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I upgraded all my sonos and associated drivers. Now when an announcement triggers through the hc800 the sonos stops playing and does not resume. Is anyone else having this issue? It seems to only effect the sonos device in the room that the announcement plays. I tried taking and recalling a snapshot but that does not bring the sonos music back.

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Nope. It stopped for a bit and started doing it again. You having the same problem?

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I am having this issue.  Spoke to my dealer and he is trying to replicate it on his system

my doorbell rings via speakers in my house so if Sonos is playing the doorbell comes on to ring but doesn't go back to Sonos.  It gets stopped.  I go back into the app and need to restart my stream 

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I just tested it and worked perfectly.  2.8.2 and 8.1.3 drivers. took about 20 seconds or so for the audio to resume after announcement.  I only have 1 stand alone zone player so I'm not sure what would happen in a group situation, especially if some zones are not set to fire the announcement.

something I've been doing for scenarios where there are multiple amplified zone players playing announcements is actually adding the same file under a different name.  IE doorbell 1,2,3 etc and sending zone player 1,2,3 after each respective file.  Occasionally when sending the players after the same file at the same time I would get incomplete sounds when subsequent players would "highjack" the file.  Not sure if that makes sense but it works for me so...


good luck!

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