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Advice on number of controllers relative to TVs

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I am considering a C4 system for my home and am working with a dealer/integrator.

We have not yet reached the proposal stage, but I am doing as much research as possible to have an educated conversation with the integrator.


Essentially, we have 5 rooms/TVs to control.  

Two of these rooms (theater and family room) are larger central areas and I am assuming will have their own controllers (800 for theater, 250 for FR) and the on-screen navigator will be useful.


Three of the rooms are satellite/Roku only and only need basic watch TV type control.

Is it possible to run these three rooms off one of the other controllers?

As most/all of the components in these rooms are IP controllable, I am thinking that a remote in each room would

take care of all the hardware requirements.


Can anyone validate this approach or share other thoughts?



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Assuming wiring is available - that is certainly possible. Lots of systems out there with only a single brain and using 'dumb' i/o extenders for IR/serial etc.

Thanks - there is hardwired ethernet (and wifi) to every TV and related equipment.  I was thinking if each room has all IP controllable devices, I don't even need extenders;  just a remote and programming.

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On screen display is the main part of dedicated controllers.

Until SR250/60 on each of the secondary rooms where the watch button on the remote and a source selection or 4 turns to a specific source by default would occur.

Then you need to decided if you want OSD on both the other tv's. That is what the HC800 / 250 would do.

A single 800 Or 250 would run this set up. Probably.

In any case the suggested plan you have is on the right lines.

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I would dump the 250. I rarely use the on screen display. If I need that interface I pull out my phone. If/when I run out of video inputs on my matrix switch I'll unplug the 800 and do without the OSD altogether. Between the phone and the touchscreen I don't need the OSD.

The only challenge here is that you will need control in the distant zones- depending on the wiring you may need either a controller or an ip to or converter (see global cache) to get the right signal to the right place.

One recommendation- hard wire everything- don't rely on a wireless signal anywhere unless you don't have any other option- then don't put anything critical on a wireless signal.

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I really like my Z2IR adapters. Not as fast of a response as a hc250/800 but if you don't need onscreen navigator access it's the way to go. They are powered by a usb plug on your TV or with a USB adapter and an extra outset and they work well. As long as you have a strong zigbee signal throughout.

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In this propised set up I would have the OSD in the family room at a minimum and more optional in the theater.

The theater users will know how it works and the theater users won't usually be messing with music and other OSD functions. The primary use case for it in my home.

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Thanks so much for the input.  It sounds like I am on the right track.  Let me give some more info on the system/rooms and solicit input generally on configuration.

 (Home is in New England, Perhaps 4500 sq.Ft. including finished basement space.)  I should comment that I have never seen the need for the OSD in most instances as confirmed above.



Dedicated Theater (basement) (Projector, equipment rack, etc.  Almost all equipment RS-232 or IP connected - some limited IR).  Graphik Eye lighting; dedicated Fujistsu MiniSplit (IR).

Thinking RC-260 would be fine for this room.


Playroom (basement) adjacent to theater (Plasma and satellite - no other sources; Z-wave lighting with IR controller; Fujitsu Minisplit (IR), Sonos Zone)

Thinking RC-260 would be good here - this is my home office and rec space (pool table, etc.).  Also treadmill.

Also thinking perhaps a single gang switch allowing my to turn on/off Playroom, Theater, Heat, and All Off (when I leave to go upstairs).

Wondering if I could use a touch screen at the entry to the playroom to control streaming music (sonos) and temperature, but this is probably sufficiently controlled by my iPhone or the RC-260.


Also would like a keypad at the top of the steps going down to the playroom/theater for again on/off Playroom, Theater, Heat, Off (when I leave).  This way, it is easy to turn stuff on and heat up the space before actually going downstairs.


Family Room (1st floor) - Here is a TV, satellite, BluRay, Roku.  TV is visible to Kitchen as well - open floor plan.  Sonos Zone for whole 1st floor here and adjacent to outdoor Sonos Zone.

An RC-260 would be good here to control the TV.  Thinking a touch screen on a common wall joining the Kitchen to FR might be a good idea for generalized central control including Sonos indoor and outdoor zones, HVAC, etc.  Alarm keypad is here too, good central control spot.  Alternatively, could use iPhone or iPad. 


Office (first floor) - Separate from other 1st floor areas - only non-open plan 1st floor area.  Satellite, TV, soundbar and Roku here.  Thinking simple RC-260.  Perhaps replace the soundbar with Sonos soundbar which would provide IP control to the whole room and provide a sonos zone there.


Upstairs MBR - Similar to Office, Satellite, TV, Roku.  Thinking simple RC-260.  Would this give me a 'Goodnight' function?  


Wifi and Cat 5 ethernet to every area that has equipment already.


Would like to integrate:




1st floor system uses Carrier Infiniti Wifi control)

2nd floor has Rheem heat pump with 2H2C thermostat (could be replaced with Zigbee Tstat)

Basement has 2 mini-splits - I can learn IR commands to set a temp and function


Q: How does Control 4 handle this situation with multiple HVAC systems?



DMP panel - not sure my Alarm company will like me to control it using a third party system but they can likely give me a contact closure output for AWAY set and OFF


Cameras - various IP cameras (ACTi, Foscam) recording to a Synlology NAS


Lighting - Already have Graphik Eye for theater and Zwave for basement playroom.

Would like to add RadioRA2 to entire 1st floor (about 15-20 controls) and MBR and hallway upstairs (another 6 or so controls)

Would like a few keypads around house and kitchen for basic functions (Entertain, Relay, Cook, Goodnight, Off)


Want to integrate Family Room Gas fireplace (milivolt controls) - simple relay to C4 controller output?


Want to integrate Garage Door sensors


Want to integrate Doorbell (already have ACTi cam at front door)


Low priority: Pool control is Jandy Aqualink PDA - can add interface that will enable C4 integration.


That's about it - any ideas for control, integrate or to be efficient with system design and needs/wants (what have I specified that is or will not really be used) are appreciated.



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