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Found 6 results

  1. Destroyer of Worlds

    Obihai SIP integration for DS2, DS2 mini

    Was wondering if anyone was thinking/doing any doorbell ring (from DS2 or DS2 mini) thru SIP integration into a home VOIP phone line - so the phones ring basically. I have an OBIHAI 200 device and just upped firmware to most recent. For my DS2 mini, Communication Agent setup has Local, External, and SIP Servers. The C4 documentation only covers external, so figured I'd start there. For sip Device Info, I Called ID and SIP AOR are required * Called ID: what is to be displayed...I'll put in "doorbell" without quotes for a test * SIP AOR is user@IP format. For IP, that is a known for the OBIHAI. For user... not sure but trying the userid to login. I did see OBIHAI devices have parameter X_REFERAOR checked so that seems doable. Tested and nothing happened on the phone, so I'll do more digging.
  2. I have installed Holovision Model100 viking phone only doorstations before with Control4 but never the full intercom models since the C4 door stations were great. Once C4 switched to those HUGE and ugly, only 1 finish with large black pointless square in the middle units, we decided to switch to the Holovision. Installed the first one yesterday and here are the PRO's and CON's based on my experience. Model installed was the MODEL120-Viking-SIP-IP Camera PRO - looks gorgeous and tons of finishes available. PRO - Faceplate build quality and size are awesome PRO - Feature rich if you can get it to work and configured within the Control4 environment. CON - Expensive! CON - Even though we were told single CAT capable, the unit actually requires 2 CAT's. One for the cam and one for the viking card. We ended up splitting the only CAT into 2 four conductor cables for pins 1,2,3,6. We ended up having problems getting POE over both cables for some unknown reason. Both tested fine but could only get POE to one device or the other using any outputs on the switch. CON - Units can be tricky to get into back box based on tracer board layouts behind the unit. All the contacts on the tracer board are exposed and its tricky to maneuver around the back box screw terminals to get the unit into the back box. I worry I'm going to short something out on the metal box. The boards really aren't in the best location behind the unit and tend to be on a flimsy metal arm. CON - Unit is NOT plug and play like the Control4. This for me was the toughest part. I don't do SIP and related every day like the engineers who built this thing, so although it is likely easy for them, it really wasn't for me. What should have been a 1 to 2 hour install dragged on all day and ended with the unit going back to the office. CON - Too many people involved in making this work. First, you need to buy the Holovision unit from Holovision. Then, viking driver and IP camera driver from Houselogix. Then, you need to run NetCam installer to find the camera. This isn't on the Holovision site anywhere and the only way to get as far as I can tell, is Holovision has to email to you. Then, you need to configure the SIP card with Viking IP software. Again, not on the website anywhere so yet another call to Holovision. Another issue is the Viking with IP instructions aren't on Holovisions site either. The unit shipped with a small piece of paper but not clearly written. There was also a 2" CD but those only work in pop out disc trays. I'm not sure who still uses those! I couldn't load it so I have no idea what was on it. If you're not familiar with all these areas, one you get in there and start having problems, you end up bouncing from company to company looking for support and they all point at each other. CON - Third party SIP and Communication agent are buggy with Control4! As they state, its not supported. I added the Holovision to the intercom group 3 times with no luck. Fourth time I removed the driver and re added with another power cycle and it worked. Definitely not confidence inspiring. At the end of the day, I was expecting plug in and connect via SDDP or similar and be off and running. Although I was able to get the touch panel to ring once and the camera on the network, I was never able to get it all going at the same time. The programming drop down and events were confusing to figure out for the holovision unit. There was no "when the only button on the unit is pressed" event, instead there was a drop down list of about 10 things. Most of them made no sense. I'm sure I could have figured it out eventually, but 6 hours into a 1 hour install and many hours of hold music later, I finally gave up and requested an RA to send the unit back. I think if companies like Holovision are going to offer a compatible product to Control4 dealers, or Crestron or Savant or whomever, its not just the actual product that needs to be engineered for us, so does the installation and support. That all needs to be factored into the design, cost and delivery. Pointing fingers to the driver manufacturer or company who made the camera etc isn't going to work, especially when there are a bunch of options out there and more coming daily. If third party software is involved, then have it right on your site under the product downloads section with instructions. I'm sure your company doesn't want to get tech support calls all day on this stuff, so make sure the tools we need are right there. I'm not sure I would consider trying one of these again in the future. Perhaps in a more controlled environment at some point at the office. They really are nice looking and feature packed. But, it definitely was a much different experience than installing the Control4 DSC exterior door stations.
  3. I have 24 Grandstream cameras in my project. I tried everything I could but couldn't register the cameras with EA5 SIP Proxy. It says invalid user or device I really want to use it, I have see a template for Intercom Proxy in Driver Works 3.0 which seems new. Did any tried to create a driver using the proxy where one can register the cameras with C4? This would be great help
  4. My CI and I have been looking into door stations. He tells me that his C4 rep has told him that there is no instant external SIP communication possible. IE I'm in another country and when my doorbell is pressed, my phone rings. I know there are work arounds where an email can be triggered with a picture from the camera, then VPN into the system to use SIP. This takes far too long and defeats the purpose. Elan G's new door station has full internal and external SIP support Doorstations currently considering - Mobotix T25 IP Video; Holovision 424-VoIP/VIK-CC-BC; doorbird Is my CI wrong? Is this possible
  5. Chowmain is proud to announce that they have integrated the Fermax N-City range of SIP Doorstations into the Control4 Home Automation system. This audio/video SIP integration allows Fermax N-City Doorstations to talk directly to a Control4 system on any intercom enabled Control4 touchscreen. The touchscreen can trigger door or gate locks/strikes that are connected to the N-City Doorstation whilst on a call from the doorstation or from the security/locks section of the interface. Users can also view the camera whilst not on a call to monitor the outside of their home. This driver is provided for free and can be obtained from Fermax Australia. For more information please visit www.fermaxaus.com.au Fermax Control4 Brochure
  6. Hello all, I am new with C4 systems, and I'm sure I'm missing something, I already looked for the forum, searching everywhere, but nothing.. I'm asking your help, please. I have a small installation composed with Infinity Edge 7", HC250 and a C4 DoorStation, under Composer 2.7. I have an Android app CSipSimpl with an Asterisk server on a NAS QNAP. I already configured the Communication* Agent on Composer and added the Universal SIP Phone driver, the 3rd Party one being obsolete for my project. My problem is : On the I.E when I touch the Intercom, I have the red screen with "Initializing intercom, please try again later". Plus, when I double-clic the intercom driver, nothing happened when I clicked "Call selected group". I'm lost, and i'm sorry if what I miss might be obvious. Thanks in advance !