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Found 2 results

  1. South Africa C4 user

    Collection management driver

    As reported in a separate thread, both myself and other users have (sometimes) struggled to rebuild (or build) the movie database using the C4 collection management driver for MyMovies. In my case it would get stuck once at a point that I will identify as BluRay A and then get through this after 20 minutes / half an hour before getting stuck forever at BluRay B. I had tried rebuilding 4 or 5 times over the last few days with the same result every time. Around 20 movies were successful in minutes (1 or 2) before Blu Ray A causes a delay (between 20 minutes and an hour) and another 20 or so worked before Blu Ray B whereafter nothing worked again (overnight gave the driver 10 hours to do something but nothing happened). My conclusion was there is a timeout after 20 seconds and if the information is not copied over by C4 within that period (presumably the frequency of scanning the folder with the movies in it (as sub folders)) then C4 would try again. The problem (as I see it) is that on some systems and for some titles 20 seconds is not enough and an endless loop ensues. Control4, please investigate. My suggested changes: 1. Change the 20 second timeout to, say, 60 seconds... 2. If the TimeOut happens 10 times on the same title, don't try and add that title again but rather add an icon with the title name and corrupt connection - or something similar - as the icon. This would allow the database build to complete and future titles to always either be added or, at least, not hang everything but alert the user to a problem that a dealer can look at.
  2. We all know that cladding the Media with Cover Arts is a very time consuming task. What if there is a way to get a solution to this problem. DTI Automation Pvt. Ltd. is pleased to introduce CoverMe a Control4 driver to fetch High resolution Cover Art with all the movie details like Synopsis, Cast/Crew, Ratings, Director, Genre for your Movie Database within a few Clicks. Features : It fetches from the internet and injects into the Control4 Interface below given attributes of the information: > Injects High Resolution Cover Art. > Injects Actor Information. > injects Director Information. > Injects Genre. > Injects Rating. > Injects Synopsis. > Injects Official Release Date of the Movie. Primary features to be considered as an optimal solution for existing limitations: · Synchronizes automatically and adds movies into Control4 database, so no more Control4 native media scan every time you add/remove/rename movie/s. · No necessity of any Intermediate device for the synchronization, eg. PC, Mac, Laptop. · Automatically renames the movies with the Official Release Title and Release Year of that movie (Example: If the movie is named as “silence.of.the.lambs.1080p.BrRip.xyz.ABC.iso”, then this driver automatically renames the file with Official Movie Title & Release Year “The Silence of the Lambs (1991)” in all of the Control4 Interface). Enable a scheduled scan for custom daily/weekly/monthly updates. FAQ : Question 1: Will I need a Media Player or the Control4 is enough to play the movies? Answer: You will obviously need a Media Player, duh! Basically you have to have a media player that is compatible to play movies from Control4 Interface, namely Dune, Mede8er, Popcorn, and many more. Question 2: What if there is just no Cover Art for some specific movie? Answer: Please check the movie title and its release year, then rename that specific with new details (Title & Year) that you've fetched. Re-scan. Perhaps, this kind of situation is more likely to happen only twice or thrice in a thousand movies. Question 3: What if I have personal videos in my storage. In this case how does this Cover Art feature work? Answer: We've set up an inbuilt function, wherein the cases like yours, it will automatically place the default Cover Art for personal videos. Diver is Available through HouseLogix with special Dealer Showroom Discount. CoverMe at Houselogix