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  1. Sadly there are too many humidity sensors to choose from.. Accuracy / resolution is what I'm after. I have two purposes in mind. I had an "perfect storm" situation at my vacation home where all of the doors and windows were closed (no external ventilation) coupled with prolonged high temperatures. This situation with no air movement caused my refrigerator to sweat condensate and the resultant moisture dripped and pooled under my refrigerator and outwards. Upon arrival I was greeted with a nice large scale mold science experiment. Looking for a few sensors to place around the house that can report back (alert) and/or trigger if necessary my HVAC system. I cannot use North American thermostats with humidity sensors since my vacation home uses IR controlled mini-split heat pumps. The second situation is the activation of the laundry room and bath room fans for the forgetful ones in my family that can't turn on the fan. Regards, JR
  2. Hello, New to this forum and would like to know if the ONVIF specification allows brand inter-operation. I currently have an Lilin NVR and a few Lilin cameras and would like to add a few cameras from another brand. As you know there are other cameras that play well with C4, but, it appears that mixing brands of NVR and cameras does not always work. Thanks! JR