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Found 2 results

  1. AdobeCinema

    FS: C4 Gear

    Best reasonable offer will be accepted: NIB: HC-300 - $150 NIB: HC-800 - [sOLD] 7" Portable Touch Screen (C4-TSM7-G- - $50 LCD Keypad - $25 Mini Touch Screen (Qty: 2) - $25 B&B VLinx IP to serial adapter (BB-ES901E) - $40 New: VideoStorm NBX010 Streaming Music Server - $75ea (Qty:2) New: VideoStorm NBX020 Streaming Music Server - $100ea
  2. AdobeCinema

    FS: High-End AV Gear

    I'm cleaning up the inventory, so here's the tip of the ice berg (NOTE: All items in very good to good aesthetic condition that are fully functioning. None have boxes. - Exceptions are noted below)...also, best reasonable offer will be accepted. Audio Design Associates (ADA)Cinema Rhapsody Mach II Pre-Amp - $400Suite 7.1 (non-HDMI version) Pre-amp - $250XLR-8 Balanced Signal Converter - $150Trinity Tuner - $100PTM-6150 Amp - $750PTM-1645 Amp - $750 original packaging includedSonanceSonamp 275x3 SE Amp - $200LexiconMC-1 v3 Pre-Amp - $100IntegraDTR-30.3 AV Receiver - $300 original packaging included + rack kitParasoundHCA-1206 Amp - $450ea (Qty: 2)Thiel AudioMCS1 Dark Cherry Wood Speakers w/ Stands - $1500 for set of LCR in "MINT" condition with original packagingPakedgeNP36 Network Device Monitoring Tool w/ Unlimited License - $400 original packaging includedNIB: P8 IP Controlled PDU - $200ea (Qty: 3) original packaging includedNIB: SW24-GBV Managed Network Switch - $400 original packaging includedWAP-W7 Wireless Access Point - $300 original packaging includedTrippLiteNIB: HTR-05-1U UPS - $175 original packaging includedNIB: PDUMH15ATNET PDU - $250 original packaging includedRichard Gray's Power Company (RGPC)NIB: Eaton Powerware IP Controlled PDU - $150ea (Qty: 2) original packaging includedRGPC 400Pro - $200 original packaging includedMiddle Atlantic ProductsNIB: RLINK-SW715R IP Controlled PDU - $500 original packaging included (was taken out once for testing)NetgearNIB: SRX5308 Enterprise-Class Quad WAN Gigabit VPN Router - $250 original packaging includedRTINIB: XP8 Control Processor - $350 original packaging includedNIB: ZM24 Zigbee Transceiver Module - $50 original packaging includedT2c Handheld Remote (good condition, but needs battery) - $100ea (Qty: 3) packaging includedT3v Handheld Remote (good condition, but needs battery) - $75 (no charging cradle)T3v Handheld Remote (good condition, but needs battery) - $100 RP-6 Processor - $150ea (Qty: 4)ZRP-6 Processor - $200RM-433 Receiver Module - $40ea (Qty: 4)NIB: RM-433 Receiver Module - $50eaRP-1 Processor - $100ea (Qty: 2) (no connecting block, but anyone's can be used)Universal Remote Control (URC)MX-900i Handheld Remote - $100 MX-950 Handheld Remote - $100NIB: VS-100 Voltage Sensor - $15ea (Qty: 2)MRF-250 RF Base Station - $20AtlonaNew, but no box: AT-HD4-V41 4x1 HDMI Switch - $200MiscKey Digital KD-VPHD4x1 AV Switch - $200Key Digital Flash 4 HDMI Switch - $100NIB: Key Digital KD-HDMI2x4P HDMI Switch - $100 original packaging includedNIB: Speakercraft ESC-1 Rack Fan System Cooler - [sOLD]NIB: Gefen RS-232 Extender Set - $50 original packaging includedNIB: Intelix DIGI-HD-IR2 HDMI extender set - $100 original packaging included