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Control4 announces Amazon Echo integration

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So now we can control devices from outside the home by voice?


Only problem is the price is already up to $2.99.  I guess it is still worth it if it works?  Anybody tried it with C4 Alexa integration?

There is a ? Android app

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On 11/4/2016 at 11:31 AM, drmark12pa said:

Using the C4 driver currently with 1 new Echo and 6 new dots, I'm a bit disappointed in the accuracy lately of some commands.

The volume control of each room is maybe 40% accurate so this is disappointing.

When I say, "Alexa, increase kitchen volume by 30 (or increase kitchen volume by 30%)" I am getting "there are several devices blah blah blah"

So I'm not sure if using the paid driver would work better or more accurately?  So far, I'm disappointed that the voice recognition isn't more consistent.

This isn't addressing your question but after messing with Alexa for a bit I switched over to google home using Alan's IFTTT driver and couldn't be more pleased.  Much better accuracy and more flexibility and more natural (imho).  If you are still not satisfied with Alexa might be worth giving it a shot.

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On ‎9‎/‎14‎/‎2016 at 8:33 PM, klaue2 said:

If you have the C4 Audio matrix - you can program it to switch sources when it detects input from a source, e.g. switch the room over to the Dot when it speaks and switch back to the existing source when it is done. 





Thank you for the screenshots, klaue2.  Can you (or someone) explain the purpose of the timer?  Doesn't the timer end up setting the duration of the audio to a fixed amount of time, as compared to using the 'recall snapshot' command "when audio stops being sensed"?  Its very possible that I'm missing something here, hence my question.  Thank you much.

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2 hours ago, Stuart England said:

Anyone have any clues when we will see Alexa<>C4 in the UK?

Now that Alexa in the UK has IFTTT support you can integrate it (and more) via our extremely popular IFTTT driver.



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I continue to have issues with the voice recognition and previously working commands seem to need changing I assume based on Alexa updates in their system.  I used to be able to say TURN ON SATELLITE ELVIS (for Sirius) and now that is not a question she understands so I changed to TURN ON SATELLITE GRACELAND and it works just fine.

What 3rd party driver would help with this voice recognition for performing programmed events the best?


(at lunch I tried another command that had previously worked well with voice and the too now doesn't work... not sure what's going with Alexa's system but obviously some words or phrases must be altered so they no longer trigger events.

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