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  1. I would think you would have to have either a headphone out or optical out and run that back to your audio matrix.
  2. Neo1738

    Water Sensor

    I'm not sure on that one.
  3. Neo1738

    Video Storm vs. Just Add Power

    Note that JAP (not sure about VS) can't do true 4k@60hz only 4k@30.
  4. Neo1738

    Water Sensor

    I second @dcovach Dam-it attaches to water line and has 3 remote sensors. Integrates well.
  5. Neo1738

    Looking to integrate fireplace

    I believe low voltage relay is what’s needed.
  6. Neo1738

    Audio endpoints

    My integrator told me there is a way to do this. I already have a Play 5 and Play 1 wanted to use the 5 in garage and 1 in a bathroom for now. I'm not sure how he was planning on the integration though.
  7. Neo1738

    Touchscreen sleep mode--SOLVED

    Cool, figure this way if someone else has same problem they can reference it.
  8. Neo1738

    Touchscreen sleep mode--SOLVED

    If it was solved what was the solution?
  9. Neo1738

    C4 TStat vs Ecobee4 (Or Nest)

    That I don’t know.
  10. Would be interested in this as well if price is right. Would be great to integrate as bedroom intercoms instead of T3 panels.
  11. Neo1738

    Weather Radio Announcing

    My understanding is yes based on previous threads. Anyone know for sure this is still a thing?
  12. Neo1738

    Weather Radio Announcing

    Bill what about Weather Underground’s built in warnings and alerts. It’s a driver for C4 seems like you wouldn’t need the weather radio bc this will do the same thing.
  13. Neo1738

    C4 TStat vs Ecobee4 (Or Nest)

    Why not just get a remote temp sensor for the Aprilaire?
  14. Neo1738

    Help Post

    POE is better because you also have a direct connection to the control4 as opposed to using wall power and then using Wifi to connect.
  15. labor was quoted $4800. but yeah I am also willing to pay a little over premium for premium service.