, HOWEVER, it is widely known that DirectTV has indicated that they plan on providing sports broadcasts in 4k HDR (including through DirectTV Now - their online/internet video), so 4k HDR @ 60hz would be a consideration. Also I believe that some Blu-Ray content may be at 4k HDR 60hz (perhaps I am mistaken on this since I am aware that most film content is 24hz/frames). Looking for real-world comparisons and anyone who has seen both systems in action. Also concerned about being able to strip off 2-channel audio to feed a whole-house audio matrix - Binary only lets you do that IF and when 2ch audio is present at the source (Transmitter). Atlona makes you purchase a separate unit that extracts the audio from the IP stream I believe.
  6. Hello all. Great forum, been lurking for a long time, now have had my C4 installed for approx. 6 months. I am getting ready to add lighting and shading to my Control4 system. Close to putting in Conrol4 Lighting (keypads, dimmers), but then have also been following Noon Lighting. Up until recently there were some major shortcomings with Noon (only could control 10 dimmers from each keypad [they call their LCD keypad a "Director"], no whole house control, and no native Control4 driver) which have been all addressed in a recent update - see https://noonhome.com/blog/noon-announces-control4-integration-on-off-switch-works-with-nest-and-more Here is how I see the pros / cons of Control4 lighting vs. Noon - I need you experts to weigh in please: Control 4 Lighting Pros: Made by Control4 - no integration issues Can trigger other events with Keypad pushes Can control other devices (such as automated shades) through Keypads Zigbee which is not dependent on WiFi or internet connection (I believe still works if internet is down - correct me if wrong on this) Control 4 Lighting Cons: Keypads are limited to number of physical buttons (6) Stuck (somewhat) with whatever you engrave on each button Can use ComposerHE to create scenes, but not sure level of difficulty Noon Lighting Pros: Director (their name for the keypad) is AMOLED display with icons that you can change - somewhat limitless compared to 6 buttons for Control4 Can do whole home scenes now (latest update) Can update lighting scenes easily through App vs. having to use ComposerHE Has Control4 driver available (latest update) On/Off switch coming soon to control switched outlets and simple on/off lights Noon Lighting Cons: Not made by Control4 Don't think you can trigger other events (shading, arm alarm, etc) from Control4 based on lighting scenes (but perhaps you can with Composer - let me know; perhaps could do with IFTTT) Driver install seems a little kludgy, but don't know how this compares to Control4 native lighting/driver (see: https://www.noonhome.com/support/using-control-4-with-noon-360008814474) The driver will apparently not import NOON's lighting scenes due to limitations in Control4's API - so I guess that would mean you'd have to manually have your dealer put those scenes into Composer or could you do with ComposerHE? Don't know if you can do macros with it. For example, hit a scene called "Goodnight" that would turn off all lighting (know that can now be done with Noon), but then also trigger all shades going down, and arming the alarm for example... The biggest difference between Control4 lighting and Noon for me is that the Director (their keypad) seems so much more flexible to not be stuck with permanently engraved buttons, not to mention the cool factor of the AMOLED screen that you swipe between lighting scenes on (shown as icons you can customize) (though who knows, maybe in practice that would grow tiresome). I tend to be the type that likes to change things around and could see being frustrated with whatever initial setup I picked for a Control4 lighting keypad. That said, I don't want to go with a 3rd party lighting solution just to be frustrated with the integration. Any input and experience appreciated!!!