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C4 Irrigation Driver wishlist

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As posted elsewhere, the new C4 irrigation program driver is great... it has a few bugs (that really need to be fixed):

  1. it appears that after skipping a cycle due to high rainfall, it skips future cycles...
  2. the icon does not update to off after skipping a cycle...
  3. the icon does not always update to off after running a cycle.

Then, there are a few items that would hugely enhance the driver (in order of importance):

  1. A UI is an absolute must to allow for changing of run times, days etc. on all navigators.  This is the biggest shortcoming of the current driver. 
  2. The driver would be much better if it had transport keys (pause, resume, next zone, previous zone).
  3. The days that you irrigate should be able to be changed per zone (not just for all zones).
  4. It would be nice to have a "don't irrigate for next x days" option... 
  5. There is only one "on stop" event (trigger). Ideally one wants an "on manual stop" event, an "on irrigation complete event" and an "on pause event" all separate. The latter would only be needed if pause functionality was added ;-)
  6. Ideally one would want a trigger (event) to program against should rainfall result in reduced (or no) watering... 

The last 3 items can be programmed around, so are nice to haves... However, the first 3 items are vital (as are fixing the 3 bugs) to making this one of the best drivers available.

Copying @RyanE as I am really hopeful that C4 will make this driver even greater :)

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