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Found 16 results

  1. Brand new, never taken out the box, Pakedge WX-1-C. This is the CEILING MOUNTED version of the WX-1. This is for small business/light commercial or heavy duty residential applications. Dual-band wireless AC, 3x3 Mimo, Not sure what these are going for so just shoot me a reasonable number. Emphasis on the reasonable.
  2. Don't get me wrong, I like these cams, and I find them reliable, never had to restart any of them. However, I have a couple of issues from user point of view, that I didn't have with much lower cost cameras. Q1: Is there a way to send video recordings via FTP (.AVI file format), perhaps the same ones that are backed up on the MicroSD card? The only two file formats offered for FTP are snapshots (JPEG1080P and JPEG480P). I prefer sending the recordings to thousands of miles away to a safe server location over FTP, instead of keeping them on an NVR. Q2: Is there any way to download multiple backup files (or maybe all of them) from the SD card without removing the card from the camera, like accessing the SD card from File Explorer, or Total Commander? Q3: Is there any way to delete more than 10 backup files from the SD card without formatting, and without removing the card from the camera? Q4: Any idea or workaround for minimizing the number of false motion triggers by snow flakes? At the motion sensitivity I normally need, every other snow flake triggers a recording. My Pakedge IP Cams are on firmware version 1.4.128. OS version: Linux Thanks in advance for your suggestions.
  3. I've recently lost the ability to access my network through the RE-2's OpenVPN server and iPhone OpenVPN client. Several things have changed since I last was able to connect. The router's firmware, OpenVPN iOS client, and iOS version have all changed recently. All are at the latest versions. My connections were infrequent enough that it's not clear what may have caused the problem. I've spoken with my dealer, but Pakedge is still new to them. I've reloaded the iOS Client, loaded a new router-generated auto-login profile, and tried a different iOS device. No luck. Anyone else have this issue? Log snippet: 2018-06-14 15:44:26 EVENT: RESOLVE 2018-06-14 15:44:26 Contacting [IP Address]:1194/UDP via UDP 2018-06-14 15:44:26 EVENT: WAIT 2018-06-14 15:44:26 Connecting to [IP Address]:1194 (IP Address) via UDPv4 2018-06-14 15:44:37 Server poll timeout, trying next remote entry... 2018-06-14 15:44:37 EVENT: RECONNECTING This repeats until timeout. I didn't need a port forward for 1194 before, do I need one now?
  4. ecschnei

    Pakedge zones

    So I'm curious how pakedge zones work... If you set up a managed SX 24 port switch to utilize the zone management and POE but then add a SE dumb switch to get the extra ports, how does it know what zones go on the expanded switch? Is that where you just set the SFP+ port to all one type of zone and only put certain hardware on it? Or is there a way to use MAC addresses to work with the VLAN? I'm doing a lot of reading but lack the real world experience in this area. I think this kinda ties into recommended network practices and how we should be budgeting and planning our networks to be more robust for Control4.
  5. Useoftime311

    FS: Pakedge WK-2 WAP

    I have an unused WK-2 for sale. All in original packaging. DM if interested. Thanks.
  6. Control-IT

    Pakedge vs other

    Any benefit to going with an end to end Pakedge solution over say an Ubiquiti and Araknis solution? I have used The Ub/Arak solution with no issues and I have full remote access via OVRC on every network port and power outlet. I can sell this solution at half the price while making more. If it is a tried and true rock solid solution then it's probably worth it? I know I can put 4 Ubiquiti AP's in a big house with good results but the Pakedge AP's at 3x the price?
  7. I assume RK-1 from Pakedge UPnP is not disable by default, since user does not need to do any specific setup to chat on Xbox. This seems a security risk??? is that a way to disable UPnP for all port on RK-1, and just place Xbox one on DMZ?
  8. GadgetBazza

    Pakedge K60D Router

    Im considering this router over the Pakedge RE-2. I am aware that this is a badged Fortinet 60D. The Pakedge documentation suggests it has its own Pakedge UI for simplified / preconfigured zones etc. My question is, is the full capability of the Fortinet 60D available either in this GUI or by having access to the original Fortinet UI or is this a preconfigured and "locked down" router?
  9. Hi. Just got a ring doorbell and it will not connect to the internet. I have a Pakedge WR-1 with a TP Link AP, they are on separate SSID and band steering is off. Pakedge is set to 5Ghz only and the AP to 2.4Ghz and every wifi device connects ok through the AP. The doorbell finds the SSID through the AP and connects but gets no internet and fails the install. Been on to Ring support, made sure the Wi-Fi channel is between 1 and 11, band steering off and the doorbell is in range but still it keeps failing. Any suggestions? Thanks
  10. Looking to add another WX-1 (C if possible) to my system. Anyone have any used ones around?
  11. Available now: Your Pakedge PoE switch can now be used to control anything powered PoE -Turn off/on wireless access point from any Control4 UI -Enable/Disable cameras from any Control4 UI -Turn off inwall touchscreens in bedrooms at night time and turn back on in the morning -Anything else you can think of to control by PoE? https://www.blackwiredesigns.com/store/c4-pakedge-poe/
  12. Hi, My ISP is asking me to change the MTU on my router. How can I do that on a Pakedge RE-2 router? Thanks
  13. Useoftime311

    FS- Pakedge RE-1 Router

    This is a brand new, all original packaging, in the original box and still in the plastic, Pakedge RE-1 Router.
  14. Chowmain - Pakedge Intelligent PDU The Pakedge Intelligent Power Distribution Units (PDU) are a complete power control solution for A/V networks. It was designed with one function in mind – to keep your power managed devices operating when you want them to, and turned off when you want them to. This is accomplished through a suite of technologies and features that enable the PDU to be monitored, configured and operating autonomously through the local network, or remotely through the cloud Chowmain's Pakedge Intelligent PDU Driver for Control4 allows dealers to control the P2 / P2E / P8 / P8E / P20 / P20E models from Control4 allowing you to switch on, off or toggle an outlet. It should also in theory support furture models should it adhere to the same protocol. This provides effective power management and control. Integration into Control4 enables Control4 to do emergency shutdowns on low or high current or temperature. This ensures that the health of your customer’s expensive rack based equipment is maintained. It is also useful for power management. Reduce the power of your rack by turning on loads as you need them. You may need to reboot a device that has locked up. Sending a technician onsite can be expensive. This driver will enable you to reboot a device remotely via 4sight. An even better solution would be to integrate it with the FREE Chowmain ‘Ping’ driver you can have Control4 automatically monitor devices and have the Pakedge driver automatically reboot the device. Features Dynamically import outlets Detects how many outlets are present on the unit Imports the names of each outlet into the driver’s connections Auto import device details into properties page Serial Number Hardware Version Software Version Mac Address Model Number of Outlets Current Sensor A Current Sensor B Temperature Auto poll for device power consumption (once every 30 seconds). Available in properties page and in Control4 variables. Current Sensor A (in amps/properties, in milliamps/variables) Current Sensor B (in amps/properties, in milliamps/variables) Outlet State Control & Feedback On / Off / Toggle for all outlets (Instant feedback on switch from Control4 or once every 30 seconds when triggered elsewhere) Events Triggered on Min/Max current reached on Frequently Asked Questions What models will this work for? This driver will work with the P2/P2E/P8/P8E/P20/P20E models of PDU's. The driver is designed in a way where it may work with future PDU's as well should they adhere to the current protocol. It is recommended that you test out the driver on newer PDU's that are not listed here prior to licence purchase. Why have you exposed the temperature? Temperature feedback is useful detecting if the rack is over heating. On such a case you can either turn on exhaust fans or turn off equipment. Turning off equipment on overheating prolongs the lifespan of the equipment. Why have you exposes the current? This is useful for detecting faulty equipment that is drawing too much power or if equipment is not drawing enough power. How do I find out more information about the driver? Please see the links below for more information about the driver. Chowmain Website Download Installation Guide How do I buy the driver? This driver is developed by Chowmain software & apps and is distributed and supported by Houselogix, Inc. Download Driver / Purchase Licence Who do i contact for technical support? This driver is developed by Chowmain software & apps and is distributed and supported by Houselogix, Inc. Support Do you provide trial licences? All Chowmain drivers for Control4 come with a 48 hour trial. This is activated once you add the driver to the project. No additional steps are necessary.
  15. AdobeCinema

    FS: C4 Gear

    Best reasonable offer will be accepted: NIB: HC-300 - $150 NIB: HC-800 - [sOLD] 7" Portable Touch Screen (C4-TSM7-G- - $50 LCD Keypad - $25 Mini Touch Screen (Qty: 2) - $25 B&B VLinx IP to serial adapter (BB-ES901E) - $40 New: VideoStorm NBX010 Streaming Music Server - $75ea (Qty:2) New: VideoStorm NBX020 Streaming Music Server - $100ea
  16. AdobeCinema

    FS: High-End AV Gear

    I'm cleaning up the inventory, so here's the tip of the ice berg (NOTE: All items in very good to good aesthetic condition that are fully functioning. None have boxes. - Exceptions are noted below)...also, best reasonable offer will be accepted. Audio Design Associates (ADA)Cinema Rhapsody Mach II Pre-Amp - $400Suite 7.1 (non-HDMI version) Pre-amp - $250XLR-8 Balanced Signal Converter - $150Trinity Tuner - $100PTM-6150 Amp - $750PTM-1645 Amp - $750 original packaging includedSonanceSonamp 275x3 SE Amp - $200LexiconMC-1 v3 Pre-Amp - $100IntegraDTR-30.3 AV Receiver - $300 original packaging included + rack kitParasoundHCA-1206 Amp - $450ea (Qty: 2)Thiel AudioMCS1 Dark Cherry Wood Speakers w/ Stands - $1500 for set of LCR in "MINT" condition with original packagingPakedgeNP36 Network Device Monitoring Tool w/ Unlimited License - $400 original packaging includedNIB: P8 IP Controlled PDU - $200ea (Qty: 3) original packaging includedNIB: SW24-GBV Managed Network Switch - $400 original packaging includedWAP-W7 Wireless Access Point - $300 original packaging includedTrippLiteNIB: HTR-05-1U UPS - $175 original packaging includedNIB: PDUMH15ATNET PDU - $250 original packaging includedRichard Gray's Power Company (RGPC)NIB: Eaton Powerware IP Controlled PDU - $150ea (Qty: 2) original packaging includedRGPC 400Pro - $200 original packaging includedMiddle Atlantic ProductsNIB: RLINK-SW715R IP Controlled PDU - $500 original packaging included (was taken out once for testing)NetgearNIB: SRX5308 Enterprise-Class Quad WAN Gigabit VPN Router - $250 original packaging includedRTINIB: XP8 Control Processor - $350 original packaging includedNIB: ZM24 Zigbee Transceiver Module - $50 original packaging includedT2c Handheld Remote (good condition, but needs battery) - $100ea (Qty: 3) packaging includedT3v Handheld Remote (good condition, but needs battery) - $75 (no charging cradle)T3v Handheld Remote (good condition, but needs battery) - $100 RP-6 Processor - $150ea (Qty: 4)ZRP-6 Processor - $200RM-433 Receiver Module - $40ea (Qty: 4)NIB: RM-433 Receiver Module - $50eaRP-1 Processor - $100ea (Qty: 2) (no connecting block, but anyone's can be used)Universal Remote Control (URC)MX-900i Handheld Remote - $100 MX-950 Handheld Remote - $100NIB: VS-100 Voltage Sensor - $15ea (Qty: 2)MRF-250 RF Base Station - $20AtlonaNew, but no box: AT-HD4-V41 4x1 HDMI Switch - $200MiscKey Digital KD-VPHD4x1 AV Switch - $200Key Digital Flash 4 HDMI Switch - $100NIB: Key Digital KD-HDMI2x4P HDMI Switch - $100 original packaging includedNIB: Speakercraft ESC-1 Rack Fan System Cooler - [sOLD]NIB: Gefen RS-232 Extender Set - $50 original packaging includedNIB: Intelix DIGI-HD-IR2 HDMI extender set - $100 original packaging included