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Found 11 results

  1. We have Control4 at home and the only integration we didn't do is lighting. I'm between two option: To use Control4 switches, which is a very expensive option for me due to a large number of switches. To use Vera and z-wave switches, this option will be 1/10th of the price, in addition, I will have a wide selection of switches. What are the advantages and disadvantages of both options?
  2. Hello any one have the Vera C4 driver setup manual??
  3. I am new to the forum and to control4. I have had a Control4 system installed in my house and mainly using it for lighting and media control. I would like to use it to control my schlege zwave locks. In researching this, it appears the vera controller may be the better option. I have the Composer HE and was able to have my installer add the extra vegetables vera driver to my project. It seemed to connect and on the LUA page in composer, i could see the driver receiving information from vera. Since I only have the composer HE version, I am limited in what I can do. What other items do I need to install to get the composer to recognize the locks using zwave? I also saw an extra vegetable lock driver. When I click on the vera driver in the program mode in composer , there are no options or choices. Do I need to have the door lock driver added to recognize the locks, or are there some other steps to take? Thanks, M Hawley
  4. I added a Zwave security sensor that was setup in Vera to my project. I then added a Door Contact Sensor to the project and connected the zwave contact sensor to the door contact sensor. When I attempt to program against the open or close state's nothing happens. If I program against the ContactState and check for true and false that is working. Am I doing something wrong or is it maybe this particular zwave sensor passing the open / close in a way that's not expected? I was able to setup a door relay and connect that to the arming relay of the sensor and the open / close programming works perfect for that.
  5. I have successfully setup the vera driver and I'm able to control a couple of zwave dimmers that were already installed. I'm now trying to control a switch but I don't see a driver for it listed w/ the vera stuff. I tried using the dimmer driver but it complains because the device isn't a dimmer. My work around is to create a scene in vera and then activate it but I was hoping to avoid the extra steps.
  6. I have a Vera Edge connected to my C4 system. On the Vera I have a Temp sensor, which shows the temp nicely in the Vera app. I have managed to add it to the C4 in composer, but it doesnt show any temp. I got the error in Lua Output : [string "Lua Code"]:120: bad argument #1 to 'SetVariable' (strValue should be a string) (ReceivedFromProxy) Anyone have a clue on that ?
  7. I have read some posts saying that Vera gets slower with time and you have to restart it frequently. So I have been waiting for Vera plus to come out since It has significantly more processing power (see attachment). By now, according to their website, those who have pre-ordered the controller should have already received it. Anyone have tried it? would love to hear your feedback. another thing is, will it be compatible with control4 by default? attachment source: http://wiki.micasaverde.com/index.php/Comparison_of_Vera_units
  8. I currently have several dozen Z-wave and a few ZigBee devices. My only experience has been installing devices and controlling them using an iPhone. Since the VeraPlus supports Z-wave, Z-wave Plus, and ZigBee protocols, I will pre-order the new VeraPlus and use it to define numerous scenes. To take this a step further, I am adding Control-4 to control a home theater, HVAC, and a HONEYWELL security system. I have a few questions regarding the integration of VeraPlus and Control-4. 1. Do Z-wave & ZigBee devices and scenes need to be defined in both VeraPlus and Control-4? 2. If devices and scenes are defined in Control-4, Do I even need VeraPlus? 3. If so, how are they synchronized? Through a home network? Manually or automatically? Many thanks.
  9. Hi everyone! I've just became a member in this forum as now i'm learning and working with control4. I have some problems and i hope anyone can help me a bit or give me some hints...i have intalled at a villa control4 with vera edge, and from time to time, control4 looses the connection to vera. If i access the system, in the vera driver it shows as status not ok. after i reboot control4 controller (hc-800) the system starts working correctly. did anyone had this problem before? What can i do here? is there a way to create a reboot script to control4, ou just reboot this driver? Best Regards.
  10. Hello All, I recently polished up the driver I wrote to control my MiCasa Vera Z-wave lights with my Control4 system. The extra vegetables driver was just too pricey for me. I am looking for people to help me test the drivers on their systems. If you are interested let me know and I can get you a copy of the three files you will need. I do ask that you give me feedback about the performance on your particular system, your director version, the number of z-wave devices you have, and any suggestions, bugs, etc you can think of. You will need to install one instance of a communicator driver that talks to the vera and an additional driver for each device you wish to control (binary light switch and dimmers are currently supported). Its very easy to set up, but you will obviously need access to composer.
  11. Hi Everyone, I am new to C4 Forums and somewhat new to Control4. However, I have programming experience and have been using other home automation systems for a while. As a results, I have a lot of z-wave devices. I wrote a driver that allows me to control my Z-wave binary switches and dimmers via a MiCasa Vera Verde. I know Extra Vegetables sells a driver that can control other devices as well, but is priced out of my budget, which I suspect is the case for many people. If there is enough interest, I may consider opening the driver up for beta testing and possibly offering it for sale. I mainly wanted to gauge interest and get feedback at this point. If it looks like this may be a worthwhile endeavor I will try to get it ready for a beta in the next couple weeks. I am particularly interested in what people think would be a reasonable price for such a driver, features that would be desirable and which other z-wave devices would be most useful after I polish up support for dimmers and binary switches. Any feedback is appreciated.