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Found 30 results

  1. I have come across this weird issue that happens on initial boot up. The lights does not work. And the way to get them working again is even more weird. Where you have to go into composer, open the light which then is shown with grayed out fields. Then close the window, then open the light again now the light is showing functioning buttons. And starts working from app etc. There is also another weird problem with tracking. The light scene tracking does not work before you have again gone into the light and done a manual random "set value". If you activate a light scene it will not show as active before you have done this. Its only after this is done that tracking is working. All of this is needed to be done on all lights/dimmers before they work/track after a reboot. The drivers is v2 proxy, but they do control an external system lighting. Anyone with any idea on why this is? Especially input from people working with driver creation would be nice. This is how a dimmer looks like after opening the driver window. Closing and opening the same dimmer will now show values. But you need to do a random "set level" before tracking will start working.
  2. Hi all! I have a project in which it is necessary to dim a MeanWell power supply in Push Mode. How can I integrate it into the Contorl4 system? Currently there is a keypad that wirelessly controls a switch that turns the power supply on and off. I attached the technical sheet of the power supply and a picture of the push mode. thanks in advance! LCM-60UDA-SPEC.PDF
  3. Hi guys, my 8-channel dimmer having some problem about the light. When On or Off the lights in same time. The Module will having Fault Detection, i need to reset the light before i using again. Do you guys know how can i fix this?
  4. -1 C4-APD120-SW -1 C4-KD120-SW Both brand new in the box. Both Snow white.
  5. I am using a KNX IP Router from HDL KNX and when I type the address in the composer pro, it says connected. After that when I add the driver for the dimmer and the switch they make the connections as well automatically. But when I enter the group addresses and try to control the light from the navigator (touch screen) nothing happens. Kindly help.
  6. C4 Novice

    Dimmer Switch Load Issue

    Hi all, I have just wired a C4-DM201-Z dimmer switch at my home to use with LED dimmable down lights. I have wired it as per diagram 1 in the installation manual but when I power up, the down lights do not completely switch off. The switch says it is at 0% but the down lights are still on (at around 10%). All other functionality is working fine - just can't get the lights to turn off completely! It has been driving me mental for the last few hours. Any ideas or clues as to what could be wrong? Cheers.
  7. I have the following: (all used and on zigbee pro) 2 ldz-101-a dimmer almond $45ea 1 ldz102-w dimmer white $45 1 wcs10-r-ext-zp contact relay extender $75 1 ccz-t1-x thermostat $45 To all prices have to add actual shipping charges from Florida I need some white switches and a HC-250. Would consider a trade
  8. I have a few items for sale from left over projects. All are brand new in boxes and priced in Canadian dollars, bigger savings for American buyers. Buy the whole lot for $3100 I,m located in Vancouver, BC. HC 250 C4-HC250-BL x 1 new, no licenses-------------------------------------------------$600 Wireless Thermostats CCZ-T1-W X 6 in box and one with no box ------------------$110 Fireplace Switches C4-FS1-Z-WH X 20 in boxes------------------------------------------$95 6 Button Keypad C4-KP6-Z-WH X 2 in boxes-----------------------------------------------$100 Wireless Dimmer C4-DIM1-Z-WH X 1 in box------------------------------------------------$100 Wireless Dimmer C4-DIM1-Z-WH X 1 used lights up and dims-----------------------$35 IR Emitter x 15--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------$3 Single Gang Cover Plates mainly white with a few black X 50----------------------------$1
  9. Hi everyone, Im looking for some Configurable Keypads or numerous button keypads(1/3/6), Wireless dimmers and any remotes for Control4 you have to sell. 220-230v Rated please. Thanks AJ
  10. I'm having trouble with a light that doesn't go completely off when the switch it turned off. There is an LED light bulb and when the switch is turned off the light dims, but doesn't go completely off. There is a dimmer and a dumb switch. Everything has worked fine for 2+ years. I've powered cycled the circuit, not sure what else I can try. Does this mean the dimmer/switch is failing?
  11. I wanted my installer to place a C4 switch in for an island light. He removed old switch and told me that he couldn't place a switch there because there isn't a neutral wire. I spoke with the electrician and he said it is near impossible to get one there. So, is there a C4 switch that can be installed in this situation?
  12. Hi guys , i need this stuff for my house 3 dimmer ( zigbee pro only please ) 2 x 6 buttons in white if possible ( also zigbee pro ) 1X ELV DIMMER zig bee pro i bought some on ... you know were and i need to downgrade it to integrate it ... i will sell it Live in Canada pay by paypal. thanks email me at lpraza@icloud.com
  13. Hi guys , i need this stuff for my house 3 dimmer ( zigbee pro only please ) 2 x 6 buttons in white if possible ( also zigbee pro ) 1X ELV DIMMER zig bee pro i bought some on ... you know were and i need to downgrade it to integrate it ... i will sell it Live in Canada pay by paypal. thanks email me at lpraza@icloud.com
  14. Looking to purchase two C4 Keypad Dimmer - C4-KD120-WH. Prefer new but would consider used. Thanks!
  15. Lakeman

    Dimmer vs Switch

    I have a light which I don't need or want to dim, but I have and extra dimmer (c4-APD120) I would like to use just for an on / off switch. Is this possible?
  16. Hello all ,i have some stuff thast i have either taken out of my system and replaced or bought in package deals and do not need,feel free to make offers as im shooting in the dark on prices -(1)-key digital KD-4x4 hdmi matrix with bauluns ---------------------------------$400....open to offers Netgear JG5524 24 port gigabit switch ----------------------------------------------------------$100 open to offers Please feel free to message with any questions
  17. So I'm reconfiguring my entire project and I've got a bunch of the older LDZ101 & 102 dimmers installed. Typically I do the 13-4-13 routine to forget the old mesh network and they become ready to identify. This is denoted by both LEDs going solid green. Oddly, 3 of the dimmers are not responding to this at all. They seem to operate normally otherwise. And they do respond to other commands such as 9-4-9 and 7-4-7. Am I missing something here? (and YES they are installed right side up) I'm hoping that the default state of the old-style dimmers is LED blue on bottom for off and LED blue on top for on. Cheers!
  18. jcmiro

    Dimmeable Lights

    I have dimmable halogens in all of my rooms, except the outside balcony. The switch on the wall is the same C4 zigbee switch I have in all rooms. I figured the outside werent dimming because they were florescent bulbs so I went to the store and bought some dimmable bulbs. I installed them and they still dont dim. Do I have to call my installer for this basic little job also.
  19. Installed new C4-APD120 Adaptive Phase Dimmer on an 4 incandescent loads (4x57 watts). The top LED blinks red, bottom LED solid XXX. Doesn't turn off. Any ideas? Thx, Max
  20. I recently ran across a lot of old dimmers and switches. I plan on using them in the basement and have a few of the SW1 and DIM1Z throughout. From what I can tell they dont seem to be different enough visually from those. Just wanted to see if aesthetically that I wouldn't run into any issues mixing and matching them in with what I have already once all the decora plates are put back on
  21. I had a keypad dimmer working fine. We did a major remodel and the KD was uninstalled and re-installed. The new fixture is a candelabra with three bulbs. I bought LED's that are "dimmable with ELV dimmers". The keypad functions are working but the light will not turn off. Not sure if it is the LED's, the KD is broken, or there is a wiring problem. Advice? Scott
  22. Hi, Is it at all possible to have a puck dimmer sitting in the ceiling to completely react to an Adaptive Phase dimmer. i can get it to turn on and off based on the APD, but I would like it to dimm up and down with it as well. Is this doable? Thanks
  23. hey guys! I had my electrician wire a dimmer and keypad side by side. I believe they charge the same power. Everything is working fine but I have an intermittent problem. Every now and then when I operate the dimmer, by entire system turns on. This happens whether I operate the dimmer manually or through my iPad. I have gone through 2 different dimmers with the same results. Any idea what my electrician could have done incorrectly? thanks for your help! Joe
  24. Hey all, I have noticed that in the last few months that every single light controlled by the previous generation C4 dimmer switches in my home flickers like crazy when either set at a dimmed level or while dimming the level. This is happening to dimmers controlling the same regular incandescent bulbs they have always controlled. These all worked totally fine until a few months ago. All the latest generation C4 dimmers that I have are working fine, with no issues. I have two HC 800 controllers in my home. There is NO WAY that 23 dimmers went bad at the same time. My dealer says he has never heard of this. I hope this is not Control 4's way to get us to buy more of the newer dimmers. Has anyone else had this issue? Any ideas how to correct it? Any help would be greatly appreciated. It is REALLY frustrating now that I can not dim any of these 23 lights. I have some great lighting scenes set up for evening parties where most lights are on at a dimmed level, and now all I can do is choose a few certain lights to leave on at level 100 and keep the rest turned off due to the insane flickering problem.
  25. I need a dimmer switch to control a load of 1300watts. I have been told control4 dimmers only handle a load of 1000w. I can get un-controlled dimmers for higher loads. Anyone have a workaround so I can control a higher load dimmer through my Control4 system?