Announcement Showing Camera Image with Snap AV DVR

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I have the Snap WPS-100-DVR-4CH. I am trying to create an announcement that will show an image of the front entryway camera wherever the doorbell is pressed. Is this possible? How can I find out the URL to the camera image?

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Okay, I made a little bit of progress...

The following URL prompts me for user id and password credentials. Once entered, it points to an image of the camera:

http://[iP ADDRESS OF DVR]/wps-cgi/jpg/image.cgi?camera=1&resolution=320%C3%97240

I'm guessing I need to append login credentials to the above URL to grab an image for the announcement?

I tried to do this as follows, but it didn't work:

http://[iP ADDRESS OF DVR]/wps-cgi/jpg/image.cgi?camera=1&resolution=320%C3%97240&NAME=[uSER NAME]&PWD=[PASSWORD]

Any ideas?

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You can't use a direct url adress, you need a snapshot image, which I do not thing the wirepath supports.

URL images aren't oficially supported anymore in all software versions either - but why not make a bookmark/favorite page of the camera you want and have the announcement (audio I assume) trigger going to that favorite? This will then actually show you a live image of what's there (minus a small delay for the IP conversion) vs a still image thats another second or so behind.

I'm assuming you are on 2.x

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Hi, Vae. Thanks for your reply.

I'm on 2.2.2. There is a "GET_IMAGE" command available for each camera in programming, and I can access a static picture via URL once I manually enter the user ID and password. The problem is the login credentials. I would need to append these to the URL to the camera for direct URL access for use with an announcement, but I don't know if the format of my URL is wrong or if login parameters in the URL is even supported.

I do currently have a shortcut to the camera video that is triggered by a doorbell press. This works great, except that whenever the event is triggered, the room on the TV navigator changes to the "Equipment Room", so whenever the script is finished I need to manually switch rooms and navigate to the last source. Is there a way to program around this? Such as after 1 minute -> switch video source to the last source? Is is possible to programmatically change rooms on the TV navigators?

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To switch back to "previous source" you'd need a seperate virtual room, you'd program THAT to go to the "navigator" room's current source, then program the cam to show up , once done, program the "navigator" room to go to the current source of the "phantom" room.

Switching rooms on navigator would be identical to switching to the the camera: make the home-screen of the room(s) desired into a favorite and program to switch to it.

The get-image command is there - but to show up, that url HAS to be an static (I believe jpeg) image url, not a moving image url - and I don't think (but am not certain by any means) the Wirepath (Snap) DVR has an url such as that.

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I have some trouble to understand how use the "Send URL Get" and "Send Command" GET_IMAGE and GET_MJPEG.

Cand you help me ?, I want to send the image to Pushover, but the first time I need to understand how the programming with SnapAV work..

Many thank

Jean Max

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