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Found 82 results

  1. Hi, I am wandering if anyone has any experience with getting a HikVISION NVR to behave with Control 4 and have some questions about the correct network structure. I currently have a Hikvision NVR with with the updated firmware. It has 16 inbuilt POE ports for the cameras. HOWEVER, I am currently not using the inbuilt POE ports and have configured a separate POE switch for the cameras. The cameras are currently on a separate VLAN from the NVR. The NVR is configured on the "home" network but has access to the cameras too, via the switch. My question is, will this be compatible with Control4. I.e. C4 having only direct access to the NVR and NOT the cameras? or should i just use the POE ports on the NVR to connect the cameras? The only thing i want to do is view cameras via the C4 interface. (not too concerned about confining the NVR via C4). would appreciate any advise as not too sure?
  2. Seeking to add another Control4 Tech to our team. WE ARE OFFERING RELOCATION PACKAGES OR SIGNING BONUS ! We are an established C4 dealer in Tampa Bay, FL and want tot add an additional tech to our team. Competitive Pay and Benefits! Message Me or Reach out for more info! c4@homelinktechnologies.com Thank you, Bryan Dolan Homelink Technologies Tampa, FL 813-426-3680 www.homelinktechnologies.com
  3. Hi everyone, I'm brand new so please excuse my ignorance. I've been searching through this forum and a lot of resources online. Apologies if my newbie questions have already been answered somewhere else - perhaps direct me there. About to start on a brand new construction of a home in Australia. Was ready to include the Schneider Electric CBUS system and Wiser control as the home automation solution specification. But then I started doing some of my of own research and it appeared that the Schneider CBUS with Wiser control system and user software generally hasn't received a lot of love from Schneider and Control4 might better suit the outcomes I am trying to achieve. From my online research it also appeared that Control4 has a lot of user focussed online resources and information compared to CBUS. From an outcome perspective here is what I'm trying to achieve with a system: - Automated lighting control and scenes. There are a lot of lights inside and also outside and couldn't possibly control each individually - Electronic lock control for the external entry doors and a video intercom at the main entry - Basic media integration. I use an appletv to stream most media. If possible also the ability to make use of an enormous library of MP3s which are stored locally. Simple multi-room audio. Don't require multi-room video - Blind/shade control - Specifying a Mitsubishi VRF HVAC system. Mitsubishi has a pretty good wifi control app. A bonus but not essential would be integration of the HVAC with the main automation control system - Integration with the security system. Ness M1 with Hikvision IP cameras is what was recommended but can look at alternatives if better integration - Integration with keypad and RFID access control on the external doors - Away/Home features - Remote viewing of camera and security event alerts - User adjustable settings. Not the whole thing but little tweaks to lighting scenes for example or which physical buttons control what - Price is a secondary consideration. Reliability and user friendliness rank first - Home will otherwise be wired with Unify switches and access points Next step I will speak with a Control4 dealer and get a specific proposal. But I thought it might be good to check with this community first for their biased (or hopefully somewhat unbiased) views on the good/bad/ugly of C4 and in particular why they chose it over CBUS. Or perhaps why someone chose CBUS over C4 if they are on this forum. Of course not wanting to start any arguments. Just a newbie looking for some advice. Thanks in advance. And again sorry if this has already been answered a 1000 times before. Point me toward those answers and I'll leave everyone alone.
  4. Recently my Apple TV 4K auto updated to tvOS 11.2.5 which adds 'AirPlay 2' support. Now whenever I press the 'Room Off' button on my Control4 Remote, everything shuts off and then immediately turns back on and starts play music from my AppleTV. Pressing the 'Room Off' button a second time turns everything off as it should. Has anyone else experienced this problem?
  5. Energy Meters

    Hello everyone, I would like to monitor the power that we are consuming in our house. Is there any energy meter available that can be used and has a driver for Control4 which will allow me to see the energy consumption on the touchscreen? Any help would be appreciated. Best Regards,
  6. Have a control4 ea3, directv H25 receiver is connected but no audio. other audio sources work just fine. anyone else have this issue?
  7. I am looking for any High End Home Audio Visual technicians with 7-10 years experience Control4 certification is preferred $$ Some savant, Lutron & Crestron experience The compensation would be around 65K and with overtime it would be over 80K If interested reply, shoot me an email (connor@masongroup.net), or call 818-707-8989 x114 Thank you
  8. Hello, We have a client who we installed Control4 touchscreen and door station. Everything is working fine except the application. He has an iPhone and an iPad in his house. Whenever I try to log in to the Control4 app through his customer account, it gives me an error saying to purchase the 4Sight subscription. I checked multiple times that he is connected to the same network, his cellular data is off too but every time we try logging in, we face this problem. On the other hand, if I do the same process on my Android phone, it works smoothly. Can anyone tell me what is wrong here? His Control4 application version is The iOS is 11.2.2
  9. Hello Control4 Forums Users! I have for sale in excellent condition: CONTROL4 LEAF 4K ULTRA HD 8X8 AV MATRIX SWITCH - LU862 (Includes Rack Mount Ears and Screws) Four - CONTROL4 LEAF 4K ULTRA HD HDBASET RECEIVER (CLASS A) - LU1E These have been in use for approximately a year and are in great working condition. My wife and I are downsizing our living quarters and we no longer need an 8 x 8 switch so we are selling it along with the extra LU1E HDBASET receivers we have. The switch retails new for $8000 and each of the LU1E HDBASET Receivers are $370 new. I am asking for $4000 or your best offer. This price includes free UPS Ground shipping to the continental US with packaging and insurance. I have attached stock photos and data sheets of each of the units. Please let me know if you have any questions. Thank you. LU1E Data Sheet.pdf LU862 Data Sheet.pdf
  10. Hey there, i need for a Control4 Project few drivers. I Hope you can help me out. 1. Yamaha RX-V781 (IP, Serial or IR) 2. Yamaha BD-S681 (IP, Serial or IR) 3. Philips TV 55POS9002 (IP or IR Driver with Discrete Commands) IR Codes from 2013/2014/2015 dont Work. Thank You for your Help Greetings Özkan Demiroglu from Germany
  11. Hello there, I connected C4-DS2FM into my project and in the communications agent, I add the touch screen to the devices. Now when I press the call button, nothing happens and I am unable to see the camera also from the touchscreen. Any idea what am I doing wrong here? Best Regards,
  12. -1 C4-APD120-SW -1 C4-KD120-SW Both brand new in the box. Both Snow white.
  13. Control4

    Hi Guys, As the successful AV/IT Installers based in London, we are looking for an engineer who can help us with programming and installations of Control4, mainly we do projects in Hamstead, Fulham, Kensington. Experience with the installation of Home Cinema Systems, Home Automation Systems, Networking and Cabling, as well as experience with the installation of Lutron and Control4 is also essential. This is an ideal opportunity for an experienced AV Installation Engineer who is looking for the next step in their career. If you feel this is the right role for you, please APPLY NOW Lukas Electrosoft
  14. I have a 4-Zone matrix amplifier added in one of the rooms and a touchscreen. I am able to play the music successfully in the room that I have the amplifier and the touchscreen in. But when I select a different room from the touch screen and play the music it still plays in the first room (Mr. Will's Office) and not in the demo room or the marketing room (see the attached picture). Any idea what am I doing wrong here?
  15. I have added C4-DS2FM-BN to one of my controllers. Now I want to add it at another place in another controller. Can anyone kindly let me know how can I unidentify the controller from the first one and add it to the new controller?
  16. Garage Clean Out

    Cleaning out some extras. (1) Wirepath WPS-100 DVR 8 channel DVR $70 (1) EA1 processors $300 each (*due to some Criticism by jkuscevic) I should add not to give me a price of $100 off as a reasonable offer. What a joke. (1) HC250 processor $200 obo all plastic on unit, never powered up out of box, with all cables. SOLD (1) Control4 AMP108 8 zone amplifier NEW!!! Make an offer (1) Luxul XAP1230 (1) Brightsign XD1030 (1) Onkyo TXNR-414 AV Receiver (1) Sonic Wall NSA 220 Network Piece (2) Control4 Ipod dock 30pin connectors (1) Control4 Garage Door kit with 2 contact sensors and 2 relays SOLD https://dealer.control4.com/Images/Downloads/473d2ce1-9f8e-c0b4-3408-5570beb52ee5.pdf Various Control4 SR250 remotes for parts. (1) Adcom 5802 amp (this is a heavy solid awesome beast) Selling on Ebay also $800 (1) Elan Z300-301 amplifier (1) Niles AC3 Brand new (1) Niles MSU440Z IR controller Shipping to be paid by purchaser. Thx
  17. I am using a KNX IP Router from HDL KNX and when I type the address in the composer pro, it says connected. After that when I add the driver for the dimmer and the switch they make the connections as well automatically. But when I enter the group addresses and try to control the light from the navigator (touch screen) nothing happens. Kindly help.
  18. Roomba 980 integration

    I found this link on the web and was wondering if this would make it possible to integrate my Roomba 980 (We call her Molly) into our control4 environment. https://github.com/koalazak/dorita980 There seems to be local and cloud control both available. I'm sure the cost/benefit ratio is not great but.....I like cool stuff!!! So if anyone has ideas and wants to sound off on it!!!
  19. SiriusXM

    The native SiriusXM Control4 driver was released today. Requires OS 2.10
  20. Looking to install a Clare Control Video Doorbell but cannot find any C4 Drivers. It is a new product but I wanted to reach out to the experts here to see if they know of anything or have tested one yet. I'm looking to go with that solution because of the ONVIF and the fact it only needs the doorbells basic wiring. Thanks in advance!
  21. We have a client out in the country that has an AT&T unlimited data hotspot they use for wifi in their house. Apparently it has 15/15mbps which is way better then the DSL the local phone company offers. I know I'll need a wireless bridge for the network but my concern is the option to remote in the system to do updates and for the customer to connect using 4sight app. I've heard that because it's cellular hotspot you won't be able to have remote access. Is that true? Thoughts? Thanks in advance for the help. Zac
  22. I have some outdoor lights that I want to control by Control4. Wireless is the only option as my house is already finished. The problem that I am facing is that the old conventional switches are located on the outside and hence they get subjected to rain, dust, sunlight etc. Is there any wireless outdoor switch that can support such high temperatures and weather conditions and allow me to control the lights from my portable touch screen?
  23. I know that Control4 wireless thermostat is able to control the thermostats which have 5 wires but I have seen some thermostats such as from Fuji which have only 3 wires and some in the case of LG have 2 wires. Is there a way to control these thermostats from the same wireless control4 thermostat or some other way?
  24. Cinegration is happy to release our next driver. Cinegration DSC IT-100 Control4 Integration Driver! https://www.houselogix.com/shop/dsc-it-100-control4-integration-driver https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2NkRnfpTHuw Features: - V2 Security Interface - Bypassing - User management - Automatic Lights Flashing - Automatic text/email support - Cinegration Showroom License - 7 Day trial Enjoy! Note: Existing Cinegration DSC Security Enhancement Drivers can upgrade to the new interface for free! HouseLogix created keys will work automatically, EV or older keys, please email drivers@cinegration.com directly.
  25. Ecobee thermostats

    We are proud to announce our latest offering: now, through Homeation, you can purchase Ecobee3 Thermostats! BUY NOW The Ecobee3 Thermostat with Sensor Start Saving Now! Priced so low we were asked not to advertise it! BUY NOW Control4 Integration Drivers With our latest Control4 integrations offering, you now have THREE different driver packages (Single, Standard, and Commercial) to save you money. BUY NOW The Ecobee3 Thermostat with Sensor & Control4 Driver Package Our latest deal brings you Ecobee3 functionality with the convenience of Control4 at an unbeatable price! $260 BUY NOW Order now before it's too late! ALL PRICES INCLUDE SHIPPING!