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Found 37 results

  1. Has anyone had difficulty with an ELK M1 Gold system using the M1EXP interface losing connection to the controller after a power outage? Here's the scenario. ELK is configured with a static IP address, is connected to the controller and all works fine. Following a power outage, when all systems come back up the ELK is no longer recognized as connected by Director. There is no control of the ELK from the touch screens, and trigger events in the ELK are not executed by the controller (i.e., turning on lights if an alarm is triggered). However, the ELK system is up, is on the correct IP address, and can be accessed using that address over the web interface. Rebooting the M1EXP at this point restores the connection partly so that the ELK system can be armed and disarmed by the touchscreens. However, at this point there the C4 system is still not receiving any messages back from the ELK so trigger events are not executed. If I use Composer to de-identify and then re-identify the ELK system all is restored - but this is not an acceptable solution for the owner. Any ideas?
  2. FYI, the new DSC security drivers are now available for use via Control4. NOTE that for the older POWERPC series, a swap needs to be mad to an it-230 (not the older it-100) which also means a RS422 to 232 adapter will be needed. The driver for the DSC NEO unit (using the TL-280) is able to do rs232 (again using adapter as above) or IP. Before jumping the gun - please note that there may be version requirements for your panel (PC series in particular) to be able to use the new modules. Oh and don't ask about other brands/Honeywell - I don't have the answer on when
  3. I use DSC security and it is hooked up to C4. Within DSC, I have my home carved up into 3 partitions. The issue that I have is that in the C4 app (on phone or on the C4 touchscreen), the DSC security management area always switches to partition 3 if left idle. This is more of an annoyance than anything because I rarely arm partition 3 but since it always the default one that the system has switched to, I need to change partition and then take the action I intended for other partitions. Is there a way to make C4 "remember" the last used partition or switch to a different one?
  4. MWiz is happy to announce the release of Satel Integra Security System Driver. Satel Integra driver enables integration of Control4 system with Satel Integra security system. It uses network connection to communicate with Satel Integra security system through ETHM-1 Plus integration module. Security system can be monitored and controlled through Control4 programming and through Control4 GUI devices using new version of Control4 Security User Interface (introduced in OS 2.8). Security system outputs can also be controlled using Control4 Lights User Interface with Satel Integra Light Widget driver. The following Satel Integra models are supported: INTEGRA 24 INTEGRA 32 INTEGRA 64 INTEGRA 128 INTEGRA 128-WRLSIM300 INTEGRA 128-WRLLEON INTEGRA 64 PLUS INTEGRA 128 PLUS INTEGRA 256 PLUS DRIVER FEATURES arming/disarming in different modes (home, away) monitoring partitions status (arm mode, alarms) monitoring inputs, zones and outputs status controlling outputs You can find more information about this driver and about all our products on our website: www.mwiz.pl You can contact us at info@mwiz.pl
  5. Terry Gore

    IP Camera (Hikvision)

    I purchased a few HIKVISION IP Cameras under the premise there are working drivers. I've purchased DS-2CD1131-I and DS-2CD2142FWD-IS (both of which are supposed to be supported) and can't get them to work. While I can access the cameras with a browser connecting to the IP address, whenever I use the driver it fails to communicate to the camera. It has the latest firmware and everything looks like it should work, but can't communicate. The documentation also indicates it should be recognized via SDDP - but that doesn't seem to work either. As the case with most Chinese products, customer support is non-existent. At the end of the day I just need some inexpensive IP security cameras which work. Any recommendations on getting these to work or other options?
  6. bbarker@integratedhomellc

    GE NX-8E integration help

    Looking for help integrating with a GE NX-8E security system. Which control driver do I use? I've already tried the NX-8E driver with a null serial connection but that didnt seem to do anything. I also tried the NX8-587E driver with a striaght through serial connection but that didnt do anything either.
  7. New to this world so forgive me if this is common knowledge. In the arena of Control4 integrating with Security panels (i.e. Honeywell, Interlogix, DMP, etc.), are there more "tricks" available if you integrate with Interlogix versus any of these others? Just had someone tell me that they could set up a system to detect when someone hasn't been moving, etc (elderly) with Interlogix and Control4, but that they couldn't do the same with other panels. So that brought up a bigger question for me: is the C4 integration with all these alarm panels essentially the same? or can it do more with some than others? I know that the alarm panels themselves might have differences but that's not really what I'm asking. Just wanting to see if there's a greater level of integration with Interlogix than others and, if so, what else does it allow the combined systems to detect - or react to - versus others? Thanks!
  8. hello, looking for an alarm system that will integrate with control 4, any good ones out there?
  9. Anyone using one of these systems and/or have any feedback about them? Has it ever been integrated or driver(s) available? thanks!
  10. So I have an ancient Honeywell Vista 10P security system. From what I read, it's compatible with C4 (with 4232CBM module). Once integrated: 1. can I control it with Alexa? 2. Does C4 sends push notifications for remote monitoring? If so, do I have to pay for 3rd party Security Monitoring service in addition to 4sight to get phone notifications? 3. Will I lose any critical controls if I get rid of old wall controllers? Thank you!
  11. Hey Guys, Would really like to see native integration with Nest Cam streams for security, other than using blue iris as a workaround!
  12. Hey everyone I have a weird predicament. I have a number of Nyce sensors on a project and wanted to create a "self-monitored" security system with them. The different devices are my different zones (ie Front door sensor for zone one). Chowmain has a generic security system driver, but according to them it is more designed for use with an existing security system that there currently isn't a driver for. I could have sworn that there used to be a control4 driver that did what I'm looking for but am unable to find it. If anyone has any ideas please let me know! Thanks!
  13. Hello lads, I need help on this one. I have an NVR and two PoE ip cams connected. Both cameras are connected to the NVR directly and are in a different network. To connect directly to those cameras I had created a static route from my computer, so I can travel between networks. On composer, I've added Blue Iris Static IP Cam driver. I've configured the driver correctly. However, when I click on the "Get h264 URL" button, the URL provided by the driver doesn't work. I've check in my camera's manufacturer website the correct URL, using RSTP. So, I've wrote down the correct URL on the field, and click on "Test". The test is completed successfully, but when I double click the object on System Design to see the video stream, I've got an error (Status=Error "The remote server returned an error. 404 Not found.") I'm a little bit confused, how come the test be completed successfully and I still get an 404. Any help is more than welcome. Thanks!
  14. The NAPCO - StayAway driver is here and available for FREE to download the driver please go to Homeation.com You can now take full advantage of the latest security offerings by integrate the latest NAPCO Security systems with Control4 running OS versions 2.8 and greater. Compatible with the following NAPCO security systems: X255, 9600 and 3200 version 7X panels 816/1632/1664 panels with an IBR-ZREMOTE.
  15. I have a project that was updated with the latest ELK IP driver and upgraded to 2.9 at the same time. In navigator, I no longer see the "Security System" label, I just see the Cameras and Locks & Sensors labels but still show the icon for the Security Panel, just no text label. Is this a bug in 2.9 or a driver issue? Has anyone experienced this before. When I revert to the old driver (2012) it appears fine. Thank you
  16. Chowmain - Vstarcam CXXXX / TXXXX IP Camera driver Integrating H264 based PTZ IP Surveillance into Control4 is now more affordable than ever with Chowmain Software & Apps Vstarcam driver. Have you ever wanted a PTZ camera but could never justify the price tag? Well now you can integrate the budget Vstarcar CXXXX & TXXXX range of PTZ IP Cameras into Control4. Combine it with out Notification Suite so that Control4 will email you a snapshot or push notification when someone is at your door. Features IP based communications JPEG/MJPEG/H264 based integration Upto 16 Presets Home Tilt Up/Down Tilt Scan Pan Left/Right Pan Scan Programatic IR ON/OFF Programatic Speed Set Flip Image (X, Y, XY, None) Property Swap Up/Down Controls Property Swap Left/Right Controls Property Snapshot variable for easy integration with Chowmain Notification Suite (for sending push notification with image or email with image attachment to home owner). Frequently Asked Questions What models will this work for? This driver is developed on the C7837 WIP camera. The API will also support the following models. C37 C38 C42 C50S 1080P C93 C7812 WIP C7815 WIP C7816 WIP C7823 WIP C7824 WIP C7833 WIP C7833-X4 C7835 WIP C7837 WIP C7838 WIP C7850 IP C7850 WIP F6836 T7833 WIP T6835 WIP T6863 WIP T7892 WIP It may also support other future models. It is recommended you test the driver out prior to purchasing a licence. What other cool things can we do with this driver? Setup the image orientation in composer, swap up/down/left/right PTZ movement control via properties. You can call the presets via composer programming, set up pan scan, tilt scan, turn the IR on/off and also set the speed. We make it easy to send a snapshot using our notification suite by adding the snapshot URL as a variable. You just need to select it in either the pushover or SMTP driver and it will send it for you. How do I find out more information about the driver? Please see the links below for more information about the driver. Chowmain Website How do I buy the driver? This driver is developed by Chowmain software & apps and is distributed and supported by Houselogix, Inc. Download Driver / Purchase Licence Who do i contact for technical support? This driver is developed by Chowmain software & apps and is distributed and supported by Houselogix, Inc. Support Do you provide trial licences? All Chowmain drivers for Control4 come with a 48 hour trial. This is activated once you add the driver to the project. No additional steps are necessary.
  17. OK.... I have a security panel and the rs232 adaptor to integrate my security system into C4. Here is my issue: I cannot run a cable from my main controller to the security panel to use rs232. I can however get a network line to my security panel. Ive seen some IP to rs232 adapters out there. Will one of those work? Is there any suggestions for me?
  18. ironleg2112

    Honeywell Vista users

    anyway of having an action tied to a specific user code that would arm/disarm a honeywell vista 20p. Example would be when my son comes home from school and disarms the system with his code it would send me a notification. but if my wife disarms with her code, nothing happens. I don't see anyway for c4 to do this.
  19. Hi, I got an issue with integration C4 with alarm system DSC NEO. If it is connected to monitoring station other internet, it uses some adapter, same adapter needs to be used for C4 integration. Problem, as I know ( I was told by security guy ) we can not add more then one adapter, that means, I can have or monitoring station connected or C4, but not both together. Does anybody know about solution? Thanks.
  20. Hi, We are thinking of getting a full home C4 system in the UK. Does anyone know if any alarm systems in the UK (Like ADT) can be integrated into C4? Not interested so much in CCTV, but home alarms
  21. With the new security proxy is there any chance that Control4 eliminates the need for an external security system and allows the controller be its own security? For instance if you had a combination of card access sensors, hardwired sensors, etc. communicating only with the controller that that the C4 system would do the arming and disarming?
  22. Hi folks - I'm brand new to the forum and am looking for feedback related to Frontpoint Security integration with the C4 system. I have done exhaustive research on both C4 and Frontpoint, but cant seem to find any threads or posts related to whether anyone has successfully managed to integrate the 2 systems (Frontpoint for security obviously, and C4 to make the magic happen I am having a new home built (4400 sq ft), and would like to use C4 for all of my home automation throughout (lights, shades, A/V, Home Theater, Security, etc) and really like the look and feel of the Frontpoint system for security. Would appreciate any real world feedback from someone out there who may have already conquered this task! Thanks in advance!
  23. Our driveway had two probes, a south one nearer the driveway gate, and a north one nearer the house. The south one went bad so I changed the program for the north one to let it turn on the lights when we enter at night. When we arm the security system to Away it also turns on the carport wall sconces so we can see getting in the car. Then when we drive off we want them turned off. This part works fine. Code: When the Equipment Room->North Driveway Sensor senses a vehicle > Execute Announcement 'Driveway sensor activated' ? If Variables->Nighttime is True ? If the Equipment Room->Security System is Armed to Away ? If Carport/Front Porch->Carport Sconces is on > Turn off the Carport/Front Porch->Carport Sconces > Stop > Turn on the Carport/Front Porch->Carport Sconces Also, when someone drive home and the alarm is not set because someone is already home, the lights turn on as expected. The weirdness comes when we drive home and the alarm IS set to Away. The lights flash on, as expected, but then flash off, and after a couple of seconds delay they repeat, flashing on and then off, finally staying off. Can anyone think how this behavior might happen?
  24. Just announced at CES 2016, the Ring Stick Up Cam - weather resistant and night vision https://ring.com/stickupcam
  25. Anyone used this yet? https://www.houselogix.com/shop/honeywell-vam-control4-driver-license It is a driver for the Honeywell Vista Automation Module (VAM). Wondering if it will be updated to use the new security proxy.