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  1. Hi,. I am using Hegel H160 stereo amplifier as my main source of power for my front speakers. The amp is not ip controlled, and is not able to directly choose source. When I adjust sound level the volume with the remote or opp it always change by 3 levels instead of only one. When I use the UI in composer to adjust the levels, it only shifts by one. It only shifts by one when I try it in the driver creation application. Never the less. When I use the remote, or the C4 app. It skips 3 levels. The IR is set to pulse. I have thought about putting it in burst mode, but that means that I need to press the button 20 times if I want to change the volume by 20 right? It also skips sources by more than it is supposed to once a while. I have set it to skip sources 3 times down when I use the surround receiver, and 3 times up when the receiver is shut of again. However. Sometimes it skips 6 times up. Which leaves the Hegel amp on the wrong source, messing everything up. Any good suggestions on what to do? Besides getting a new amplifier.
  2. Singularity

    What Driver for Samsung Q8F

    So, I removed the driver, and did everything over again, and voila, it works just fine. Its a bit slow to choose source perhaps, but it works. Thanks!
  3. Singularity

    What Driver for Samsung Q8F

    The thing I dont understand is why C4 is unable to turn it on, while the "smartthings" app from Samsung fires it up right away. Shouldnt the power saving settings be the same for both?
  4. Singularity

    What Driver for Samsung Q8F

    I can wait for hours without the TV turning on. Maybe I should remove the driver and reinstall it. And re-do the connections again.
  5. Singularity

    What Driver for Samsung Q8F

    There is an IP driver available in Director, but I am having problems with it turning on the TV. Everything else seems to work fine. I might try to trigger on using RF if I cant find another solution. Maybe it will work fine for you?