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Siri and HomeKit for Control4

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Did you install it with


sudo npm install -g homebridge

sudo npm install -g homebridge-http


Then it will have created the directory already for you


cd ~/.homebridge


Thats probably why you can't create it.


Try running




and it will tell you the full path of the config file its expecting.

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I think I got it. I forgot the folders on OS X are hidden... Now I'm just having trouble with the eve app. It keeps saying "iCloud data sync is currently in progress. Try again later."

Edit: I figured it out. I just had to turn iCloud off on my device then sign back in.

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I am finding this very frustrating to set up.  I set up Homebridge on my Pi and that seems fine, but I am having Homekit issues.  Initially I was not able to setup Elgato as it kept saying "iCloud data sync in progress".  This seems to be a common issue and the way to fix this is to disable and re-enable your iCloud account.  That has the nasty side effect of deleting your Apple Pay credit/debit cards from your phone.  But after that I can't seem to get it to see my Homebridge.  One time I did actually see the Homebridge but it was never able to connect.

It looks like Apple has a lot of work to do on HomeKit as when I go into the HomeKit screens on my phone the setup app often crashes.

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