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Doorbell event to trigger camera display on navigator

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I'm looking for the latest best programming practice or driver recommendation to do the following:


When the doorbell is pressed, I would like to display the corresponding camera video on all the TVs that are currently on as well as two (Master Bedroom and Kitchen) and new touchscreen wether on or off at the time of event.  After a set amount of time or button push, I would like the TVs that were off to turn back off and the TVs that were on to return to previous programming (new snapshot driver?)


Here are some details of my setup:


Front Door Bell (Card Access Relay)

Back Door Bell (Card Access Relay)

Front Door Camera (Wirepath IP)

Back Door Camera (Wirepath IP)

Wirepath NVR




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Simply put, yes use the snapshot driver to 'snap' the current setting


When Doorbell x is pressed

take snapshot

set tv a to camera y

set tv b to camera y

delay x seconds/minutes

revert to snapshot

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You can do this using bookmarks. A couple of points:

1. You don't need the snapshot driver (although it may make it easier - not sure as I have not tried it yet).

2. If you have the new T3 Touchscreens then it is not possible on these Touchscreens.

3. You will need to go to each Touchscreen / OSD and create the bookmark for the relevant camera by saving the camera as a favourite. There will already be a bookmark for all cameras.

4. Programming is then simple:

On doorbell push event

Set BooleanTV1 to false etc.

go to NewCamera bookmark on Touchscreen1

If TV1 on

Go to NewCamera bookmark on OSD1

Set BooleanTV1 to true

Set BooleanKitchenTV to True

If KitchenTV is off

Set BooleanKitchenTV to False

Turn on KitchenTV

Go to NewCamera bookmark on KitchenTV


Start Doorbell camera timer

When the Doorbell camera time expires:

If BooleanTV1 is true change source

If BooleanKitchenTV is true change source

If BooleanKitchenTV is false turn off kitchen TV

Hope that helps? I have skipped a few steps but they should be fairly obvious from the above?

Good luck!

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As long as they (or something eauivalent) appear in OS2.8 then it is OK... If not, the lack of bookmarks, screensaver pictures, custom home pages and apps is a huge step backward... I am eagerly awaiting OS2.8 in the hope that. My one T3 will suddenly become my favourite touchscreen (with these features) and thus lure me to replace my other 3 V2s...

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