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So i gotta tell you, that my C4 installers are technologically challenged thus I have to ask you - the experts.

* I have DirecTV ready Samsung TVs, yet they've had no experience with them, so had to install mini boxes on each of the TVs. If you've had DirecTV you know how often those boxes fail. So here is my question: was anybody able to successfully integrate direcTV service through Samsungs (LGs)? Seems to me it's as simple as powering TV set and choosing the correct source.

* I also have a big digital movies collection I would like to share throughout the house (network). Again, my installer suggested over a 10K upgrade. I was able to prove that ridiculous by simply buying the Personal Cloud ($115) that all my Smart TVs can see and play with no issues. The only issue I have is that the Seagate cloud I've had has VERY slow transfer speed so I had to abandon it (too long to download a new movie). Anybody has a solution? My router's USB is apparently for charging only, so plugging in a USB storage directly there won't share the data. Is there another way to share movies from something like WD passport (portable USB storage)? My TVs will see all the movies as long as they are network shared.



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The built in directv is kind of weird. What I would do is have an IR driver for the TV and an IR driver for the Directv, both bound to the same port. Then maybe there's a discrete code for the directv rvu as an input which you could fire when the directv is selected so the tv changes to the RVU.

 - When Family DirecTV is selected

               - Emit code "directv RVU input" on Family TV

Then the regular directv commands should work like guide, channel, etc.

Or maybe the samsungs have an updated IP driver which have all these features builtin like Sony has the Netflix direct jump - where you just select Netflix from C4 and it turns on the tv and jumps to the netflix app. We dont do much of the samsungs so im sure someone else will chime in.

I dont have a big track record of the genie minis failing - we use them on IR control because IP doesnt turn them on/off nor does it control certain menu features (DirecTV limitation not C4). Be aware that on non-RVU tvs, this is the only way to get 4k from DTV at the moment with a Genie / C61K genie mini combo. Because of the limitations of the mini and the fact that it takes tuners from the genie we only use them for 4k "critical" rooms like theaters, especially since content is so limited today. Hopefully in the future that will change.

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as far as i know there is no discrete code for the RVU. this is why its difficult to integrate. Honestly i have not tried. you may be use the tv's functions to navigate to it, but it won't be user friendly.

the movie's are a subjective as their is a lot of variables involved. how many players, what kind of players, networking, the nas drive it self, the quality of the movies you want to stream. how do you want to browse your library of movies and select one to play.


really take a good look at the kodi and plex drivers @alanchow offers they are great.


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I have one of those dtv compatible Samsung tv.  Installer didn't know how to set it up so I did it myself then had to have the dtv guy call in and let me talk to the techs.  You have to pay a box fee and register the tv like a box.  Is it a good solution? No it sucks really bad. Super slow, needs resetting all the time.  Maybe it's my internet pass through on my coax not sure but any DTV box is sooo much better. I have a wifi IP to IR setup powered off the TV's USB port to get the C4 remote to work with the TV.  That actually works fine.

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