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Found 16 results

  2. Hi, I need stable unit for upgrade purposes. Please PM me a price with shipping to zip 77479.
  3. With thanks to everyone for all the help here I'm still slogging through trying to upgrade to Zigbee Pro in order to migrate my system to an EA5. Long story short, 2.5.3 and my complex project was crashing the HC300 so at the suggestion of t/s I've wiped the project, relfashed 2.5.3 and created a simple project -- just an HC300 and 10 lights at a time to get them into MiniApp mode. I'll then associate them to a new EA5 and rebuild my project. Question: Is the Zigbee network I created with this new project Embernet-based or will it by default make a Zigbee Pro network? And if the latter, how do I force it to be Embernet so I can add all these Embernet devices? If it is Embernet, then my devices are not Identifying with the 4-tap. Is there something I need to do to the device first to make it "forget" its association to my old project and identify to the new one? Or is an Embernet device always available to identify into a new project with 4 taps on the top? Thanks all. Can't wait till I can stop bothering you all with these history lessons. :-)
  4. My HC300 just died and is labeled C4-HC300-E-B. I'm looking at replacements on eBay and wondering how best to determine which is which. Are there 3 versions and mine is the oldest? I read the thread here: http://www.c4forums.com/topic/11571-hc300-version-history/ but I didn't get a clear idea. Mine has 2 USB ports below the ethernet (some have 1 or 0 I believe). Is the "c" variant the latest and would it be the best one for undertaking the Embernet to Zigbee Pro upgrade? Thanks in advance for any insights! --Jason
  5. Items ship from Southern California. Payments can be made by Paypal. All Control4 gear on Zigbee Pro. Buy 2+ items and receive a 5% discount. Buy 3+ items and receive a 15% discount (2) Control4 HC300 $50 each Shipped (1) Control4 HC300 Rack mount $20 + Shipping (1) Control4 Wifi Speaker Point $95 Shipped (1) Control4 Ethernet Speaker Point $95 Shipped (1) Control4 i/o extender $250 Shipped (1) Sony 400 Disk DVD Changer DVPCX995V $220 + Shipping (In original box with manual and remote) Will include Control4 Driver if needed. (1) Middle Atlantic custom rack shelve for Sony DVD Changer (1) Integra DHC-80.2 9.2 Channel AV Pre/Pro w/ Rack ears. New HDMI board replaced by integra $400 +shipping (1) Sonance sonamp 275 x3 se Amp $200 + Shipping (1) Sonance sonamp 1230 12ch amp $150 +Shipping (Ch1-4 not working) sold as is (1) Gefen ToolBox 4x1 HDMI Switcher with rs232 C4 Driver (Original Box with remote) $50 + Shipping
  6. I have an HC300 that is running director for a system. The original installer never connected this unit to the network. It was programmed and deployed without ever getting a single update. it was running 2.0.5. After speaking with C4 tech support there is no way to update the unit traditionally, and i had to do a work around with the unit by flashing the image on the device with a more recent update. After doing so I get no link light on the unit. composer does not recognize the device as a director and in sys man there is no director option in the status list to enable the unit as director. If anyone has any ideas please let me know. I have factory reset the unit and network reset the unit. I get nothing. The unit does show on the network with an IP so i know its connected. but no link light on the front of the unit and no director option. Thanks for all your help.
  7. I had to swap out my old Atlona AT-PROHD88M matrix because it died. I installed a new AT-UHD-PRO3-88M and it all seems to be good except that there was a serial input into the old matrix from the HC-300 serial 2 slot. In the new matrix, there is no serial input. I'm guessing that this is the last connection issue that would resolve why I can't switch between sources after I turn on one source in one zone. Any ideas? TIA
  8. koryhoff

    HC300 Update

    I have a HC300 unit with 2.0.1, for some reason I can't get the unit to upgrade from anything above 2.0.1, I have tried USB Install with no luck just skips the usb drive like no unit is installed unlike other units that will take the upgrade. Am I missing something?? This is the unit with the reset button on the back. I have looked over the
  9. My contol4 system was working fine, until i noticed that the Link lights are not lit up on all 3 of the HC300 contollers? Anybody had this problem? I can't connect to control 4 on apps or the sr250 remote, tried loading composer HE on pc but cant connect to director? Ive tried a full power cycle. HC1000 has a Link light on. thanks
  10. As my second post on this forum, to keep the Long story short I got a HC300 (together with a remote and 4 zone amplifier) from a friend for free who sold his house. Before deciding if I want to invest more on new equipment to have an automation system for my house, I was fiddling with HC300 to see if I can get it to work with the amplifier for audio. The first thing I tried was to upgrade the firmware from to 2.5.3 by using the USB restore application, admittedly a mistake. The controller was able to boot to Navigator screen before my failed upgrade, and I was able to see it from System Manager (I wasn't able to connect to it without a licensed Comproser Pro though). I followed below steps in performing the upgrade: 1) created the USB restore stick with version 2.5.3 firmware; 2) Powered off the controller and plug in the USB stick; 3) Powered on the controller with the USB stick plugged in 4) Controller identified the USB restore stick and kicked off the restore process 5) After "some" long waiting and stuck message showing no process on the screen I unplugged the USB stick and recycled power, this is probably where I made the mistake 6) Controller is able to reboot, showing various "services" being started, then IP address assigned together with the MAC address, and a bouncing progress bar at the bottom of the text messages on screen 7) The bouncing progress bar stopped after a few minutes and everything get frozen there, with no Control4 logo/Navigator, and I can neither see the controller from System Manager anymore. However I can ping it, and login with ssh root account, but sysman returned error instead of a list of running C4 processes, as shown in the attached screenshots. Does this mean the upgrade has failed? I was expecting to be able to identify it in System Manager after the upgrade just like before. If that's the case, is there any way to re-restore the factory default firmware? The problem with USB restore is that the controller is no longer able to see/boot from the USB restore stick during the initial power up process. I came across a tech support white paper describing how factory restore can be initiated from SSH for some other devices, could it be done in a similar way for HC300 controller or it's officially bricked/became a paper weight? http://www.control4.com/files/dealers/Tech_Paper-Control4RecoveryDocumentation.pdf Your inputs will be much appreciated.
  11. I have a HC300-E-B that I want to use for upgrading some old devices to 2.2+ but I cannot connect it with with director. I tried to doing a factory reset by holding the ID button and let go after wifi indicator turned orange. Is there any other way to factory restore?
  12. Hi, we closed down our production studio and are looking to liquidate some of the equipment that we have. All items are used and in good/great shape. I have pictures of all the items and are available upon request. Some of the items don't relate to the Control4 forum, but I included it just in case someone is interested. All items are located in Glendale, CA. Ideally I'd like to just sell the whole lot locally to someone who is a installer/dealer, but willing to parcel out items for the right price. Each office had its own HC300 or HC200 connected to our screening room. ITEMS: -Control4 C4-16AMP3B -Control4 HC500 w/rack mounts -x12 Control4 HC300 (1 w/rack mount) -x4 Control4 HC200 -x14 Control4 Remote Controls C4-SR250-Z-B -Control4 C4-IOX-E-B IO Extender w/rack mounts -Control4 Wireless Touch Screen 10.5 TX-3000 -x2 Panamax 11 Outlet Power Line Conditioner & Surge Protector M5300-PM w/rack mounts -AVocation Matrix Router w/rack mounts -Episode Surge Home Theater Protector EP-200-9HTR (9 plug) w/rack mounts -Episode Relocatable Power Tap Surge (11 plug) B9PB02P6 w/rack mounts -x2 Episode Surge Rack Mount, 15amp 8 Outlets EP-400-UPS-8HTR-1000 -Altona DVI to VGA or component scaler with DVI loop-out AT-PC530 Video Converter -Altona Compent Video Switcher AT-CV41R -Binary Component 6x4 Matrix switcher with analog audio B-200-AVMATRIX w/rack mounts -Binary HDMI 4x4 Marix switcher with HDMI and 2cat outputs B-210-HDMATRIX w/rack mounts -x5 Binary Cat-5 Balun for component video & stereo audio B-RGBLR-350 -GefenTV Digital Audio Decoder -Middle Atlantic Rack 6’ 6.5”H x 19 7/8” W x 21 7/8” L (+lots of accessories) Please pm me with any questions or offers thank you for your time. sincerely, Kelly
  13. rking24

    Controllers for sale

    I have a several older components for sale: HC300 $199 OBO SR-250 $99 OBO HC200 $139 OBO NWA11G-USB 802.11g USB WiFi Adapter for Controllers HC-200,300,500 $39 OBO WCS10B-2-ZP Wireless Contact Sensor External Antenna, Brand New Never Used, $139 OBO I live in Utah so we can do local delivery or I have a great discount with FEDEX for shipping. ALL SOLD
  14. Suspect the following problem has been caused by putting all my electronic devices associated with my control4 system on a timer to automatically switch it off at night & on again first thing in the morning. When I try to use the remote control or iPad control4 software it gets stuck trying to connect. Tried the standard things, turn on & off as well as the hard reset suggested in the user manual. When i do a hard reset the power led comes up solid blue and the wifi led starts flashing yellow/orange followed by flashing blue & after about a minute no light. Left with just the power led (solid blue) any ideas will be greatly appreciated. cheers chris
  15. Please help My HC 300 out put audio only from right channel. nothing comes out of left channel. This is an issue with audio output 2. The first one is working fine. What can be the issue? Is there any settings in the composer for this? Thank you all in advance
  16. davidmai

    HC300 $200 or best offer

    I have an HC300 running 2.06 in perfect running condition. I am in Canada and can ship anywhere.