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Found 15 results

  1. Hey all, Hoping someone here can point me in the right direction. I've got a client I took over who wanted to convert from savant to C4 at their main home as they have C4 at their vacation home. They renovated about 5 years ago and put in Lutron QS homeworks. This was integrated with savant and they want it now integrated with C4. I have a QS Homeworks Dealer/Programmer at my disposal and i have the integration report. I just cant for the life of me figure out how to figure out what the correct address is for each dimmer/switch so that I can set the drivers up properly. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Hi, I am extremely confused about what amazon alexa devices i need to purchase and would appreciate some help. This is for a new build which will have a c4 controller, matrix amp and sonos amp connected at the head end. 50% of the room have ceiling speakers (via matrix amp). We also have a spotify subscription What i would like to do is have something like an echo dot in the kitchen, and be able to say "Alexa play x song in the kitchen" (via spotify) "Alexa what is 10gram in ounces" and the response/music is played through the kitchen ceiling speakers. and say if i were to say "alexa play chilled music in the whole house" then it plays through all the ceiling speakers. Is that somethign that can be done and how many amazon devices do i need to purchase / which ones?
  3. Hi everyone, I'm brand new so please excuse my ignorance. I've been searching through this forum and a lot of resources online. Apologies if my newbie questions have already been answered somewhere else - perhaps direct me there. About to start on a brand new construction of a home in Australia. Was ready to include the Schneider Electric CBUS system and Wiser control as the home automation solution specification. But then I started doing some of my of own research and it appeared that the Schneider CBUS with Wiser control system and user software generally hasn't received a lot of love from Schneider and Control4 might better suit the outcomes I am trying to achieve. From my online research it also appeared that Control4 has a lot of user focussed online resources and information compared to CBUS. From an outcome perspective here is what I'm trying to achieve with a system: - Automated lighting control and scenes. There are a lot of lights inside and also outside and couldn't possibly control each individually - Electronic lock control for the external entry doors and a video intercom at the main entry - Basic media integration. I use an appletv to stream most media. If possible also the ability to make use of an enormous library of MP3s which are stored locally. Simple multi-room audio. Don't require multi-room video - Blind/shade control - Specifying a Mitsubishi VRF HVAC system. Mitsubishi has a pretty good wifi control app. A bonus but not essential would be integration of the HVAC with the main automation control system - Integration with the security system. Ness M1 with Hikvision IP cameras is what was recommended but can look at alternatives if better integration - Integration with keypad and RFID access control on the external doors - Away/Home features - Remote viewing of camera and security event alerts - User adjustable settings. Not the whole thing but little tweaks to lighting scenes for example or which physical buttons control what - Price is a secondary consideration. Reliability and user friendliness rank first - Home will otherwise be wired with Unify switches and access points Next step I will speak with a Control4 dealer and get a specific proposal. But I thought it might be good to check with this community first for their biased (or hopefully somewhat unbiased) views on the good/bad/ugly of C4 and in particular why they chose it over CBUS. Or perhaps why someone chose CBUS over C4 if they are on this forum. Of course not wanting to start any arguments. Just a newbie looking for some advice. Thanks in advance. And again sorry if this has already been answered a 1000 times before. Point me toward those answers and I'll leave everyone alone.
  4. Hi All, I have c4 with speakers throughout my home but have 1 room with sonos (integrated into my C4) only. When I play music in the room with a sonos 5 speaker, I try to "add" rooms but cannot. I thought i would be able to play the same music throughout my home even with the sonos they way I did with my other sources. Any thoughts on how to do this? Is it even able? Thanks in advance.
  5. Am looking for a straight and final answer on this issue, my dealer had failed adding the Sony STR-DA2800ES as a secondary controller to my projects, claiming that C4 had stopped this after 2.7, am currently on 2.9 latest and greatest and it's really killing me that I had to add an HC-250 beside the 2800 that is only used and controlled by C4 but can't use C4 functionalities that is embedded in it. My Main Controller is HC-800. Is there away or a straight answer to this dilemma please?
  6. We have recently had a customer request if their PianoDisk IQ iPad player system can be integrated into control4. Is this possible, and is anyone able to give any advise and guidance into wiring and configuration for control4 integration. thanks, Ethan
  7. Greetings, I'm completely new to this and did some research but I would still need help. This is for my friend who is building his new house and so far he will have 6 zones. Based on what I researched I found that the Control C4 Matrix amplifier with 8 zones would be the one to go with. My main question would be what else would I need with this. He as the wires already setup in all rooms and they all go into this smaller room where the c4 will sit... and not sure which speakers yet. He wants to be able to connect several iphone devices to it and control/stream music in different rooms. Can 2 users control 2 zones sperately at the same time? and can they stream audio into the c4 through the WiFi in whicever zone they want with this c4 matrix controller? Besides the C4 matrix amp and a couple of nice routers what else would be needed to make this work properly or what options do I have? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank You much!! Chris
  8. I currently have several dozen Z-wave and a few ZigBee devices. My only experience has been installing devices and controlling them using an iPhone. Since the VeraPlus supports Z-wave, Z-wave Plus, and ZigBee protocols, I will pre-order the new VeraPlus and use it to define numerous scenes. To take this a step further, I am adding Control-4 to control a home theater, HVAC, and a HONEYWELL security system. I have a few questions regarding the integration of VeraPlus and Control-4. 1. Do Z-wave & ZigBee devices and scenes need to be defined in both VeraPlus and Control-4? 2. If devices and scenes are defined in Control-4, Do I even need VeraPlus? 3. If so, how are they synchronized? Through a home network? Manually or automatically? Many thanks.
  9. PERFECT CONDITION Store movies, music, photos, videos, etc CONTROL4 INTEGRATION FOR FULL MEDIA CONTROL: "The dd Smart Server is one of the most advanced media servers on planet Earth and is the centerpiece in any home theater or home automation installation. Although it will work perfectly in a non-Control4 installation with the included IR remote control, the best experience may be had by ditching the IR remote and combining the server’s horsepower with a Control4 home automation installation. One of the primary reasons is that each and every dd Smart Server comes with an Extra Vegetables MyMovies driver to enable complete media integration with Control4." MY MOVIES INTEGRATED MOVIE AUTOMATION: Place disc in the drive and movie is copied onto server, cataloged with covert and ready to play SPECS INCLUDE: Intel Core-i5 2400S Special Edition Media Server Version Processor (the “S”) 8GB RAM Five Cooling Fans with Additional Thermal Controller with overheat alarms LSI/3Ware Hardware RAID Card Six 2TB SATA Western Digital RAID Hard Drives with Anti-Vibration Technology, not desktop drives. Note that due to the nature of the RAID 5 technology, the actual storage space is approximately 9.1TB. Media Adapter for movie and large file transfer support in both front and rear of enclosure Analog and Digital Audio and Video (HDMI, DVI, Display Port, Optical Audio, Analog Audio) Dual Gigabit LAN with Link Aggregation Capability (IEEE 802.3ad) PerfectDisk for Windows Home Server 2011 Installed and Licensed (due to complex hard disk cluster system we have implemented) Extra Vegetables MyMovies Driver Rack Mount Hardware (Optional) Programs Disc and System Restore Disc LINK TO DETAILS AND PHOTOS BELOW: http://www.diamondhomedesign.com/store/prod-dd_Smart_Server___12TB-445.aspx Let me know if you have any interest or questions John
  10. Hi, We are thinking of getting a full home C4 system in the UK. Does anyone know if any alarm systems in the UK (Like ADT) can be integrated into C4? Not interested so much in CCTV, but home alarms
  11. Hey folks, I have C4 and 2 NEST thermostats in my house. I think they were setup at one time, but now they show 120 degrees each in C4 (but the Nests work perfectly on their own, via the Nest website and using them by hand). Any idea how I can re-integrate? Perhaps C4 is just no longer connected to the Nest units or something? Thanks in advance!!
  12. Hi Guys Have found a bug in the Control 4 Sonos Driver 8.0.6. When the playbar is grouped with other zones it will start to play the last internet radio station in that group when it ungroups itself. For example, Playbar grouped with 4 connect amps that was listening to BBC Radio1. Radio station has been stopped. When you select to 'watch' any video source, the playbar will ungroup and play the Video audio as it should, however will sometimes start the radio stream playing in 4 connect amp zones that it has just left... I am getting this to happen about 75% of the time. Has anyone else had this issue? I have put in the 7.3.7 driver and this issue so far doesn't appear to surface, however when you select the video audio on the SR260, it will then jump to the sonos input on the remote when it ungroups. Frustrating, and more so for my client..
  13. Hi Guys, Merry Christmas to all! We are looking for an IR driver/codes for Mitsubishi Heavy Duty Split AC (Model No. SRK19CR-S6 or SRK24CR-S6). Any help would me much appreciated. Thanks. Regards, Mohit D Sigmac, India
  14. Miscellaneous older 'Control 4' home automation system hardware components for sale. $900 or best offer. Looking for a quick immediate sale. All the best!
  15. that changes things a bit. Was under the impression C4 wasn't built in to all. Please delete