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  1. isight

    Fan Controller Wiring help

    Completely understood, no offense taken. Better safe than sorry!
  2. isight

    Fan Controller Wiring help

    Thanks, appreciate it. I'm new to this (as you can tell lol), I'll have an electrician look at it just to make sure I'm being safe. Thanks guys
  3. isight

    Fan Controller Wiring help

    So it's not as simple as just connecting everything according to this diagram. I'll definitely have someone take a look at this.
  4. isight

    Fan Controller Wiring help

    Yea, basically those two wires were connected to this switch when I removed them.
  5. isight

    Fan Controller Wiring help

    Gotcha, will get an electrician involved.
  6. isight

    Fan Controller Wiring help

    So here is what it looks like. I think I have identified almost all the wires, but I'm not sure what those two red wires are that I circled in red.
  7. Was hoping for some advice on wiring my fan controller. I have a paddle type ceiling fan with a pull chain. At my gang box, there are only 2 wires coming to a switch. I don't have a neutral. Can I wire this the same way you would wire an ADP that has no neutral? Or do I need to physically have a neutral run up to my fan?
  8. Thank you everyone for the input! Going to get the QRS and hook it up as an audio-in
  9. QRS Pnomation II vs. iQ Intelligent Player System by PianoDisc Trying to figure out which one I should purchase for my grand piano. Anyone have any recommendations on one over the other in regards to integration with control4?
  10. isight

    WTB: fan controllers, APDs, switches

    Gotcha, thanks for the input.
  11. Planning on slowly doing my whole house. I need 3 fan controllers, 10 switches and 10 APDs to start with. Please let me know if you have any available. Thanks.
  12. isight

    FS: EA-1, SR-250-260, FPD, APD Dimmers

    Are the APD dimmers still available and are they new?
  13. isight

    NEW CONTROL4 Equipment !!!

    Are the switches/dimmers still available? If so, can you please specify which models they are and how many available you have of each? Thanks!
  14. isight

    For sale: KD120s, & APD120s

    Are these new or used?
  15. isight

    Controlling Outlets

    Hi everyone, I'm new to control4 and this forum has been an amazing resource! I have not done any lighting control yet. I have a few electronic devices/lamps around the house that are directly plugged into the wall socket. Any recommendations on how best to control them? Don't need a dimmer for this, just on/off. The WEMO switch or something of the like seems like a very cheap alternative to the control4 outlet switch. Will this integrate just as well as the control4 outlet switch with the appropriate driver?