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Found 36 results

  1. We are please to announce the release of the "Official" OPPO UDP-203 driver, this driver features serial and IP control among many other features. We have also included our LiNK Reveal API in the OPPO driver and updated our LG WebOS Driver to include LiNK Reveal also. LiNK Reveal allows devices to talk to each and send messages based on events from device to another. The OPPO will send notifications to the LG TV upon disc type/change, power on/off, and tray opened/closed. This is all done with a simple binding and a few drop downs, NO PROGRAMMING required. In the coming days we will also update the "Official" Anthem Receiver drivers to also include LiNK Reveal. https://annex4.link/drivers/udp-203 Currently the driver requires being logged in to download, this will be removed in the coming days.
  2. We are looking for testers of a Vizio IP driver, you will need to have a 2016+ Vizio Smartcast TV. If you are interested please respond and also include your TV model.
  3. So we will be developing driver for the UniFi line of Network gear from Ubiquiti, we already have a number of ideas on the drawing board, but if anyone has suggestions for cool and interesting features feel free to let us know here, or on our Facebook page. https://www.facebook.com/annex4/ There is no timeline yet but once we have more information we can share you can be sure we will post here.
  4. annex⁴ is happy to announce the release of 3 drivers that work with the Epic Sky Technology Star Ceiling and RGB Controllers. http://www.epicskytech.com/rs232.html http://www.epicskytech.com/STAR-PANEL.html Features RGB lighting color matches button binding color Star Dimming and Special Functions Light Drivers for Independent channel control Color Cycle Button Bindings RS232 Pass-through for complete control via a single serial port Various preset modes These drivers can be downloaded from our portal for free now. https://annex4.link/drivers
  5. I just completed preliminary work on an Amazon Polly (text to speech) driver and figured I'd ask the community for features they would like to see before I start a beta. At the moment the driver can synthesize text through a programming command and render it out over an announcement. We do have plans to add our 'reveal' connections to the driver to automatically render messages coming from other drivers as well. Please note users will not be required to purchase anything but the driver in order to synthesize speech, annex⁴ will be absorbing recurring service costs. What features would you like to see?
  6. We are pleased to announce the full release of our text-to-speech driver. This driver offers an astonishing number of voices and languages. You can inject variables in to the announcements and even have an event to trigger upon announcement end. As with all of our drivers there is a 21 day trial. For full details follow the link. https://annex4.link/drivers/voice-genie
  7. I'm looking for a few people that are interested in beta testing a Hikvision camera driver. I'd like to get a few people testing it so we can confirm it works on various models and firmware. I've added support for both the HTTP server and alert stream for monitoring events. I've noticed that some cameras will have one, both, or neither available so I've included both in the driver. Sometimes the associated NVR will have support for monitoring events on behalf of the camera, but the camera itself will not, the driver will support this as well. The driver behaves similarly to how the Control4 one does with the Contact Sensor bindings for each event trigger. I've simplified it a bit more and added some optimizations so that the http server will ignore and not even subscribe to events unless you want it to. I've also included programming events directly for the more common camera events. The MJPEG, H.264 and Snapshot URL's all work and can be used through a NVR or connected directly. The driver will also automatically configure the camera sub stream for you to make sure it matches up with what Control4 expects (no green bands) If interested please send me a PM or comment here with your camera model.
  8. We are happy to announce we have released our driver for KODI control, this allows IP control of a device running KODI software. The driver will have a beta tag on it for a period of time but it has been refined over the last couple months to the point there is no issues and now we are looking at widespread usage and feedback. That said there have not been issues with control for over a month. Coming soon will be the media service portion of the driver which will also be FREE. We have implemented this as a 2 piece driver, with this being the basic communication and the coming driver being the more media related functionality. The driver is here https://annex4.link/drivers/kodi-control Enjoy, and Happy Holidays annex⁴ team again the price of the driver is... FREE
  9. We are happy to announce that in conjunction with Rollease Acmeda we have completed a driver for the Automate product line. The driver has been fully Control4 Certified and is available for use in Composer, through downloading at our site, or through the Official Rollease Acmeda site. For full features visit our website. We offer automatic bindings, calibration, realtime two-way Feedback and integration with the annex4 LiNK driver for those already running it on their projects (LiNK not required for the driver to be fully functional). Hope you enjoy! _____________________________ Visit us at https://annex4.link for full driver listings and support information! **Free KODI driver released just in time for Christmas! https://annex4.link/drivers/kodi-control**
  10. We are having a Black Friday and Cyber Monday SALE 35% OFF Your entire purchase no limitations, all drivers included, heck buy a years worth of drivers. CODE: GOBBLEGOBBLE While you are at it you can even throw some FREE Doorbird licenses in your cart.
  11. So we are looking for ideas for a driver to develop over August 26-27 the development will be live streamed and YOU he community can participate in by asking questions, suggesting features, testing, or just watching how it happens. So what we need are suggestions of what driver to build, the API needs to be Open or if you suggest a device an have access to the API send it to us. If anyone has any contacts with product manufacturers if they are willing to provide the API this is a chance for some free development. We will add suggestions to the poll, provided there is a open API or we have confirmation we will have access to an API.
  12. This issue impacted less then .1% of projects running the LiNK driver. It has been brought to our attention there is a KB article referencing the annex4 LiNK driver as causing issues with director. The LiNK driver has been updated prior to the publishing of the KB article over a week ago, only extremely large projects were impacted. As of this posting we are only aware of 3 projects this caused any issues on (which are extremely large). There is also another update to the driver sent out today with even more performance gains. The cause of any issues was on Very Large projects requesting an object that was too large for Director to handle causing director to lockup. This request has been entirely removed.
  13. So we have completed the work on the Libraries required for camera drivers. This means we can now produce basic camera drivers (PTZ, presets, Streams) in a matter of minutes. For anyone requiring camera drivers let us know the Brand, and Model. For anyone requesting a driver we don't have we will provide a FREE license provided you confirm and test the driver. Also we have 1 license for ALL cameras. So if you need to mix and match brands everything is 1 price that is very affordable for all Brands!
  14. We have just released a FREE driver for the MyQ Brand of Garage door openers from Liftmaster and Chamberlain. This will allow T3 Touchscreens to open the MyQ interface and manage devices as well as open and close the garage doors. This does NOT allow any event based programming, the only supported method for doing that would be via Wink. This being a link to the MyQ webpage is not subject to any API changes. https://annex4.link/drivers/myq-webinterface Enjoy, many more FREE things coming and some new fully integrated items too. annex⁴ Team
  15. As part of CEDIA Expo 2017 we are offering 25% off until the end of day September 15, 2017. Head over to our facebook page for the code. We also have some 50% off coupons left for anyone at the show.
  16. We are pleased to announce the release of our DoorBird driver, this driver has a very quick and reliable setup and some features other door station drivers don't have. This driver is also extremely affordable. For details see the DoorBird driver page on our LiNK portal. https://annex4.link/drivers/doorbird
  17. Tomorrow at 10 am EST we will be starting a livestream for some driver development, during this time you're free to ask us any questions or bring up any concerns you may have for any of our products. Based on the current poll results we will be developing a Kodi driver Saturday and Sunday, if we're unable to complete the driver over the course of the weekend we will wrap it up some short time later. You can catch us when we go live at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_ajt469HZVw
  18. We are about to release our DoorBird driver and are looking for a handful of testers of the driver. Anyone testing will get a free version of the driver. The driver needs to be installed by a dealer there will be no exceptions to this. In order to get a free version you will be required to provide feedback on the driver. This driver will be substantially less in price then other offerings and has a few more features.
  19. To show our appreciation for the continued support from our dealers, track us down at CEDIA let us buy you a beer or chat with you for a few minutes and we will also give you a code for 50% off all purchases for the ENTIRE week after CEDIA. Any end-users needing a driver, this would be a good time to talk to your dealer and see if they are attending, what new products they have to offer you and/or discuss some of the new things coming to the industry from CEDIA. Don't forget to mention to them if attending they can get free beers and save you money on drivers. For our dealers not attending we have some awesome new announcements coming around CEDIA and will have deals for you also, keep an eye on our Facebook page. https://www.facebook.com/annex4/
  20. We're looking into creating an SMS (Text Message) driver, currently we have it functioning so you can send SMS messages but at the moment licensing is a potential problem and we'd like some feedback for what users/dealers would prefer. Currently in the US it's about $6.45 per 1,000 texts and generally goes up from there. On some networks it's 5 texts for $1 (Germany - E-Plus Mobilfunk). Canada (Bell) is $6.5 per 10,000 texts. The UK is similar to the US in cost. Current thoughts: Free driver + ongoing SMS support with the subscription we offer. No recurring costs as the dealer would be absorbing this through their subscription. This would benefit those with expensive SMS fees and just be simpler overall. Pay as you go solution that grants you a set amount of points that the texts use up based on the cost of the text. IE. Pay for some sort of license and get 10,000 points which may be a couple thousand texts. This would benefit those in North America as they could pay $10 and have several thousand texts if sending to Bell for example. You would have to pay for more sms messages if and when you run out of points. Potential white list for North America/United Kingdom for now as other countries are costly. How many people are interested in an SMS driver? What use cases would you most often use this for? Feedback appreciated.
  21. We are pleased to announce the release of the annex⁴ Hydrawise Irrigation driver for Control4. This works with both the HC and HC-PRO Irrigation Controllers. Details https://annex4.link/drivers/hydrawise-hc All of our drivers have a 21 Day Free Trial
  22. We have just released a free driver that will allow users of Hunter Hydrawise Irrigation to use Control4 Touchscreens to call up the Hydrawise Web Interface to manage their irrigation controller. Now this doesn't allow any zone events or triggering via any custom programming but is a simple FREE solution for end users that just want the basics. For the more advanced functions you can use are paid driver. The paid driver just had a price drop to go along with our Official Partnership with Hunter the makers of the Hydrawise Irrigation Controllers https://annex4.link/drivers/hydrawise-web-interface
  23. With a number of new marketplaces popping up there has been some recent marketing efforts to promote these new ventures. This is great for the community as a whole as it will provide more avenues to have a wider variety of devices integrated. That being said it has recently been brought to our attention in a webinar for one of these marketplaces, our platform was indirectly referenced (name not used, but features only we provide referenced) and some fear mongering of things that we potentially do being spread. There is nothing malicious or evil happening, The project xml is sent to our portal if the dealer so chooses along with controller performance information. The project XML isn't in a format on our end that we can see beyond what a dealer does...rooms, and device names in those rooms. Both of these items have helped us in troubleshooting with dealers as there has been 3rd party drivers causing controller issues, and this allows us to profile and see memory and CPU issues over a time period. We can do this real-time and know all projects with our LG driver have no memory or CPU increases over a period. NONE of our drivers cause any significant load on controllers and we can say that with certainty and proof. This cannot be said by others, testing on half a dozen systems and then releasing a driver does not give you a real idea of how that driver is working across various hardware and project sizes. We are confident in saying although we rarely need to provide support we our the first line and know exactly how to troubleshoot and see where issues are, we make the drivers, and we have custom built tools to crate the drivers and troubleshoot issues. We have gone as far as helping dealers troubleshoot issues that have ZERO to do with us, but they have been in situations where 3rd party developers pass the buck to C4 and C4 back to the 3rd parties. This is not what we are about, we set out to help dealers solve problems and provide better solutions. Every driver we have made is typically feature rich beyond the normal provided for a device of that type. We also pride ourselves on offering affordable solutions, as well as the ability to implement feature changes or enhancements in record time. There are dealers on here the can attest to how we have worked with them and the level of support we provide. So again if anyone has any fears or misconceptions, about what we do and how it works ASK, we know for a fact NONE of our competitors know what goes on beyond the scenes. annex⁴ Team
  24. We are please to announce the launch of our Hunter Douglas PowerView Driver with individual shade control as well as scenes. The scene portion of the driver is completely FREE and requires no license. We provide experience buttons for triggering scenes that have icons matching the PowerView App providing users a familiar look and feel. The individual shades work with the latest blinds proxy and allow full control of as aspects of the shade operation. As with all of our drivers setup is quick, easy, feature rich. Save 35% until May 15, 2017 Get the discount code on our Facebook page
  25. We have just launched a substantial update to our dealer portal which now shows Memory and CPU breakdown by service. We also now show Controller service status, and allow you to stop and start services on the primary controller. Our portal is Mobile friendly so all of this can be done from your phone too.