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Found 7 results

  1. I have a SnapAV B300 located in my upstairs equipment room. This feeds down to a receiver in my living room and then from the receiver to the TV. When I'm watching a source that is being fed by the matrix and someone flips a light switch the video signal drops out for a second. The audio continues playing just fine I just lose the video. I've tried swapping the balun at the TV and the problem persisted. I have the balun plugged into a battery backup so I don't think the balun is losing power. I've also replaced the receiver and the problem persisted. Any ideas on troubleshooting this behavior?
  2. F/S lightly used wirepath 4 channel dvr, this unit was used in the showroom about 3 months.. it has been sitting in the box on a shelf since $150
  3. Looking to buy a Binary 300 matrix switch 8x8.
  4. louisraza1

    WTB 4x4 matrix

    I need a 4x4 matrix that is fully compatible with c4, dont need the 4K , can be used or new. Need it now thanks
  5. vitali


    Hi, I got some problem. I had WPS-300-DVR with 8 cameras working, but recently it stopped, I can't see cameras on TS, ( I saw them before) and in composer if I check connection with "Test connection" it fails. But DVR by it self is online and I can see it. I tried to delete cameras and add them, no luck, tried to reboot DVR, no luck. Might be it wil be helpful to reboot cameras? any ideas?
  6. I need some help deciding on a surveillance system. I need about 3 outdoor cameras (room to expand to 1 more later). Need to have recording. Should I go with IP or Analog cameras? Seems analog systems are more tested and mature. Has anyone used this DVR from SnapAV? http://www.snapav.com/p-2162-wps-165-dvr-4ch.aspx What cameras would you all suggest? Thanks.
  7. I have two 75' and one 100' runs of HDMI cable from the rack to the TV's. I am planning on using a Binary 8x8 HDMI matrix (B-300). Will I have any issues with signal on the longer runs, even at 1080p60 36-bit? The 100' cable has a 'booster' built in (link to cable). I don't think the 75' cables have a Booster (link to cable). The Binary documentation states "Use active cables if HDMI lengths exceed 7.5m (25ft.)" and "Use HDMI extenders if using active cables beyond 30m (100ft.)." What is the difference is between a cable with a Booster, a cable that's Active and HDMI extenders? I have HDMI, CAT6 & CAT6A cables from the rack to each TV, but prefer to use the HDMI cables instead of buying HDBaseT kits. According to Binary 1080p60-36 bit maxes out at 65' with HDBaseT and the new B-500 advertises distances of up to 230'. Would the maximum HDMI cable distance vary between the models too? Binary documentation says: "Use active cables if HDMI lengths exceed 7.5m (25ft.) • Use active cables for point-to-point applications only.• Use HDMI extenders if using active cables beyond 30m (100ft.)." Binary lists the CatX distances as follows:"200ft @1080i (24-bit)130ft @1080p60 (24-bit)65ft @1080p60 (36-bit)" I appreciate any input that I can get. Thank you.