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Found 12 results

  1. Looking for pre-owned: 1) LU642D - I’m open to 8x8, but probably only need 6x6 2) 8-zone amp - Open to non-matrix (Triad?) if I can find the matrix above, otherwise needs to be matrix Please PM me. I’m in DFW area if anyone is local
  2. jlperez2014

    Few things for sale

    All, I have the following items up for sale. Most rack mounted and in great condition. No boxes or manuals. C4 SR -250 remote and charging cradle - $140 OBO Wireless music bridge - $90 OBO C4 -4 zone Amplifier - $380 OBO HC-800 Controller - $320 OBO Honeywell/House Logic Security Integration Module - $120 OBO Thanks, JP
  3. For sale - Lightly used Autonomic M400 matrix amp. The driver for these is free and works really well. Amp also has doorbell function you can trigger from controller for no-delay doorbells. Sound quality is really amazing on these. Far better than C4, Sonos, etc. Includes plugs, AC Main, and manual, with original boxes and packing, etc. No rack ears. Like new condition. Latest firmware installed. Asking: $800 plus shipping from Los Angeles. MSRP is $2595... From Mirage: The Autonomic Mirage Audio Amplifier: The 8-channel M-400, paired with one or more Mirage Media Servers, create the ultimate cloud-based distributed audio product lineup for custom installers seeking intuitive complete solutions in a broad budget range. The amplifier will be recognized automatically by Autonomic’s web, iOS or Android application to provide out-of-the-box media browsing with full control of 4 music zones including volume, source selection and independent zone power (on/off). The Mirage Digital Amplifier M-400 is a four zone/six source amplifier that is well suited to smaller installations, or as an add-on amplifier to support larger projects requiring additional zones. The Mirage Audio System delivers the power and audio quality required for high performance loudspeakers throughout the home. Amplifier distinguishing features are: · IP controllable. Most matrix amplifiers are only controllable via RS-232. The M-400 offers both connectivity options. · 50 watts per channel power distribution. Most distributed audio amplifiers that average between 15-25 watts per channel. · Coax digital inputs allowing for a pristine signal path from the MMS (or other components) to the amplifier. This is made more important due to the higher power rating of this amplifier, which may allow installers to use higher quality speakers. Most matrix amplifiers do not provide digital inputs of any kind.· Provides a pre-configured and complete solution when paired with an MMS. All MMS applications, keypads, and interfaces will recognize that the system includes an amplifier.· Advanced scheduling interface with the Mirage MMS allows any zone to automatically power on / off and play preset programs from local content or streaming services. Mirage Audio Interfaces: For the Mirage Audio System, Autonomic has completely redesigned and enhanced the user experience, seamlessly blending room control with music browsing to create a simple and enjoyable experience. Users can easily group together multiple rooms, select a music program from their local content or from the vast universe of online music available, and then control the volume level either across a group of zones or in each room individually. Autonomic’s TuneBridge feature allows listeners to explore new music across multiple streaming services and local content. When a new song is heard on the radio or SiriusXM, a single button press can jump to the entire album on Rhapsody or create a new Pandora station based on the artist or title. Additionally, Autonomic has two in-wall interface options including a basic keypad and an iPod touch control mount for the ultimate global distributed AV solution. The Autonomic MKP-1 in-wall keypad offers simple and intuitive control of volume, source, and independent zone power, providing convenient local access to these important functions. For more advanced control, the Autonomic MKP-iOS is an in-wall keypad mount designed to accommodate the Apple iPod touch. Ideal for full control of the system in heavily used zones, the MKP-iOS securely affixes an iPod touch into the wall, providing the ultimate interface solution for the distributed audio system utilizing Autonomic’s outstanding iOS app. The Mirage app will operate knowing which zone is native to that keypad. The installer can either lock the device to the Mirage Audio System application, or choose to leave other applications on the iOS device fully operational; extending the functionality of the keypad by providing access to home automation control, weather and news updates, or anything that the user desires. The MKP-iOS keeps the iOS device fully charged and powered through a single Cat-5 cable wired back to the amplifier location, and can optionally be powered locally using a DC power supply. The New Mirage Audio System is a turnkey, whole-home audio system. It supports high definition music files, iTunes & WMP playlists, and the most popular streaming music services including Pandora, Rhapsody, Spotify, SiriusXM, Last.fm, as well as local and international AM/FM radio stations via the TuneIn Radio Service. “The Mirage Audio System was engineered to create an array of options for our dealer installers, particularly as they address customers who are seeking audio-only installations,” explained Autonomic CEO Michael de Nigris. “Mirage Media Servers have become well known for their cloud compatibility and integration with major control platforms; however these new system solutions are ideal for distributed audio packages in a wide range of budget and magnitude. Integrators will appreciate the efficiency and reliability of products that were designed and engineered to work together.”
  4. Hey folks, replacing this amazing crisp Amp with something else.. here's what I have: two-channel amplifier 6' AC power cord (IEC 3-prong) 150 watts per channel into 8 ohms or 225 watts into 4 ohms 470 watts when bridged into a single 8-ohm load volume and balance controls A/B speaker switching primary and secondary audio line inputs with automatic source switching selectable speaker-level input for upgrading power in an audio zone or for integrating a "local" source into a zone loop output on the secondary line input passes that audio signal on to another amp, giving you flexibility in designing a multi-room system 12-volt trigger input and output for sequenced activation of various components in your system 16-1/2"W x 5-3/4"H x 15-5/8"D 34.2 lbs. Buyer can pay for actual shipping. Unit is in like PERFECT condition, no scratches bumps or bruises.
  5. Sprinky216

    Echo Dot and Control4 Amp

    Hi, I have a Dot in my kitchen and I've run the RCA cable to my basement when I have the C4 amp. I've plugged in the RCA to input 7 and it has been binded. I have speakers in the kitchen that are also run to the C4 amp. The question is, when I ask Alexia a question, how do I get the audio to play on the kitchen speakers and only the kitchen speakers? Basically anytime I ask Alexia something I want it answered over the kitchen speaker. I understand that if I play music, I can add the Dot to other rooms as a source to hear the audio. Thanks in advance, Ryan
  6. I'm selling some used Control4 equipment. Included is: 1 x HC800 Controller1 x HC300 Controller1 x C4-16AMP3-B Multichannel Amp6 x CCZ-T1-W Thermostats5 x c4-TSWMC7 Touchscreen Controllers This was a complete, fully functioning system in my house for several years and is in good working condition. Make an offer if you're interested.
  7. mdreese


    We have 4 zone AMP for sale. Unit is a demo model, lightly used in perfect condition. $500 plus shipping. This comes with power cord and rack mount kit. Please call with any questions: Dustin 801-949-0838
  8. AdobeCinema

    FS: C4 Gear

    Best reasonable offer will be accepted: NIB: HC-300 - $150 NIB: HC-800 - [sOLD] 7" Portable Touch Screen (C4-TSM7-G- - $50 LCD Keypad - $25 Mini Touch Screen (Qty: 2) - $25 B&B VLinx IP to serial adapter (BB-ES901E) - $40 New: VideoStorm NBX010 Streaming Music Server - $75ea (Qty:2) New: VideoStorm NBX020 Streaming Music Server - $100ea
  9. AdobeCinema

    FS: High-End AV Gear

    I'm cleaning up the inventory, so here's the tip of the ice berg (NOTE: All items in very good to good aesthetic condition that are fully functioning. None have boxes. - Exceptions are noted below)...also, best reasonable offer will be accepted. Audio Design Associates (ADA)Cinema Rhapsody Mach II Pre-Amp - $400Suite 7.1 (non-HDMI version) Pre-amp - $250XLR-8 Balanced Signal Converter - $150Trinity Tuner - $100PTM-6150 Amp - $750PTM-1645 Amp - $750 original packaging includedSonanceSonamp 275x3 SE Amp - $200LexiconMC-1 v3 Pre-Amp - $100IntegraDTR-30.3 AV Receiver - $300 original packaging included + rack kitParasoundHCA-1206 Amp - $450ea (Qty: 2)Thiel AudioMCS1 Dark Cherry Wood Speakers w/ Stands - $1500 for set of LCR in "MINT" condition with original packagingPakedgeNP36 Network Device Monitoring Tool w/ Unlimited License - $400 original packaging includedNIB: P8 IP Controlled PDU - $200ea (Qty: 3) original packaging includedNIB: SW24-GBV Managed Network Switch - $400 original packaging includedWAP-W7 Wireless Access Point - $300 original packaging includedTrippLiteNIB: HTR-05-1U UPS - $175 original packaging includedNIB: PDUMH15ATNET PDU - $250 original packaging includedRichard Gray's Power Company (RGPC)NIB: Eaton Powerware IP Controlled PDU - $150ea (Qty: 2) original packaging includedRGPC 400Pro - $200 original packaging includedMiddle Atlantic ProductsNIB: RLINK-SW715R IP Controlled PDU - $500 original packaging included (was taken out once for testing)NetgearNIB: SRX5308 Enterprise-Class Quad WAN Gigabit VPN Router - $250 original packaging includedRTINIB: XP8 Control Processor - $350 original packaging includedNIB: ZM24 Zigbee Transceiver Module - $50 original packaging includedT2c Handheld Remote (good condition, but needs battery) - $100ea (Qty: 3) packaging includedT3v Handheld Remote (good condition, but needs battery) - $75 (no charging cradle)T3v Handheld Remote (good condition, but needs battery) - $100 RP-6 Processor - $150ea (Qty: 4)ZRP-6 Processor - $200RM-433 Receiver Module - $40ea (Qty: 4)NIB: RM-433 Receiver Module - $50eaRP-1 Processor - $100ea (Qty: 2) (no connecting block, but anyone's can be used)Universal Remote Control (URC)MX-900i Handheld Remote - $100 MX-950 Handheld Remote - $100NIB: VS-100 Voltage Sensor - $15ea (Qty: 2)MRF-250 RF Base Station - $20AtlonaNew, but no box: AT-HD4-V41 4x1 HDMI Switch - $200MiscKey Digital KD-VPHD4x1 AV Switch - $200Key Digital Flash 4 HDMI Switch - $100NIB: Key Digital KD-HDMI2x4P HDMI Switch - $100 original packaging includedNIB: Speakercraft ESC-1 Rack Fan System Cooler - [sOLD]NIB: Gefen RS-232 Extender Set - $50 original packaging includedNIB: Intelix DIGI-HD-IR2 HDMI extender set - $100 original packaging included
  10. I am selling my Control4 8 zone amplifier with built in audio matrix. It is in excellent working condition and looks nice too. It is the current version of the amp, model # c4-16amp3-b. I am willing to sell it for $1000 plus shipping to your location. Payment via Paypal, money order, or check. Please feel free to ask any questions. Thanks for looking!
  11. AVIT

    Some Items For Sale

    not available anymore
  12. mikewilkns

    C4-16AMP3-B For Sale

    I have a newly factory refurbished C4-16AMP3-B for sale, still in the box priced at $1399.00, includes shipping. Please contact me if interested in purchasing.