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How to Resolve Issues With Controlling Amazon Fire TV

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Control4 won't reverse engineer anything and release it without permission from the manufacturer.  3rd party guys will do it here and there but there is always the "it may break at any point" dynamic to doing so. 

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After trying all 3 - Fire, ATV 3, & Roku - I personally prefer the Roku over all 3.  It's been solid since I installed it and never had an issue.  

The Fire TV has always been slow to control.  I have the IRUSB but haven't set it up yet.  I have the older ATV 3 which is fine for most things.  

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Well the email just came out... 
"Effective Immediately, Amazon Fire TV devices can no longer be controlled over an IP network using the Control4 Fire TV IP driver (mediaplay_ip_amazon_fire.c4z)."
There's more, but none of it is good. And the official solution is that Videostorm doodad. Looks like the Roku is coming out of retirement for the time being. I think I'll go with a FLIRC for the Fire TV, cheaper if a little less functional, and then grab the next decent deal I see on an ATV.
Why is Amazon refusing to help, and why hasn't some wonderful clever person reversed engineered the phone control app?

Control4 just released a new driver for the Fire TV.



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