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Family Friendly Media Management with My Movies driver

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It seems if the API features in My Movies were leveraged correctly, we could get some media management that is sorely missing right now. From the My Movies support forum:


"There is no way to have multiple databases, no.

The My Movies software operates with both categories, and parental controls that can be blocked to parental levels and specific categories, but these features are not available in the Control4 driver.

The API does support maximum parental levels and such functions, but it is not used in the Control4 driver.

Having multiple databases is a workaround that you are looking for because of limitations with what the driver and the Control4 system provides, but it is not how My Movies operate, and it will not be in the future either.

There is one database, with options to separate it using the meta-data."

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Has zero to do with API. Control4 doesn't do any parental control - that is left to the player itself. If C4 DID do parental control - it still would do little with the API, as it would simply prevent you from selecting a movie based on the rating put into the meta-data. Note that that data IS in fact already part of the meta-data C4 has. Not saying that wouldn't be a nice option, mind you.


Plus there's more to the ability to have multiple db's than just parental control.


See your other post and my reply for additional details.



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