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  1. Neo1738

    Weather integration

    Yeah especially one with severe weather alerts such as tornado warnings. wink wink
  2. Neo1738

    Weather integration

    +1 on this
  3. Neo1738

    C4 Leaf

    What an ordeal, I would have pulled my hair out long ago. Glad you are figured out.
  4. Neo1738

    Receiver options for new install

    Denon over Marantz?
  5. Neo1738

    Dealer Account

    I think they mean why not talk to your new company about adding C4 so you can sell $15k/year and meet the requirements.
  6. Neo1738

    System setup

    If you want to run C4 you will need a controller. EA3 should suffice for what you want. After that you need some form of Video Matrix to use the same cable box on multiple TVs. They may smaller 4x4, 6x6 etc. There is also an option if you plan to really expand later to do something like Just add Power, Videostorm, etc which have more upgrade-ability. For audio not sure what you would need but imagine a couple sonos connect should suffice. All C4 is dealer sold and integrated you can't get it without one. Recommend talking with 1 or 2 in your area.
  7. Neo1738

    IP Cameras Recommendation

    What about Zuum? 4mp wdr?
  8. Sorry can't help any more than that. Just starting my build will be a while until I know exactly what is used and how.
  9. As per my dealer you can do both temp and humidity w a remote sensor. From what I see this may be an option. https://www.google.com/shopping/product/16608391417085608299?rlz=1C1SQJL_enUS779US779&biw=1536&bih=723&q=aprilaire+remote+temperature+sensor+with+humidity&oq=aprilaire+remote+temperature+sensor+with+humidity&prds=paur:ClkAsKraX5YeXrQEAfUlteGnRqchYvl71ONKQ-A5d5pDF5PLsKlv5S2o2xwfcIxw4K_84Ury2-rbdOOwFuwigyiU9ohyFh0uzxYeJx2vh8IESccRHdYCvkgYrhIZAFPVH70nbstSEetBXmBLghWouNncdID8bQ&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwjs7rGL1s3fAhXK1VkKHQrRDNYQ8wIIowM
  10. Dealer said he called his SnapAV guy who told him their MoiP product isn't good for my job at this time. Recommended we stick with C4.
  11. So resolution was discussed. What about HDR, say I have a 4k non HDR source would that dumb down all outputs? Or only 4k vs 1080p?
  12. Neo1738

    Event Logger

    That looks super useful. nice
  13. Also is this only for whatever is using that source. For example if I'm watching a BR on TV 1 that is HDR it will be HDR but if I'm watching same BR on TV1 and TV2 which is 1080p that is 1080p on all TVs. Or if you have 1 TV on the matrix at all that isn't HDR no HDR for anyone?
  14. Neo1738

    U by MOEN or Kohler DTV+

    Any update on this? Hoping since it's been over a year and a half there may be progress? I think the problem is at least initially that both require web logins no local control?
  15. Do you mean services or actual stations within 1 service?