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  1. Just moved into a house with a completely functional C4 system but are not wanting to use it. Equipment is in great functioning condition!! Willing to sell all or parts of the below package. Asking price for the whole package is $2k. *****UPDATE: WILLING TO NEGOTIATE ON PRICING. WILL SELL COMPONENTS SEPARATELY IF NECESSARY:**** 2 Control4 C4-SR260 remotes -SOLD Control4 HC-250 BL - SOLD Control4 HC 300 Control4 HC 500 Chanel Vision Pro 6x4 component matrix switcher model P-1420 2 Sony Blue Ray Players 2 Integra ADM 2.1 WRAT Integra DTR 4.9 Integra DTR 7.8 Yamaha Natural Sound AV Receiver Mid Atlantic Pro Rack slim 5 series mfg code 07140809 Klipsch 12” sub woofer Martin Logan black center