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  1. For Thermostat I have connected the AC with IR Cable and integrate the Alexa with Control4. When i command alexa to operate AC then Alexa relied me the AC does not support. Why AC Doesn't support? What should i do? For Audio In my Alexa App i didn't find any audio device when i discover it. Can it possible to hear stored song or local radio station by voice command in multi zone room speaker without physical connection between alexa and amplifier? Thanks in Advance
  2. Hi, Can be possible all zone drawing layout set on my display where i can easily understand which light i want to control when i as a guest or user? thanks In Advance.
  3. Ashraful Islam

    Day Light Sensor

    third party device available.but control4 device is not available.anyways thank you. can you please give me some link where i can get all device..
  4. Ashraful Islam

    Day Light Sensor

    please give me the name/Model of these motion sensor
  5. Ashraful Islam

    Day Light Sensor

    Hi, Good Day Have any daylight sensor that can be integrated with control4 which control the room light level according to the day light level? Thanks In Advance.
  6. Ashraful Islam

    Help Post

    as i connected the device both of PoE and 220v that's why the device has been damaged?
  7. Ashraful Islam

    Help Post

    which is better 220v or poe for control4 devices? if i have two option then what would i prefer?
  8. Ashraful Islam

    Help Post

    i have installed 10" wall touch screen connected with both 220 vac power and POE. it has been running since 1 year properly. but now suddenly it doesn't power up.input power is ok but didn't show the display..can u guys tell me what's actually occurred? i think the device has been obsolete. but one thing i wanna know that if i connect the device with both 220 vac and PoE power then is this harmful for the device? what power should i actually connect? thanks in advanced.