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Found 8 results

  1. Does anyone know how to setup the LG OLED B6P TV so that when you are watching HDR blue-ray movies and HDR Roku that the TV will display the control4 navigator correctly? Thanks in Advance
  2. I have a project that was updated with the latest ELK IP driver and upgraded to 2.9 at the same time. In navigator, I no longer see the "Security System" label, I just see the Cameras and Locks & Sensors labels but still show the icon for the Security Panel, just no text label. Is this a bug in 2.9 or a driver issue? Has anyone experienced this before. When I revert to the old driver (2012) it appears fine. Thank you
  3. Have created some channel shortcuts in Composers for the Freesat aerial tuner in my Panasonic TV. However they do not show up at all when I go into the channels icon on the on-screen navigator from the HC250 and there is no channels logo on the navigator on my iPhone at all. Can someone point me in the right direction please.
  4. Is there a way for a user or dealer to change the font size of an in-wall navigator? A client asked if the font on their WALL7 touchscreens could be made larger to avoid fetching their glasses to operate them. I've never been asked before and have never actually tried, but I can't find the setting or info anywhere.
  5. Hello, I am new to Control4, and have a question on what and how can I configure the control of my Televisions in the C4 Navigator. I know how to setup a driver, for which I have assigned different IR commands control using the TV remote control, but I still cannot make sense of a few things. In Composer/System design, when I double click on the Televisions, I have the screen below with the grey background. When I go in the Navigator, I have the screen below with the black background. Would you be able to tell me how can we program the actions of all the buttons we see, and are these screens customizable? One thing which I do not understand is that in the Navigator, I can see the following buttons which are not in my Driver list of Codes: CC, Guide, Page Up, Page Down. The other buttons are working as per the IR codes I have defined in the Drivers, so I would expected to see these buttons listed... In the screen with the Grey background that I see in Composer/System design, there is the On/Off button which are not in my Driver code list....
  6. I'm trying to make a custom button in one room that forces the navigator, on a t3 touch screen, to go to a new room. This is for a showroom application, I want our sales guy to be able to pick up a touch panel in a "master control" room that has buttons for our "family room" and if any of those buttons are pressed I want the touch panel to go to the selected room while switching sources in the family room. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.
  7. Hello! I'm using the IP camera Samsung SNV-6084R in my Control4 System. I added the camera driver in Composer Pro and configured it. After all I was tested it in "Camera Test" page and all tests was successfully finished. When I double click on the driver in Composer, it is showing control interface and all "Image View" are work well. But... In the navigator there is not image. It is only black image. What's the problem?
  8. Hey folks. I have a problem that has been happening for some time and wanted to see if anyone could assist: Background: When someone rings the doorbell, I have events to bring up the Entry security camera on navigators and touchscreens. A bookmark has been configured on all Navigators and touchscreens for the entry security camera. Problem: 90% of the time, the Navigator brings up the Entry camera bookmark, but there is no camera view and the buttons in Navigator that normally appear with a camera view (e.g., "Grid View", "Next", "Prev", etc.) have no test displayed in them. You can see the buttons, but no text. I've found that rebooting the touchscreens and navigators (not the main controller) fixes this issue for awhile, then it crops back up. I haven't figured out if this is directly related, but it seems to happen more often if I reboot the controller and then do not follow-up with a reboot of all touchscreens and navigators. Thoughts?