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4K security cameras

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23 minutes ago, twmoonly said:

What/if has anyone done related to 4K security cameras?



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What about them?  I have 18, use MSGREENF driver to view them for C4, central monitor in hallway otherwise.  I'm only able to view five of them at once though because of the compression or something related to that...

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2 hours ago, twmoonly said:

What manufacturer?



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1 hour ago, ERDrPC said:

Same here, would love to know the camera and NVR manufacturer. H.264 or H.265 compression?  


HIKVISION.  They have several different options, both bullets and domes.


As for compression, couldn't tell you, I don't know THAT much.  If there's a place in the DVR settings, let me know where and I can check.  My guess though is that the compression is what is restricting me from running all 18 on an app other than HIKVISION's own.  Like I said before, I can view about 5 at a time using MSGREENF's driver (it's great, thanks!) but I can view all 18 using hikvision's own app.

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