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Found 12 results

  1. TechAutomated

    NEW CONTROL4 Equipment !!!

    Hi Gents, NOVEMBER CLEARANCE SALE - COMPLETE HOME AUTOMATION SYSTEM Huge DISCOUNT IF YOU BUY THE COMPLETE PACKAGE - Make an offer! ALL PRICING IS IN CANADIAN DOLLARS I can verify original receipts from Control4 to final buyer This equipment is Brand new in box, DM me for any inquiries. USD will be accepted at 25% Shipping included on package deal. Cheers, Product - BNIB - COMPLETED HOME AUTOMATION SYSTEM PACKAGE Qty Per Unit Sell Price Audio Matrix Switch (C4-16ZAMSv3-B) 1 $1,268.75 $1,268.75 Control4 T3 Series 10” In-Wall Touch Screen (White) (C4-WALL10-1-WH) 1 $1,015.00 $1,015.00 Control4 EA-5 Entertainment and Automation Controller (C4-EA5) 1 $2,276.50 $2,276.50 Control4 4K Ultra HD 8x8 AV Matrix Switch with Audio Downmixing (C4-LU862D) 1 $8,265.00 $8,265.00 Control4 4K Ultra HD HDBaseT Receiver (Class A) (C4-LU1E) 3 $348.00 $1,044.00 8-Zone Non-Matrix Power Amplifier (C4-AMP108) 2 $1,189.00 $2,378.00 Wireless Music Bridge (C4-WMB-B) 2 $304.50 $609.00 Control4 System Remote Control SR260 and Recharging Station (C4-SR260RSK) 2 $253.75 $507.50 Control4 Wireless Thermostat by Aprilaire 8644C4 (C4-THERM-WH) 8 $377.00 $3,016.00 CAD Total Sell Price $20,379.75 Product Qty Sell Price Per Unit HC800 - Home Controller BNIB 1 $1,268.75 $1,268.75 Wireless Speaker Point - Demo Unit 1 $217.50 $217.50 Brocade 24port 1G POE Switch 390W BNIB 1 $2,682.50 $2,682.50 CAD Total Sell Price $4,168.75
  2. DimitrisT

    HC800 vs EA5

    Hi to everyone, I would like to ask you some questions about the difference between the HC800 and the EA5 controllers. We have already used the HC800 controller, with success for years and the technician suggest us to replace it with an EA5 one, and the HC500 with an EA3. What we will gain more with that transition? If we replace it, for how many years will the new ones last? If we don't replace it will we have problems in the everyday operation on the whole system? Do you believe that will worth that transition? I'm looking forward for your observations.!😎 Thank you in advance, Dimitris
  3. As an system integrator of Control4 I want to be sure that each system is not overloaded, monitoring systems gives you an idea on what controller the next customer should go for an why. We have a demo system running a EA1 with lots of drivers and lots of automation programming. And monitoring the SNMP Load Average shows a steady 6+. Sometimes peaking at 9+. And from my understanding the EA1 seems to have 4 cores?, meaning 6 or 9 in load is very bad. But then again the system seem fine. CPU seems fine and low, the memory on the other hand is low but steady on 21% left. Have anyone else done some research and monitoring on this?
  4. In a few projects, the system AirPlay disappears randomly. It's all instances of the driver. Other AirPlay devices like HT Receivers and AppleTVs still work properly. Network hardware is generally a Mikrotik Routers with Ubiquiti APs.
  5. Braduc1980

    WTB: EA5

    Looking for a good deal on an EA5.
  6. Hey Guys, Would really like to see native integration with Nest Cam streams for security, other than using blue iris as a workaround!
  7. Avuser0101

    Control4 stuff for sale

    Hi , I've got some Control4 equipment for sale , I wish someone will make me an offer on the whole lot . I'm in London so if anyone from U.K wants it , PM me or send me an email at avuser0101@gmail.com . 1x EA5 1xEA3 1xEA1 2xSR260 with charging dock 1x7"white in wall touch screen. I got stuck with them after a client changed his mind , let me know if you want them. Thank you
  8. abovedeck

    vera, mi casa, wink, etc.

    Putting in a new system, an ea1, ea5, 16amp3b, etc. I'm putting in several new kd120s but I also have a couple old GE Zwave switches and zwave deadbolts. From searching the forum, it seems that none of the new EA systems support Zwave, but have drivers. So if I want to use some of my old stuff, I need to add a hub. If this is true, is there one that is recommended to work best with C4? The wink is cheap, the mi casa is more expensive, yet all of the reviews seem to love the Wink. Thanks for the help.
  9. I had an HC300 installed that worked well for over seven years. We just upgraded to the EA5. The EA5 requires a reboot nearly weekly. We lost control of lighting a few weeks ago, but rebooted and that issue hasn't come back; however, we are consistently losing connection to the Android app and Alexa every two weeks or so. The logs are filled with errors such as: 2017-02-21 21:29:35.342 -0600 ea5-000FFF1C744C [3954] ERROR: Resolve relay address: relay.control4.com Failed: -2 2017-02-21 22:36:41.285 -0600 ea5-000FFF1C744C [3954] ERROR: Resolve relay address: relay.control4.com Failed: -2 2017-02-21 22:37:41.281 -0600 ea5-000FFF1C744C [3954] ERROR: Resolve relay address: relay.control4.com yet, DNS works just fine (using Google DNS servers at Internet is not an issue for anything else. Network connectivity is fine for everything else. It seems to me if the EA5 can't perform a DNS resolution something is fatally wrong within the software itself. These errors (above) appear about the time the unit stopped responding to the Android App. Other logs are filled with java exceptions, incorrect casting errors (variables apparently trying to be cast incorrectly), and even references to null variables. [Reconnect] WARN: Control4Director] - Disconnecting from . Due to failure? false 2017-02-23 12:08:38,767 -0600 [Reconnect] ERROR: ConnectionBroker] - C4ServiceException: java.net.SocketTimeoutException: Read timed out 2017-02-23 12:08:38,768 -0600 [Reconnect] ERROR: ConnectionBroker] - Unable to connect to My Control4 System( - control4_ea5_000FFF1C744C because of network error! 2017-02-23 12:08:38,769 -0600 [Reconnect] ERROR: Control4Director] - Unable to retrieve address Disconnecting from . Due to failure? I have been attempting to locate the source of the issue, but so far have had no luck. If I reboot the EA5, it will come back up and work... for a week (or so). The unit was installed brand new in January 2017.
  10. Hello, We have just had C4 installed in our house. Generally OK but a few problems to iron out! the most frustrating is the doorbell. In our system design the dealer included the functionality that when the doorbell is pressed, it triggers the EA5 and a WAV file is played through certain zones in the house. We didn't want/need the doorstation cameras etc. The problem is that when the doorbell is pressed, it takes 5-10 seconds for the matrix the the amps to startup, so there is a delay in playing the sound. Often it takes so long that nothing comes out at all. Needless to say that the doorbell is useless. It is frustrating that this wasnt clear when we designed the system, but now we need to find a workaround. Anyone have a solution where we can get instantaneous doorbell sound through our zone speakers, and get around the 'amp warming up' problem. many thanks
  11. Hi, I am having an issue with the T3 screens not operating watch, however I don't have any issues with the remote controls. The message I get on the T3 screens is No Surround Sound Modes. Has anyone come across this one previously...? Thanks, Glen
  12. I'm having an issue with the Control4 music player that is quite frustrating. C4 tech support has absolutely no answers for me. I have a large media library on a NAS, organized in folders by artist, 0-9, A, B, C....etc. For example: \NAS\Volume_1\Music\0-9\ \\NAS\Volume_1\Music\A\ \\NAS\Volume_1\Music\B\ You get the idea. The original NAS was a DNS-323 that I thought might be the issue (file permissions, a known bug on these things) but I switched it all over to my newer (and better with file permissions) DNS-320. I have also changed from the HC800 that originally gave me the problems (thought that might be it) to a new EA5, and I rebuilt my project from scratch, which was no small project. No luck. Side note, the new EA processor sounds better than the 800. But that doesn't really matter right now, because half my music doesn't f$%king work. So I create a Network File Storage, let's say \\NAS\Music\ and I select all of the audio formats and have it scan for files. It misses probably half of my library. For example, under the T subdirectory, 'The Beatles' directory is completely missing. Under B, 'Beck' folder is not showing. So just for fun I create another separate share, \\NAS\Music\T\The Beatles\ or \\NAS\Music\B\Beck\ and scan it. Everything is there. Does Control4 have an issue with directories? Can they only be so 'deep'? I remember in older versions being able to see all of my music, but with the latest few updates, I cannot see all of it, so I can't listen to it. I'm very disappointed in this (it USED TO work fine!) especially with the new EA processor, which they brag is so wonderful for music. I don't understand why if I scan the root music directory, which has subdirectories 0-9 and A, B, C......Z, it misses tons of content but if I create a new share for the specific artist, it works. This is very annoying. Any experience? Help? ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Here is my last - frustrated - post from last year when the issue started! I use the HC-800 music player and it has always worked fine until I upgraded my HC-800 to 2.8. I'm not sure if that is what started this issue or it is just a coincidence. I have a NAS drive and a Network share set up in control4 to point to it. I have a Music directory on the NAS containing all of my music files, in subdirectories A, B, C, etc. followed by the Artist folder, album folder, etc. When I scan the music in Composer it trolls through all of the directories (takes a few hours) then I can see the music under Listen--->My Music in the system. But it always misses some folders and some music is missing that always worked before. The Music share points to the NAS, something like this: \\NAS\Music I have the correct user and password for the share. It finds most of the music. I did a test and created a second share for a particular folder and subfolders that are missing: \\NAS\Music\Artist I directed the new network share to that folder. That folder 'Artist' containing 10 subfolders, each one an album. This worked, and the music showed up. But when I direct the share back to the original root of the share it does not find or display the contents of that same folder or subfolders. So I know the music files are valid because the test share finds them and I can play them, but the original share for some reason will not. The User I use to log into the NAS has full read/write permissions, and none of the files are hidden/archives/etc. I cannot seem to find anything about file ownership that I am able to change, but I don't think that is the issue anyway, because the second share I created finds the files that the first didn't. Any Suggestions?